Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why Islam Does Not Belong in the Western World

“Islamic aggression is caused by Islamic teachings.”

Why Islam Does Not Belong in the Western World
by Fjordman

Many observers in the press thought that I would disappear as a writer after I stepped forward with my real name during the Breivik case.

They were wrong.

I will continue using Fjordman as a pen name, but I have no intention of changing my views as Peder Jensen, either. I started out writing about Islam. I later diversified to include other subjects, too, since there are many things wrong with the modern West, but I do not regret what I have written about Islam previously. I told the truth then, and will continue to do so in the future.

The fact is that the much-vilified Islam-critics and so-called “Islamophobes” have been entirely correct in their comments and analyses for years. Political leaders and media commentators throughout the Western world keep telling us that Islam is at heart a peaceful religion which is being abused by “extremists” and that continued Muslim immigration to our countries is good and should continue. They are not telling the truth.

Yes, mass immigration can be a problem by itself, also of non-Muslims, but Islam is a uniquely aggressive and violent creed. No other major, established religion on this planet stipulates the death penalty for criticizing or mocking its founder and its teachings. Traditional Islamic law does. That’s why no other religious community on Earth behaves the way Muslims are doing globally this September, attacking Western embassies in multiple countries over a single, somewhat amateurish movie most people had never even heard of. Attacking embassies can easily be seen as an act of war. The people and groups doing this have already declared war on us and our societies, whether we like this or not.

Needless to say, movies, cartoons, novels and other objects merely constitute convenient pretexts as targets for the eternal Muslim rage and aggression against the rest of humanity. What these riots and threats are really about is imposing dhimmitude on the West, as Bat Ye’or has prophetically warned. Muslim leaders — from the Prime Minister of NATO member Turkey, via the Western-backed Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt, to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the largest voting bloc at the United Nations — are pushing for national and international laws or speech codes banning any criticism of Islam, its founder and its teachings. Although Western mass media virtually never explain this to their audiences, this would essentially imply submission to Islamic law and Islamic rule.

For over a thousand years, Islamic teachings have stipulated only three options for non-Muslims: Convert to Islam, submit to Islamic rule as a virtual hostage in your own country, or fight. Once you start kneeling to Islam, though, there is no going back. You will have to live on your knees every single day for the rest of your life, and your children and grandchildren will be condemned to doing the same, under an eternal shadow of fear of Muslim abuse, violence and aggression.


Islam means “submission.” If you are not willing to submit to Islam or Islamic rule then Islam is your mortal enemy, always has been and always will be. Yes, Islam itself. Not “radical Islam,” “militant Islamism” or “evildoers abusing the peaceful teachings of the Koran.” Islam.

Islamic culture is incompatible with all of the best aspects of European civilization. No form of Islam as it exists today belongs in any Western country.

If you think the above statement sounds “extreme,” this is only because you have been fed a steady diet of misleading nonsense for decades by Western media and academia. I don’t have the time or space to provide a detailed theological explanation for my statements here, but I can do so whenever I need to. I intend to complete a book next year about precisely this issue. Spending years studying Islamic teachings and history and partly living in the Middle East has only convinced me of one thing: Islam cannot be reconciled with our way of life. It is incompatible with any civilization worthy of that name, Eastern or Western.

Any discussion of an Islamic “Reformation” projects a Western European phenomenon, the Protestant Reformation, onto a totally different religion with more violent core teachings and religious texts than all other major religions on the planet combined. If by “reformation” we mean to imply a peaceful, tolerant religion with no Jihad and secular laws, then no, it is very unlikely whether such a form of Islam will ever exist. There are a few types of what we might term “diluted Islam” that are slightly less violently aggressive than the mainstream version of it, but these are all marginal in the greater scheme of things and are frequently persecuted precisely because they deviate from traditional Islamic practices.

