Friday, September 14, 2012

Raising the Ante

German Muslims are incensed at the blasphemies and insults aimed at them, not by the Mohammed movie that has enraged the rest of the Religion of Peace, but by a medical historian named Armin Geus who wrote a book.

And what did Professor Geus do that earned him his fatwa? He presented his thesis that Mohammed was mentally ill.

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff has the story.

Raising the Ante
by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

In the wake of the latest blasphemy riots in Libya and Egypt, another charge has surfaced, this one almost completely ignored by the MSM.

The latest case concerns a German medical historian, Armin Geus, who only a year ago wrote a book called Die Krankheit des Propheten (“The Illness of the Prophet”). In his book Professor Geus concluded that Mohammed was schizophrenic.

It took the representatives of the German Muslim community more than a year to find out about this book, perhaps even to read it, and then file a complaint with the German authorities for — you guessed it — “Incitement to hatred against peoples” and “Insulting faiths, religious communities and philosophical associations”.

Professor Geus was kind enough to provide me and my lawyer with a copy of his book in order to prepare for my trial last fall. Now he has asked me to pass on the following message:
King Fahd Academy in Bonn, the center of Wahhabism in Germany, has filed a complaint against Professor Armin Geus with the authorities of the city of Marburg for “Incitement to hatred against peoples” and “Insulting faiths, religious communities and philosophical associations.” The reason for this complaint is his book, published a year ago, a pathography of the prophet Mohammed, in which Geus comes to the conclusion that Mohammed suffered from paranoid-hallucinatory schizophrenia.

It is obvious that apart from the so-called “political correctness”, there is a campaign to establish “scientific correctness”, which is aimed at stifling the constitutional right to freedom of scientific inquiry, especially when aimed at the foundation of Islam.

Once again the ante has been upped. We must all rally behind Professor Geus and support him.

Where are all those freedom-lovers among our ruling elite? Too busy saving the euro, it seems.


Anonymous said...

This is the end result of Liberalism - authoritarianism and the end of free speech for the native Germans and the elevation of foreigners like the Muslims to a protected class status.

We already have that here in the U.S. We're not equal under the law anymore. There are some groups who have more rights than others and can say things that the majority is forbidden to by excoriation in the media and harassment by authorities.

See the attack on Chik-a-filet or how a Muslim fanatic in the U.S. Army could openly support jihad and the killing of America troops and have connections with a major terrorist. Yet was protected by the highest levels of the Army.

Anonymous said...

About 2 years ago, a muslim woman employee of a Winn-Dixie super market called me a "DIRTY JEW" after I asked her and another person to move from the cheese cabinet so I could pick up some cheese that was in that part of the cabinet. She was just goofing off apparently and chatting with her friend. I interrupted her chat!OOPS! I did not scream or frown, but she looked down into my cart and saw all the Israeli made tea bisquits on top of the other things of my cart as well as other products like candy and tea from Israel... assumed I was Jewish and told me she did NOT take orders from a "DIRTY Jew"!!!

Complaints to the manager did not work, instead he said he did NOT believe me even though another customer heard her say it. Needless to say I DID NOT BUY tghe things in my cart... I left them all there...about $180 worth of groceries including steaks, a rib roast ( for an upcoming dinner party) and other nice items.

Well, in almost 2 years that store lost my business and it has lost a customer forever! In fact I even got MANY others in the family to quit shopping there as well as three close friends.

THIS IS what we have to do...boycott the offending business' who give in to the islamic nuts in our society and let them know, as I did that they WILL pay for allowing the islamics to run over us.

The store is now owned by another company and STRUGGLING as rightly they should.

Also, tell your friends and associates what happened and why you will not shop in those places.

By the way I am not Jewish and I continue to buy products from Israel but from another store which just happens to be newer, CLEANER and closer...PUBLIX!