Saturday, September 15, 2012

Police Dhimmitude in Oslo

Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article and a video clip from yesterday’s Aftenposten. The translator includes this prefatory note:

This concerns the latest incident of Norwegian Muslim hypersensitivity and their absolute lack of mental restraints when confronted with differing opinions, and official Norway’s pathetic attempts to appease the wonderful new fragile culture enrichers.

The clip is truly shocking and astonishing, and left me at a loss for words when I first watched it. A police officer in full regalia apologizes to a Muslim congregation in Oslo during Friday prayer for the ‘Innocence of Muslims’ trailer that has caused so much resentment in Muslimistan.

In the clip this clown of a police officer actually apologizes on behalf of the Norwegian people because someone in America has decided to use their inalienable and God-given right to express themselves freely without fearing government persecution and Islamic justice.

How dare they!

Norway it seems to have become a rite of passage for members of the elite to gain an audience with the Imam at the local mosque and apologize for everything on earth. One of the first things our buffoon of a foreign minister, Jonas Gahr Store, did following July 22, 2011 was to run down to the local Mosque in Oslo and apologize on behalf of the Norwegian people for us having the audacity to suspect that Muslims were responsible for the carnage in Oslo last year.

When is this madness going to stop?

First, the video. Many thanks to The Observer for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

And the translated article from Aftenposten:

Police expressed support to Muslims during Friday prayers

A representative from the police in Oslo spoke to the congregation in the city’s largest mosque on Friday. At the same time the U.S. embassy in Oslo heightened its security following violent protests around the world.

The US Islam-critical movie depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad in a negative light has caused violent protests in several countries over the last couple of days.

This prompted the police to reach out to Oslo’s biggest mosque, Central Jamaat-e Ahl-e Sunnat, to issue an appeal during Friday prayers. The fact that the police showed up in the mosque is not unusual and it is quite undramatic, according to police sources.

“We have to talk about this”

“Oslo and Norway strongly oppose this film. July 22 last year brought us all together and we handled that tragedy in a magnificent way. It’s important that we reflect upon what happened last year when we’re dealing with the incidents that have occurred recently. We managed to remain composed when we discussed the July 22 incident and we have to continue to do so. I understand that many are upset, but if we talk together, everything is going to end well,” said Erik Andersen from the Oslo police.

The tense situation has led to a heightened state of alert in Oslo, although there are no scheduled demonstrations or other forms of protest associated with the Friday prayer. The police in Oslo have maintained a good dialogue with the mosques in Oslo for the last three to four years, and representatives from the police regularly show up at the mosques to make brief appeals and to provide information.

“We cannot let one person ruin so much for all of us. We have the utmost respect for you. I’ll be here after prayer if someone wants to talk to me,” said Andersen, who received applause for his speech despite the fact that it is forbidden to give applause inside the mosque, something which the imam later pointed out.

Many are angry

“Many are angry and upset about the film,” said Ghulam Sarwar, the chairman of the Central Jamaat-e Ahl-e Sunnat mosque.

He appreciated that the Oslo police showed up to address the crowd during Friday prayer.

“It is important not to give in to emotions. No one should take the law into his own hands.

“This film is a blatant provocation,” said Imam Qari Mahmood ul-Hassan during Friday prayers.

“Protests must be peaceful”

Ghulam Sarwar stressed that any organized protests have to be peaceful.

“Of course it is okay for demonstrations and protests, as this is a democratic right, but they have to be peaceful. It is possible to protest in a legitimate manner even when we’re angry,” said Sarwar.

Sarwar believes that the United States should ban the provocative film.

“We denounce the film and we suggest that the US ban it immediately,” said Sarwar.

Tightened security at the U.S. embassy

The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) is closely monitoring extreme Muslim communities even in Norway as a result of the unrest. The U.S. Embassy has heightened its security today.

“Extra security measures have been implemented at the embassy as a result of PST’s threat assessment,” confirms Johan Fredriksen, chief superintendent of the joint operational section.

