Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/18/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/18/2012The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is in the midst of another controversy after announcing that it will publish more Mohammed cartoons tomorrow. The offices of the magazine were firebombed last year after it published similar cartoons, which grievously offended Muslims.

In other news, the Chinese sent warships to the waters around the disputed Senkaku Islands. China’s most powerful military leader has ordered the forces under his command to prepare for war with Japan.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the Muzzies of France don't like the Motoons and as a result threw a hand grenade into a Kosher store.


And again no condemnation from the European Jewish community about Muslim on Jew violence.

And again silence from Conservative leaders about how incompatible Islam is with the West. 'It's always a small group' is their collective refrain.