Thursday, September 20, 2012

Infantile, Imbecilic, and… Islamic

The latest from Pat Condell:

Hat tip: ICLA.


Boo said...

bag-headed bimbo - LOL. Love Pat.

john in cheshire said...

As usual, nothing there to disagree with.

Anonymous said...

God bless you, Pat. If only our politicians had your guts. Your attitude is exactly what is needed to deal with these all-too-frequent outbreaks of mindless violence.

Anonymous said...

The best asset of the Muslims is the political correctness that prevents admitting the danger of Islam as Islam.

The best asset of the West is the inclination of Muslims to let their arrogance and fury get the best of them and overplay their hand. They are repeatedly showing their true colors when the West still has the resources and the means to isolate Islam and Muslims.

Perhaps luck will shine on us, Muslims will continue their fits and riots, and the West will take the long-overdue step of eliminating Muslim immigration and deporting Muslim non-citizens.

The sophisticated Muslim political groups, such as CAIR and ISNA, recognize the potential of the rioting to destroy their slow program is Islamization. They are in the position of having to look like they value Western freedoms, while not denying the basic tenants of Islam, which could be physically dangerous for them. The way they do it is to totally redefine the concept of freedom of speech.

But Islam breeds poverty, ignorance, and arrogance, and the crowds in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and other garden spots of Islam vent their rage and impotence because it feels soooooooo good.

Anonymous said...

Muslims hate it when the truth about Mo as recorded in their own sacred (sacrilegious more like it) books is made public because his behaviours and crimes against humanity are the insult (to life and decency), not the insulted. Muslims don't feel offended, rather they feel ashamed they have made his shameful life a model for their own. Their is no way they can be rational about this so they bully and bluster and intimidate others into taking on the shame. May God have mercy on their souls.

Anonymous said...

"Muslims don't feel offended, rather they feel ashamed they have made his shameful life a model for their own."

Again, we MUST avoid assigning Western Christian values to barbaric Muslims.

How PRECISELY would you prove that Muslims 'feel' ashamed instead of offended?

In reality, criminal Muslims are PERFECTLY happy to continue their EVIL behavior as long as allowed by their victims and prospective victims.

Mercy is irrelevant with regard to Muslim souls. God will save his mercy for the victims of Islam - rather than the facilitators of Islam.

What is relevant is COMPLETELY stopping the practice of Islam.