If by “reformation” we simply mean a return to the earliest practices of the religion then we have already had a Muslim Martin Luther: the terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. He was a violent Jihadist because the earliest followers of Mohammed were also violent Jihadists. You can base a peaceful Christian religion with secular laws on the peaceful example of Jesus and his disciples as contained in the Christian Gospels. In Islam, however, such an example can only be found in the early Mecca period. As long as the example of Mohammed and his followers in Medina remain in force, along with the chapters of the Koran supposedly introduced there, any form of Islam based on traditional Islamic texts is bound to be potentially repressive, aggressive and violent. You may successfully question whether the story of Mohammed as told in traditional text is historically accurate. It probably isn’t. But if you abandon traditional sources and state that Mohammed as we think of him never existed, Islam may not be reformed, but could collapse instead.

Another factor which usually isn’t brought up in discussions is that the Protestant Reformation was no picnic when it happened. It caused generations of turmoil and war, even though it was mainly confined to Europe at the time. An Islamic reformation is unlikely to materialize, but even if it did, it would probably be a very turbulent and messy affair with global consequences in an age of nuclear weapons. On the other hand, if Islam cannot be reformed, the result will be a continuation of the violence we see today.

Immigrants in Birmingham

We are currently mass importing this very conflict to all of our major cities, a process which is already well underway. It is criminal negligence on the part of our so-called leaders to continue this madness and conduct a dangerous Multicultural experiment with hundreds of millions of people as guinea pigs. This needs to end. Now.

If you believe that this analysis is correct then you are left with only one possible conclusion: We must physically separate ourselves from Islam and Islamic culture as much as is practically possible. The American essayist Lawrence Auster has dubbed this strategy “separationism,” which is not a bad term.

We cannot continue as we are today, or our freedoms will slowly be eroded and our societies gradually destroyed. We need to halt Muslim immigration to all Western countries on a permanent basis. Any agreements or charters that prevent such a policy from being implemented must be changed. This probably means that Westerners in return have to accept less freedom of movement in Muslim majority countries, but given that these are becoming more dangerous and less hospitable year by year, the age of mass tourism there may soon be over, anyway.

The writer Hugh Fitzgerald has for years advocated the strategy of making Western countries as unfriendly to Islamic practices as humanly possible, which is an excellent idea. We must immediately ban any and all applications of sharia law in all Western countries, including minarets, calls to prayer, halal meat and veils in public places.

We should not try to export “democracy” to Islamic societies that are not ready for them. The attempt to do so has been a costly failure in Iraq and Afghanistan and has brought hostile Islamic regimes to power in places like Egypt. Muslims should not be in our suburbs, but neither should we occupy their countries. We should maintain an armed and vigilant separation. If we need to briefly invade their countries to take out terrorist camps or neutralize serious military threats then we should do so, and leave again afterwards.

A final, but crucial point to emphasize in the separationist strategy is that we should never bail out Muslims from their own failures. Islamic culture is backward and aggressive, but also in many ways an immense failure in a modern society. The only hypothetical situation in which Muslims may change their ways is if they are forced to enjoy the bitter fruits of their own failures.

Don’t bail them out. Don’t send them aid of any kind, which will only feed local corruption and possibly be used to finance Jihad against us. They’re adults who can fix their own problems.

The idea that Islamic violence and aggression is somehow caused by “poverty,” a notion that has been echoed by Western politicians from Tony Blair to Hillary Clinton, is a Marxist-inspired fallacy. Mohammed Bouyeri did not murder film director Theo van Gogh in the streets of Amsterdam because he was poor, but because his religious beliefs commanded him to wipe out those who criticize or mock Islam. Islamic aggression is caused by Islamic teachings.

Those who harbor the belief that Muslims will somehow “like” us more if we give them money are deluded and fail to grasp Islamic mentality. To Muslims, anything good happens because Allah wills it. If they feel gratitude to anybody it will be to Allah, not to worthless and inferior infidels. Besides, according to sharia law, non-Muslim dhimmis who retain their lives are supposed to pay protection money — jizya — in “willing submission” to Islamic rule. Non-Muslims giving Muslims money is the way Allah has ordained it. Muslims will feel no gratitude to us for doing this. On the contrary, they may in fact become more aggressive, because they will interpret your behavior as a sign of submission.

