Monday, September 17, 2012

Update on the Stockholm Metro Robber

Cultural Enrichment News

We reported last Thursday on the culturally enriched “Swede” who robbed an unfortunate drunken man at a Stockholm metro station and left him unconscious on the tracks just before the arrival of a train. The victim was run over by the train and severely injured, but miraculously survived.

By the weekend the police had found the suspected robber and arrested him. Our Swedish correspondent LN sends this brief update with more details from this morning’s news about the particular species of cultural enrichment the arrested man represents:

The man suspected of leaving his unconscious victim on a subway track in southern Stockholm after taking his valuables confessed in interviews on Sunday that it was he who appeared on surveillance images.

The man, who claims to be 28 years old and not a Swedish citizen, has not yet been identified. He lacks credentials and says he came from Tunisia and entered Sweden illegally.

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Van Grungy said...

" The man, who claims to be 28 years old and not a Swedish citizen, has not yet been identified. He lacks credentials and says he came from Tunisia and entered Sweden illegally."

Welcome to Sweden!!!

Here's your complimentary housing unit and free money while you enjoy your stay with us..

In addition, the Swedish morons that actually pay taxes will fund your defense..

Have a happy stay in Sweden.. Be sure to tell your friends to come as well.. Sweden loves you for choosing to squat here..

john in cheshire said...

I suggest that a mob of normal swedes welcome this entity in the way they recognise; storm the Tunisian embassy, burn the flag, rape their ambassador, kill him and then parade his naked body around the streets of Stockholm; then post a video of it in Youtube and use Facebook to tell the world what you've done. He'll then know how much you love him.

Anonymous said...

All enricher crimes of robbery, rape, assault or worse should be punishable by death. It is the only way to stop these outrages. But I won't hold my breath. I am surprised
that the Swedes still eat meat, they
have become such a bunch of timid

Sebastian said...

The Swedes are a disgrace.

They dishonor the memory of their courageous Viking ancestors with their current day desperate eagerness to cram as much high Mohammed Coefficient phallus down their collective throats as possible, even while they spread their rectums wide open so that the Somali too, can have their happy ending.

Tell you what, if you hate yourselves that much and really what to be replaced and genocided I have a modest proposal that might be mutually beneficial.

I'm European and White, my country is currently being ravaged by German-mandated austerity. I guess that rightfully qualifies me for political asylum.

So if I flee to Sweden will I get a complimentary housing unit and free money of my own?

If you want to get fleeced off your tax monies that badly I humbly volunteer for some assistance. I might not be such a good prospect as Somali or Tunisian but since my land was under Islamic rule for some 800 years I guess I may have a small residue of Mohammed Coefficient.

So, where do I sign?