Sunday, September 16, 2012

Twits and Tweets

The Twitter exchange below illustrates what passes for “freedom of speech” in Norway, or at least among the Nordic literati who hang out in the rarefied empyrean of the government broadcasting system.

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer, who translated the piece, includes this note:

I think you’ll find this brief post from quite interesting. It describes a tweet conversation between Sidsel Wold, former Middle East correspondent for the NRK (the state broadcaster) and two individuals who are highly critical of the Muslim response to the “Innocence of Muslims” trailer.

The translated article from

When people ask for trouble they’ll get it

Posting on twitter is revealing. NRK’s former Middle East correspondent Sidsel Wold has a short duel on the Mohammed video which illustrates a mindset that is stagnant. Objections just peel off. One gets a better understanding of the type of information that is being disseminated from Marienlyst [headquarters of NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation].

Sidsel Wold: No wonder that people reacted to The Mohammad movie. A lousy offensive movie which fuels hatred and was only made to promote animosity and discord.

Liberaleren@S.W. Even people who make lousy movies have the right to express themselves freely and use artistic freedom, don’t you agree? Libya is perhaps not ready for a free public debate?

Sidsel Wold @ Liberaleren. Is the world moving forward by creating primitive hatred that you know very well is only meant to offend other people?

Kloningen@S.W. It is those who respond to statements with violence that should consider whether they contribute to the world moving forward. @ Liberaleren

Sidsel Wold @ Kloningen 1, Everybody who speaks out about the reaction to the film should watch it, be familiar with the circumstances. Not everyone is like ‘us perfect and secular Norwegians’.

Kloningen@S.W. And what on earth has that got to do with it? Do you think it is ever justifiable to respond to a statement with violence?

Sidsel Wold @ Kloningen 1, It is my opinion that when people ask for trouble they’ll get it. Is it wise to mock the prophet in Libya? Enough now. You and others will have to watch the movie, then you can express an opinion about it.


Anonymous said...

The movie is based on Islamic sources like the hadiths and the biographies of Muhammad by early how is it offensive?

Jonny said...

YOu have the right to free speech. But if you insult my mama, you may get slapped. What's so hard to understand about that.

So, before you talk, be ready for the consequences. The rest of the world is going to play that way, no matter how delusional Western liberals might get with their pathological levels of passivity and psuedo-decorum.

Lots of other people in the world still have boundaries and traditons that WE aren't going to tear donw in all our Progressivist-Leftist-Multiculturalist vigor.

So... when you get slapped for insulting someone's mamma, you have to decide what you're going to do about it. That's all.

Anonymous said...

The Leftist mind cannot deal with facts that run counter to official dogma.

So those facts that they don't agree with it are reframed as "hate messages", "vile lies", etc. Some facts which they cannot stand at all are just banished and aren't acknowledged at all in a dialog with non-Leftists.

The later can be seen in the exchange between Liberaleren and Sidsel Wold.

In a sense, the Left are intellectual cowards of the first order and use all sorts of excuses, insults, threats and eventually folding like a broken lawn chair when a persistent questions keeps on demanding answers.

This is why you don't see hard core Leftists debate Limbaugh or any Intellectual on the Right like Victor Davis Hanson. All the Left has is dogma which was created out of thin air by Post-Modern cultural Marxists. It's shoddy stuff that cannot stand sustained scrutiny of non-believers.

Georgina said...

@Jonny said: "You have the right to free speech. But if you insult my mama, you may get slapped."

So when the bank manager says "Sorry Ms Jaysmum, but we can't give you another credit because you didn't pay back the last one, and have rudely told us that you despise us and have no intention of ever giving us our cash..."

You think blowing up the bank is justified?

Jonny said...

"You think blowing up the bank is justified?"

No. I sure don't. Neither do I think yours' is a rational comparison to the situation at hand.

Michael Servetus said...


I think Jonny is saying something true and right. We have to decide what we are going to do about this cultural impasse. Are we change to accommodate or are we going to accept that people will be offended and let with it. We have to believe in ourselves.and expect.others to do the same, we cannot allow ourselves to be manipulated and intimidated by any temper tantrums. The behavior of Muslims cannot determine our behavior like a subjugated wife and concubine, rather we must make our own decision. We can't allow consequences to alter our belief of what is right but we must decide if we really believe it. In other words expect the slaps and other unpleasantries, it shouldn't be a shock. That is what Johnny saying to me.

Anonymous said...

The exchange between the literati and the questioner also illustrate another very ugly fact about the Left.

They make no qualms of supporting violence by their Muslim allies against any and all Westerners.
They are as bad as any Nazi or Stalinist death squad member.

You think Breivik was bad? These Nordic Leftists are 10x worst.They may not do the murdering themselves, but their allies do.

Think about it, if they endorse violence against foreigners, what do you think they even care one bit about their own people? No.

Anonymous said...

Johnny, all sorts of things can be deemed an 'insult' by islamists. Anything they conveniently call an insult - let's not forget that the film was a previously-unknown excuse for long planned riots. The real equivalent would be you hitting me for someone else having said something about your mother several months ago, which might actually be true but makes an excuse for your desire to hit me. And all sorts of things can be considered an excuse for violence by islam as it gets stronger: women without hijab, dhimmis who don't pay jizya, dhimmis and muslims who say/do anything these thugs don't like or pretend to don't like.

Jonny said...


Thank you! That is EXACTLY what I'm trying to say.

And to the ultimate point that the Left will use the Offended Muslim as yet one more pretext in its suicidal campaign to capitulate Western culture in favor something decidedly totalitarian.

When you tell the Muzzies the truth, they don't want to hear, you help to raise the ocnsciousness of our own people to see the light of what is happening. Slowly, but surely. When the Muzzies slap your face for talking about their momma..... IT HELPS US to win.

So, we don't undermine that small victory by complaining to the haters of the West about our treasured principles being trampled upon and disrespected. Wake up. Take it for granted. Muzzies don't respect free speech. They respect strenghth.

So, when you tell them the truth, and they burn down your embassy in retaliation, you don't whine like a little baby. You do what Ronald Reagan did in response to Libya. It worked, because Khaddaffi saw the light and shut his piehole for about 20 years. You just have to keep reminding them every once in awhile.

Jonny said...

One extra thought:

@Anonymous at 9/17/2012 7:11 PM

"The real equivalent would be you hitting me for someone else having said something about your mother several months ago, which might actually be true but makes an excuse for your desire to hit me."

True. But the point is this: What are YOU going to do? Complain about abstract rights I don't respect? Or are you going to hit me back so hard that I decide it's better to be non-violent in my protests from now on?