Is separation a viable long-term strategy in the twenty-first century? It’s not yet possible to supply detailed answers about how such a policy can be successfully implemented in an age of rapid global communications, but I see the urgent need for us to implement as much of it as possible if we want our societies to survive and remain free. Perhaps separationism will not be sufficient to deal with a nuclear-armed Iran, for instance, but it is the very minimum we as a civilization can live with.

For the record: If any Multiculturalists want to charge me with “hate speech” or “racism” for what I have just written here, come and get me. I will repeat the same statements in court and make sure that millions of people hear this message. When faced with the dangerous and escalating wave of Islamic aggression we are now witnessing, we can no longer afford to hide behind convenient lies. Our children will never forgive us for the mess we leave behind if we do nothing substantial about the threats we face.

For a complete archive of Fjordman’s writings, see the multi-index listing in the Fjordman Files.


Anonymous said...

He said it and it needed to be said.

It will be interesting to see if others in the Counter-Jihad movement post it as well.

Anonymous said...

In Britain they are busy arresteing people for hate crimes and offending muslims, these hate crimes recently included the arrest of an EDL supporter who praised the actions of Ander's Breivik, now then let us ask ourselves and the authorities what religion praises a prophet whom history tells us killed and raped scores of people personally and who's religion has killed hundreds of millions, praise Anders get arrested for a hate crime, praise mohammed not get arrested.

Anonymous said...

And how exactly do you reform Koran provisions that are clear and unambiguous on their face?

Not too much equivocation with "Kill the infidel wherever you find him."

Islam is Islam, and that's it.

Anonymous said...

I believe that somebody told me that a century ago the white race constituted one third of the world's population. We are told that it is now more like 6%.

When I was a teenager in the 1960s we were told that the world was over-populated and we needed to use contraception to bring our numbers down. This we duly did and many of that generation restricted their families to two children.

What nobody told us was that during that same period the third world was tripling its population and muslims in particular were expected to have large families to ensure Islam's progress through the world.

But they were also told that to ensure that progress they must continue that same rate of increase in hitherto uniquely Christian countries.

It would seem illogical to encourage Europeans to restrict their fertility whilst allowing into those same countries peoples to whom no such mandate applies.

Either the politicians who have engineered this knew this would happen and it was all part of their plan to bring down the hated white world or they assumed that the incomers would behave like the natives and realised only too late that this was not to be the case. To have asked the newcomers to put a sock in it would have been countered by them with accusations of racism and of course having silenced the protesting indigenous peoples with such accusations the last thing they were able to do would be to lay themselves open to such name-calling. Basically, of course, they are total idiots and as we know empty cans make most noise. It makes you wonder whether the only way to stop what is happening is to have all the politicians incarserated and let the people sort the mess out for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Darcus Howe on moslems V. blacks in Britain

Anonymous said...

Bravo! It had to be said.

Anonymous said...

Very good analysis. The only problem with expelling Islam from Europe and then sitting back satisfied with our work is a] it will always be there
in its ' traditional heartlands ',
ready to attack us in times of weakness, and b] it is presently
infiltrating the three great nuclear World powers of the USA, China and the Russian Federation. I am fully aware that the first of these already has a gay, krypto-Moslem communist One-Worlder with his finger far too near the Nuclear Armageddon button,althuogh Soetoro/Obama hasn't got the balls or reason yet to think about pressing any buttons.But if Islam 'takes' one of these 3 great countries by the womb, the World will be a very uncertain place, to
put it mildly.Therefore the idea
to contain Islam is a temporary
solution.The long term plan NEEDS
to be the complete dismantling and
destruction of Islam in all its
forms and from every part of the World.Cancer can best be cured by
cutting all of it out of the body,
if you leave any small bit it always comes back.

Anonymous said...

