Tuesday, September 04, 2012

An Open Letter to Prime Minister David Cameron

In the wake of last Saturday’s fiasco in Walthamstow, Paul Weston, the Chairman of British Freedom, has written the following letter to Prime Minister David Cameron.

Walthamstow missile

Dear Prime Minister,

I find it very disturbing that as a founding signatory of Unite Against Fascism (UAF), you are effectively endorsing totalitarianism and violence.

As you may be aware, the UAF were involved in large scale violence last Saturday in Walthamstow. Their objective was to ensure that Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech were denied to the English Defence League.

In a previous open letter to you — along with fellow Conservative MP Sir Peter Bottomley — I asked if you were aware the UAF had appointed as their Vice-Chair a Mr Azad Ali, a known al-Qaeda sympathiser and anti-Semite. You clearly felt this to be a matter of such little importance it did not warrant a reply.

No matter. I’m sure you have far more pressing matters of national importance to deal with than the trifling issue of Islamic supremacism, but could I ask that you watch the two videos embedded here? Having done so, perhaps you could answer the following questions:

  • Do you think it is morally and politically acceptable for a British Prime Minister to publicly endorse the UAF, which as evidenced in the videos is both anti-democratic and violent?
  • Whilst your views on the EDL are well known (you have called them “sick”) are you not horrified to see bricks, bottles and stones being thrown at a group of outnumbered people - including women - gathered together to exercise their democratic rights?
  • You will notice the police are visibly shaken by the violence effectively carried out in your name. Were they under government orders to allow the situation to develop to the extent it became uncontrollable and therefore had to be closed down in the interests of public safety?
  • You will also notice that not one of the people throwing potentially deadly projectiles was arrested. Why was this?
  • Who gave the order that violent Muslims and Communists should be treated with kid-gloves?
  • Were police commanders acting on their own initiative, or were they following government policy?
  • Although the EDL refused to become involved in the violence initiated by the UAF, many were arrested on false grounds. Was this done in order that Freedom of Assembly becomes such a tortuous ordeal many people will simply give up?
  • Do you consider the arrest policy to be within the law?
  • If not, do you really think the police can behave unlawfully simply because they assume the working class men and women arrested are unlikely to have access to expensive barristers?
  • Again, I imagine this is being carried in accordance with government policy. I must seek your assurance therefore that this is not the case and that you fully support the EDL’s democratic right to Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech?
  • Are you really not aware that the UAF is a Communist organisation?
  • Have you really accepted the left-wing propaganda which paints the EDL as a violent and racist movement?
  • Has it not occurred to you that despite being rough around the edges the EDL exists only to stand up to the ever growing demands radical Islam places on our liberal democracy?
  • Can you please explain why violent left-wingers and radical Muslims can behave as they did on Saturday and remain free, whilst peaceful EDL members were arrested and not allowed to exercise their democratic rights?
  • Does this not suggest something is very rotten in Cameron’s Britain?
  • Is it not a sign of a genuine Police State that such a blatant disregard for democracy and law not only took place, but that the government and media subsequently remained silent?
  • Is this really your vision of a democratic country, or are you just intent on enjoying your time in office, which means cracking down on the group which is easier to crush, no matter that the EDL stand for pro-democracy, pro-British, pro-conservative values whilst their opponents most emphatically do not?

You must forgive my asking these questions, Prime Minister, but I value the democratic freedoms long associated with Great Britain — which I am ashamed to say now seem threatened under your leadership. These freedoms were bequeathed to us via the blood and sacrifice of our immediate ancestors. They are not something you can just casually cast aside.

What happened on Saturday in Walthamstow should never have happened in a country with a valid claim to democracy. It is essential, given the seriousness of the situation, that you find the time to answer the questions posed in this letter.

On a final note, I do hope you will consider dropping your official endorsement of the UAF. Surely you must realise that a British Prime Minister should distance himself from such a violent, anti-Semitic, anti-British and anti-democratic movement which the UAF so obviously is?

So, Prime Minister, what say you?


Paul Weston
Chairman, British Freedom Party

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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bilbo said...

i wait with bated breath...........

bilbo said...

on a further note: it must by now be obvious to all but the most obtuse plod that Cameron endorses the violence that UAF have directed against them, in line with the policy of destroying "englishness".

Anonymous said...

An excellent letter Mr Weston. I should be interested to hear his reply, if any you receive. Perhaps one of those bland holding letters. I do not think Mr Cameron or any of the leaders of the other major parties cares about democracy and freedom in Britain any more. They are all singing from the Marxist one world multicultural hymn sheet.

The patriotic nationalistic indigenous populations of Europe are something to be ignored until they are so weakened that they will no longer present any resistance. We have just learned that Breivik has given the Norwegian government, besotted with multiculturalism, the excuse they needed to implement a totalitarian police state. This is happening all over Europe now and Britain is little different from Norway in this regard.

Our hearts must bleed as the freedom-loving, independent, democratic countries of Northern Europe are gradually ensnared and turned into something they have never been, centralised dictatorships. Have we ever heard Cameron say anthing about the fact that the EU is a dictatorship by unelected bureaucrats and bankers? Clueless Clegg will never hear a word said against the EU, nor his potential successor, Cable, who had a Sikh wife and thinks corrupt, caste-ridden India which lets over 50% of its people starve is a wonderland. Politicians in Europe now are just tinkering at the edges, the main programme of the Marxist destruction of Europeans and their Christian Civilisation has already been agreed upon, we assume at meetings of the Bilderbergers.

Anonymous said...

Good letter but the traitor Cameron
won't reply, how can he answer these questions without exposing himself to more ridicule.Cameron like the traitor Blair, is a totally bought
politician, doing the bidding of the elusive 'Money Power'. That is why he seeks to destroy nationalism on the island.But he never was a very convincing liar.

Green Infidel said...

This would be the David Cameron who once called UKIP the "BNP in striped suits" - when it was threatening to steal votes from the Tories. A pathetic feeble leader who'd dump all his natural alies for a few votes.

Malfleur said...

Good letter, Mr. Weston. I have posted a link to it at http://www.coffeehousewall.co.uk/ where unreformed reprobates established a "break-away" site from the Spectator when the old Coffee House Wall was closed for, partly, expressing such views as yours.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron appoints Sayeeda Hussain Warsi to represent faith and communities. Warsi will continue to be a member of the Cabinet as Foreign Office minister.

Reminicent of the The Millet system with Warsi as the Baroness of Dhimitude.

Islamic thinking and influence on conservative politics at the very seat of British political power has long been ignored by political commentators as there is a dangerous and strong tendency to exclusively concentrate on the left.

Jolie Rouge