Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flash Mobs and Glass Bombs

Burnley is a northern working-class English town. It’s in Lancashire, just across the Pennines from Bradford. The following look at what happens in Burnley is not something you’ll see on the MSM. But it’s the REAL story:

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video, which was taken down from YouTube.


Anonymous said...

The video is on YouTube, with the ladies blurried out. For their protection, no doubt.

Used to be four thousand holes in Blackburn Lancashire. Today, the ***holes are of a different type.


Can anyone supply the missing CENSORED speech?This truly is an outrage that i can not hear a persons speech in England,for what greater advantage could our treasonous administration give to our enemies,i could say a lot more but you would only censor it.

Anonymous said...

This is the proper video

Sceptic with a C said...

The reporter asks why the police do nothing. The answer is simple: Common Purpose. He correctly analyses the motivations of the local council in promoting chaos and injustice, and dubs it (understandably if rather anachronistically) "Bolshevik Communism; actually, it is post-Frankfurt School Cultural Marxism, and it is being disseminated particularly by: Common Purpose.

Who or what is/are Common Purpose? Common Purpose is a registered "educational charity" (with all the tax benefits such status confers), but its principal activity is to run "training courses" for which it charges (remember, this is a charity!) hefty fees. Many individuals (headhunted by Common Purpose in the first instance) from both the public and private (not to mention the so-called "third") sector have attended its courses. Upon "graduation" such individuals are reinserted into their organisations, but with the proviso that their primary loyalty is to Common Purpose. Common Purpose "graduates" (e.g. lawyers, police officers, educators, NHS personnel) subsequently attend secret, unminuted meetings conducted under the Chatham House Rule, where they discuss and frame policy away from public oversight or accountability.

Gregory said...

What is a "glass bomb"?

Anonymous said...

For those who may not know it, Burnley was the scene of Pakistani riots a few years ago. Burnley was probably behind the election of Nick Griffin the leader of the British National Party as a euro-mp. The British National Party the media tell us is now on the verge of collapse. There are some who wonder even whether Mr Griffin is a government plant.

I grew up in a neighbouring town and remember the first Pakistanis arriving in the 1960s. People grouped together to prevent them from buying property but once the first homeowner succombed then the die was cast and now the whole area where I grew up is Pakistani dominated in a town which is set to have a Pakistani majority in a few years' time.

If you want to know the character of working class Lancastrians then you should watch the films of George Formby and Gracie Fields from the 1930s. Lancashire people are good-hearted, outgoing, friendly and cheeful but they are basically simple and naive and are facing people who are none of these. Perhaps most worrying is the fact that such is the moral decline in the West that these young girls allow themselves to be groomed. But such a decline is all part of the Marxist agenda, along with the dumbing down of eduction.

The police will do nothing because they fear more riots. Perhaps, however, the real culprits in this drama, apart from the politicians of every hue, are the cotton mill owners of the 1950s and 1960s who, faced with local people who refused to compy with their demands, imported thousands of backward Pakistanis to fill their shoes. The same was true of Yorkshire in the case of the woollen mills.

They have left Yorkshire and Lancashire with an intractable problem and the possibility that, when they have grown strong enough, the Pakistani muslims will be in a position to form a separate Islamic state within a state stretching from Bradford to Manchester.

It will be interesting to see whether Mr Griffin is re-elected in the euro-elections of 2014 or whether the villification process to which he has been subjected by the government and the media has been successful.

One disturbing aspect of this clip is that I think I can spy at least one convert to Islam from the local male population. What a useful idiot he must be.