The police do not wish to reveal any specific details, but confirm that they are present at the embassy with both uniformed and plainclothes officers. The American embassy told that they never comment on security matters.

“Important to avoid provocations”

Imam Hafiz Mehboob ur-Rehman at the Islamic Cultural Centre (ICC) in Tøyen (inner city neighbourhood of Oslo) also talked about the movie during the Friday prayer. He told that it is important to avoid provocations that create such situations.

“This is not the first time that Muslims have had to endure such provocations. Consequently, governments in countries where such provocations occur should try to put an end to it. Leaders in Muslim nations should also raise this issue in various international forums,” Rehman says.

“The Imams also have to guide their congregations. Because what we are currently witnessing in the Middle East, where people are running around in the streets and creating unrest is damaging to the cause. Such actions cannot be justified in the name of freedom of speech,” the Imam emphasises.

PST is keeping a close eye

The police security services (PST) is monitoring the situation continuously.

“We are following this very closely, and we are assessing the situation continuously. Among other things we are working with leads that we come across at various open sources and make a threat assessment accordingly. We focus on Norway and what may happen here, and we focus on Norwegian national interests abroad,” says Martin Bernsen, spokesperson for the PST, to

PST has previously stated that extreme Islamism poses the biggest terror threat in Norway. The following quote is taken from PST’s own website:

Although there are relatively few individuals in Norway who support extreme Islamism, the recruitment for certain extreme Islamic communities is on the rise. Leading figures in these communities could take advantage of this increase and establish cells or groups in Norway that intend to plan and commit violent acts. Norway is often seen as a prominently hostile nation among some of these leaders.

Video transcript:

0:00 [Imam speaking Urdu or some other Third World language]
0:23 Salaam aleikum.
0:25 Hello to you all.
0:28 When people or a person spreads untrue rumours,
0:37 says things that are hurtful, one becomes sad.
0:46 I personally, the Oslo police district, the police in Norway and the Norwegian society
0:51 completely reject the movie that has been made by an individual in the USA.
1:00 I’m deeply saddened to see that people can do such a thing.
1:07 I want to touch a little bit upon what we discussed after July 22 last year.
1:11 When we became a strong entity.
1:17 We became a people. You as Muslims and we as Norwegians became a much more tightly knit group.
1:21 And we handled that tragedy in a magnificent and calm way.
1:30 It made me happy, it made you happy, and when we witness incidents such as the ones that have
1:35 occurred lately I think it is very important that we reflect upon what happened last year.
1:43 Because we were calm, we talked together. We created a good dialogue
1:47 and we solved things in a calm way.
1:53 I can easily understand that some can become, to put it bluntly, pissed off at what has happened.
2:00 But I wish to encourage you to use reason, to use the right means of communication
2:04 and do things that are within the law.
2:10 Solve it together, stick together and things should end well.
2:17 We shall not accept it, but there are actually people who do destroy much as this person has done.
2:26 Luckily there aren’t that many of them.
2:29 I want you to know, as I mentioned at the start, that you have
2:33 our deepest sympathy and enjoy our highest respect.
2:37 And we utterly reject what has happened.
2:42 So I’m here in the Mosque, so feel free to ask questions and
2:46 hopefully we’ll meet again under more pleasant circumstances.
2:52 Good luck.
3:10 Erik, he wants to talk to you.


Anonymous said...

He is a cross between a modern day version of a court eunuch and a Quisling.

He should drown himself.

James Boom said...


dymphna said...

maybe the national reaction formation against Quisling back then was simply indicative of a great fear that Q represented a strain in the characterological structure of Norway.

Nice, nice Norway has not permittefd ANY normal channels for the aggressive behaviors that are part of being human. Thus, when faced with a "backdoor pressure explosion" like, say, Breivik, instead of looking inward, they search frantically for scapegoats to stuff into the breach.