I spent 23 years living and working in Israel. I worked in both military and private security and spent as much time in research and documentation as I did working outside. You are correct in all that you say, but I think perhaps you fail to say enough about the imminent threat Islam poses to the Western world. A fire is growing in the Middle East today and no one is trying to quench it. In my educated opinion, President Obama has handed the entire Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood on a silver platter and washed his hands of any responsibility. War is on the horizon, and I do not speak of a horizon a year away. What is going on in the USA today with the collapsing dollar, hyper inflation and rising costs will come close to destroying America as we know it and allow Obama and his Administration to impose a Soviet-style Socialist/Marxist government in place of the free-market capitalist he has hated his entire life. Obama has stated there will be no aide to aid Israel in this conflict that is likely to begin some time in October or November. Once the Muslims control the Middle East they will be in a strong position to dominate Europe.

Anonymous said...

Sadly nothing will be done about Muslims in the West until they start butchering the locals and generates a violent push back from them and change in political parties.

A lot of people are going to die before that happens though. And the Muslims and their Leftist allies won't be expelled without a fight.

Yes the Left needs to be either eradicated or expelled. They are nothing but traitorous communists in disguise and have worked tirelessly for 50+ years at wrecking the U.S. and Europe. They are even more of a threat than Muslims, since they were the ones who brought them over to be explicitly used as thugs to terrorize the locals into submission.

Anonymous said...

the truth about islam - a rant

the truth about islam - and our politicians

A Sign of Cultural Health

Daniel said...

Good essay. Makes all the correct points, but without diminishing one bit your true assertion that Islam is inherently violent and thus incompatible with our civilization, the greater enemy too us is the liberal political class who are using this foreign host to suppress us. Think about it, our political leaders are as aware, as much as you and I, that Islam is a dangerous and oppressive force, yet they continue to import this violent creed and its adherents into our lands. Our liberal political leaders wish to oppress us and are using Islam (just one of several oppressive vectors) to do so. They, the liberals, control the political and administrative apparatus that allows this migration. How can we fight back when we are so betrayed? The liberal state is the greater enemy. Islam is THEIR weapon. Muslims, themselves, are pathetically weak. They could not mount a threat unless they were aided by the liberal state. What do we do?

Nick said...

Voting means making a moral choice

Unknown said...

The problem is the cowardice and self hatred of the West. I am not referring to race, but it is mostly a problem with white people. In the urban areas they play at radical chic to appease their self hatred and demonize anyone that tries to draw aside the curtain of ignorance. The cycle of history is now moving faster; note that in about four years Obama has blown up the Middle East, aided and abetted the Muslim Brotherhood taking power, and supports Muslim Brotherhood allies that are stepping up their persecution of Christians, evening including crucifixion. The US media doesn't question any of it. Far worse is to come.

Anonymous said...

excellent, well done.
here in australia the recent riot seems to be waking people up from embracing the islamic peace loving folks to fearing them. however the positions and intellectual left seem to consider them worth appeasing and us, the normal public far to 'free' to express our opinions and thoughts, therefore the debate is closed every time it starts.
i'm amazed that things have reached this point in regards to islam. it is indeed the biggest threat to human civilisation and peace on planet earth.

Anonymous said...

I can't help feeling that at the core of a person's being there is that which belongs to Life and not to the recipient of Life. Conscience is one these and although Islam would snuff it out in Muslims it cannot. In this scenario what drives Muslim rage is the shame they feel when presented with material from their own 'sacred' books which reminds them of his abhorrent behaviour and crimes against humanity, or rather the shame they feel for still treating him like a demi-god. They can't argue rationally as to the truth or falsity of the material presented as they know it to be true so resort to blind bluster and rage to relieve the sense of shame and replace it with honor instead.

Anonymous said...

To Anon of 5.56 , I think it is more
likely that on our morality weighing-
machine, Moslems are as close to zero as possible. They just don't know the difference between right and wrong, because the bedrock of
Islam is based on immorality and

Anonymous said...

OR, Muslims fully INTEND to keep clitorizing, forcibly marrying, and raping little girls (and their defenseless children - especially boys). Rinse and repeat with 'temporary' marriages, polygamy, easy male-initiated divorce, and impossible-to-prove molestation and rape of women and children legalized under Sharia Law.

Any psychological or sociological whitewash of violent Muslims in the vain attempt to attribute a Western-sanctified 'motive' to Muslim rioters completely misses the point that Muslims are EVIL people who freely choose and embrace EVIL and are happy with EVIL.

