Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Egyptian Hit List

Nader Fawzy is an Egyptian-Canadian Coptic Christian who has been an activist on behalf of Egypt’s Christian minority. In retaliation, the new Salafist government in Egypt indicted him, along with a number of other Copts and pastor Terry Jones, for his purported involvement in the making of the notorious Mohammed movie.

Mr. Fawzy talked to Michael Coren recently on the latter’s SUN TV program. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Below is an article on the same topic from The Globe and Mail:

Canadian linked to anti-Muslim film seeks police protection, citing fear for his life

A Canadian Coptic Christian who fears for his life says he is breathing a bit easier after asking police to help protect him over allegations by Egypt that he was involved in a controversial anti-Muslim film.

Nader Fawzy, one of two Canadians named in Egyptian arrest warrants in connection with the film Innocence of Muslims, is worried the warrants make him and his three daughters a target for Muslim extremists, who have been encouraged by senior clerics in Egypt to kill all those connected to the film.

Mr. Fawzy, originally born in Egypt, gave a statement to Toronto police Saturday. He says police told him patrols around his home will be increased and that officers will occasionally check in on him.

“I feel a little bit [of] protection but, still, I have the same fears for my kids,” he told reporters outside a local police station.

A police spokesman says officers are investigating his case but did not confirm they are taking direct steps to protect him.


Mr. Fawzy and Mr. Attalla both say there’s no evidence they were involved with the movie, which has sparked violent protests in several countries after a trailer translated into Arabic was posted to YouTube.

“I never saw more than four minutes [of the movie] … I have nothing to do with it,” Mr. Fawzy said, as he stood next to his MP, Liberal Jim Karygiannis, who is trying to help both men.

Mr. Fawzy, who described himself as a Coptic activist, said he has raised the ire of Egypt for his history of speaking out against the way Coptic Christians are treated by the country’s government – and that Egypt is seeking “revenge” by placing him on the warrant list.

Mr. Fawzy said he was not happy that Foreign Affairs responded to his concerns by advising him to keep quiet.

“I’m not here to seal my lips, I’m here to talk as everyone in Canada on Canadian soil has the right to talk,” he said.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird’s press secretary said the best way to get the men off the warrant list is through backdoor diplomacy – not public calls for action.

“Quiet diplomacy is often the most effective in these situations. This is something we will raise with the Egyptians, but ramping up rhetoric is often not helpful and counterproductive,” Rick Roth said in an e-mail.

Mr. Karygiannis says he will raise the issue on the floor of Parliament next week.


Foxmuldar Blog said...

Is Obama on that list? After all he promoted the video more then anyone else in his denial that it was a terrorist action in Bengazi. Don't we have some rich patriotic folks that might put a fatwa out for some of these Clerics who keep shooting their mouths off from their dens of hate?

Foxmuldar Blog said...

I would think he might want to purchase a fire arm and learn how to shoot it. Do they allow carry licenses in Canada? He would certainly qualify for one don't ou think.

Anonymous said...

I read that Walid Shoebat says that the California man arrested for parole violations last week in regard to making the man is NOT a Coptic at all and that his associates in the crimes that put him jail in the first place are ALL Palestinians Muslims.

It might be that the faux Coptic is a Muslim (secretly) and trying to hurt the Coptics by making this "film" and blaming it on them and OTHER anti-jihad people like Eric Bell.

babs said...

He claims that he had nothing to do with the making of the youtube trailer?
I feel very sorry for this man because the response to the Muslim upheaval has been so milktoast that this man and his family might actually lose their lives.
Read the book "1,000 Years for Revenge."

Anonymous said...

He needs to invest a good bullet proof vest. Secondly keep his vehicle in a garage when not driving.

Lastly, have friend rent a house or apartment for him in another town. Keep it for six months or so until Muslim rage is focused on something else.