Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Backlog of Videos

While I’ve been busy grappling with long texts and editing translations, Vlad has been beavering away, churning out a seemingly uncountable number of videos. I’ve accumulated just a handful of them below, in no particular order.

First from, from today on Fox News, Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) talks about the fact that the Obama administration knew no later than 24 hours after the Benghazi attack that it was no spontaneous demonstration, but a planned assault by Islamic terrorists. U.S. ambassador to the UN Susan Rice and other administration officials were either not telling the truth, or were embarrassingly ill-informed — take your pick.

Liars? Or Incompetents?

Also from today: more on the Times Square brouhaha and Mona Eltahawy from Michael Coren and Robert Spencer on SUN TV:

Is Vandalism the New Free Speech?

On CNN, Andrew McLaughlin, the former Policy Director for Google, discusses Google’s video policies, and how the company deals with censorship rules in various countries.

Why is the Mohammed Movie Still Up?

A subtitled news report about the recent incitement to violence by German Muslims over the (what else?) Mohammed movie, translated by Michael Laudahn.

A Call for Terror in Germany:

Ezra Levant and Andrew McCarthy discuss the long hot Arab Summer.

The Illusion of Islamic Democracy:

Michael Coren reports on the Muslim protest in Toronto last weekend. Watch him move among the crowd talking to various protesters — and being pushed around by them.

Feel the Love!

Michael Coren talks about the plight of Christians under the new regimes in the Middle East since the Arab Spring. During the second half of the clip he speaks with Father Zakaria Boutros, a Coptic priest, about “Innocence of Muslims”.

Fr. Boutros: “There is a ‘moderate Islam’, the ‘moderate Islam’ of people who do not study Islam well.”

The Innocence of the West:

And finally, a couple of older videos that have been sitting in my to-do basket for a while…

David Horowitz talks about the “blasphemous” movie and the arrest of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula:

Michael Coren talks to Andrew McCarthy about the Muslim Brotherhood and Barack Obama


Anonymous said...

@ The videos with muslims burning flags, dolls and chanting anti-western texts.

Pay attention to the fact that it is NOT extremists or terrorists, it is so called "moderat" muslims!

Terrorists are the least of our problem, they kill mostly other muslims. It is the umma, we should be concerned about.