"31 The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests be arrule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?" Jeremiah, Chapter 5


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if all the world religions had a "Pope" of sorts? We then wouldn't have 200 definitions for each religion, depending upon which "teacher" one were to subscribe. We could also let them meet together and work things out. (or not)

Anonymous said...

We only have an Islam problem because we have a Leftist problem. It is the Leftist governments of the Western countries that enable and encourage this invasion, and it is they who prevent the native Western populations from protecting their own countries and culture.

You can never face the threat of Islam until the cultural virus of Leftism is dealt with.

Merlin said...

It is the only way.

Western man has forgotten why territorial borders are needed, why they have always existed. All men are not compatible. Separation is necessary for peace.

Anonymous said...

Given the Executive Orders issued by NObama to assume control of all travel, communications, and other crucial parts of the USA infrastructure, and being the Cmdr in Chief of the USA armed forces, he has prepared himself for launching armageddon.
There are now rumors of a USA 'strike' back at libya. That could be the 'trigger', giving him the excuse to go all 'martial law' on the USA, postponing the elections and ......taking time to play another round of golf.

seriously, though, I can't believe it would happen, but, then again in 1935 nobody would have believed what hitler, stalin or pol pot were going to do.

Anonymous said...

Islamists have abandoned the 'religion of peace' slogan and will soon abandon the 'Islamophobia' slogan. The OIC has abandoned its plan to impose Sharia law over the UN. Islam is actually in retreat. We need to ban cousin marriage in all Western countries, because cousin marriage is what gives Islam its coercive power. If women can escape from being 'prisoners' and 'domestic animals' of men (Mohammed's words) they will be able to escape this totalitarian cult. When women and men have the option of running away from Islam, Islam will visibly wither within 20 years and become impotent.

Anonymous said...

Islam is a type of pathological deadly virus-"MoPox". We need more antiviral agents.

Anonymous said...

Re: "In my educated opinion, President Obama has handed the entire Middle East to the Muslim Brotherhood on a silver platter and washed his hands of any responsibility. War is on the horizon, and I do not speak of a horizon a year away." Anonymous, I agree fully with your post, but it needs to be said that what Obama has done and is doing is by design. That is, he is the Muslim Brotherhood's man in the White House. We also agree on the gathering storm clouds of war now gathering on the horizon. Islam has already declared war against the west; it is only a matter of time before that conflict moves from the shadows and into the open.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to say one thing , everything you've written is completely wrong except for one thing
,Islam does mean submission , but it's submission to god and not to some king or lord.
And by the way when muslims entered a region , they gave it's people three choices as you said , the 1st was to convert to Islam (Not by force) , the second was to stay on their original religion and pay a small fee , those who accept the 1st or 2nd choice enjoy freedom and protection in muslim lands . Proof: Jews were hunted everywhere in the world and were only safe in muslim lands , so before you talk or write anything about Islam or about any other subject , get your facts straight!
May god guide you and everyone else that has been misinformed about Islam

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Your feeble attempt to convert readers to Islam using dawah is refused here.

Islam is submission to pedophilia.

Based on Mohammed's evil example, both boys and girls in Islam are victims of rampant Sharia-promoted pedophilia which sadly ruins their physical, mental, and spiritual health for the rest of their lives.

The evidence is clear that Muslims have always persecuted Jews and Christians and pagans - as Muslims continue to persecute Jews and Christians and pagans today.

Muslims even persecute inanimate objects like the Afghan Buddhist statues that represent other past and present world religions. Recently, the Muslims have proclaimed their sincere hope to destroy the Egyptian pyramids and sphinx....

Leave my God out of your dawah. As Muslims are adamant when in power, the Muslim Allah is NOT God - and the Christian God is NOT Allah.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Fjordman, for this series of clear and politically-incorrect TRUTHS.
I've also been reading about Islam for years, and have come to the same conclusion; that we are completely incompatible cultures and must be separate, for the foreseeable future, to preserve what we have.

I don't see how it can be achieved but if a way becomes evident I'm ready to help.

And, please keep writing!