An ethically mature person or group first accepts responsibility for events. From there, they work back from the present, trying to untangle the knotted threads of the past in order to ponder possible causations that could have contributed to the tragedy.

As we have seen, Norway clamps down on any attempts to do that. It resorts to primitive totalitarian methods like shunning, shaming, ridicule and bullying to get things back in order. To do any less results in extreme anxiety for everyone.

When the totalitarian state of Norway finally implodes and the hollow center caves, the resulting destruction will be horrific.

It's so sad: the waste of so much human potential simply because those at the top have suffered a failure of moral nerve. The ruling elite are willing to hollow out further the soul of Norway simply to retain power and privilege. It takes a great deal of energy to keep the lid on...

No wonder so many vital young men have left.

Anonymous said...

"When people or a person spreads untrue rumours, says things that are hurtful, one becomes sad."

" have our deepest sympathy and enjoy our highest respect."

Utterly disgusting! One becomes sad when a formerly civilized Western Christian country becomes a barbarian Muslim hell hole - one giant dhimmi step at a time!

Translation from the policeman: Please, please don't hurt us! Please, please don't burn our country down! Please, please don't anally gang rape us, behead us with a dull butter knife, and then film yourselves dragging our lifeless dhimmi bodies through our formerly free streets! We'll give you money; we'll give you land; we'll give you our children and their future - just be 'calm' with us. We'll be good. We promise!



Anonymous said...

A perfect candidate for Dhimmi of the Month.

Paris Claims

Linda Rivera said...

Police: “Oslo and Norway strongly oppose this film."
“Many are angry and upset about the film,” said Ghulam Sarwar, the chairman of the Central Jamaat-e Ahl-e Sunnat mosque.

The facts: Barbaric mass murderer and huge slave trader, founder of Islam, Mohammad, married a six year old child when he was in his fifties. Mohammad murdered/beheaded seven hundred Jewish men because of the Jews' enormous love for, and allegiance to the One Almighty God, our Wonderful Creator. The loyal Jews refused to follow Mohammad's god and the new totalitarian, political system of Islam. The Jews wives and children were seized for slaves.

Mohammad is considered the perfect man and role model by Muslims who follow Islam.

The infidel-hater, Islam-loving, FREEDOM DESTROYING Obama-Clinton administration and European leaders are joining with the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation)and are seeking to make it a crime to tell the TRUTH about Islam.

Anonymous said...

From Quisling to Dummie to Dhimmie

Anonymous said...

A man-baby apologising to man-babies. D E S P I C A B L E.
I hope this appeaser soon learns the price of crocodile feeding at his own expense.
Come to think of it, he still wouldn't get it. His brain is dead already. How dares he "speak on behalf of norwegians"? The Norwegian intelligentsia perhaps.

Anonymous said...

I honestly think I would rather die than make such a cringing abject admission of fear. This policeman actually praises the craven behaviour of the Norwegian authorities last year that resulted in the murder of dozens of individuals committed by a single individual. He is telling his audience to do the same thing. Unbelievable. This is so shameful. Aren't there any men left in Norway?

Anonymous said...

I was particularly struck by the luke warm response at the end of the police officer's speech. He didn't seem to have any friends in the room other than the guy standing guard over him throughout!

Anonymous said...

Egghead nailed it. That's exactly what this guy was saying. He thought he was being smart and preempting displays of muslim violence by apologizing in advance... for something no Norwegian was responsible for. The only way to be more submissive than this would be to bring your whole family family, kneel down and beg the muslims to show mercy and behead you all quickly. That's what this is... bargaining for a quick and painless death rather than a drawn out painful one. He hopes that when the time comes, his muslim masters will remember how little trouble he gave them and behead him quickly with a sharp blade in a show of appreciation for his dhimmitude.

Anonymous said...

I hope that everyone is aware of the people who created this immigration wave of Mozzies world wide:

Who opened the immigration gates?