Monday, September 17, 2012

“The Illusion of Islamic Democracy”

Encounter Books is releasing a new Andy McCarthy book on Islam, set to detonate on September 18th:

We received the notice for this book shortly before the recent unpleasantness in various predictably unstable pest holes centers of ‘unrest’ began to fill the columns at the Drudge Report.

Thus, if we employ Islam’s standard operating version of causality, it is glaringly obvious to even the most blasé observer that this video notice of Mr. McCarthy’s impending publication was the proximate basis for the embassy attacks and deaths across the Ummah. Not to mention the bomb threats in some colleges here at home.

This is the inflammatory Encounter Books video, starring Mr. McCarthy. I hear tell that General Dhimmpsey himself called the author begging him not to do release this on You Tube. As you can see, that plea went unheard:

[Note: given the fact that schools have so recently resumed classes, it’s not likely those campus bomb threats came from hung-over students wishing to evade overdue exams or term papers. And ski season hasn’t started yet either. Thus these threats must be simple whiplash. Or is it backlash? I forget — at any rate, you know already: we made the terrorists mad over there by not submitting quickly enough… so here comes Da Judge and he’s carrying bombs, y’all.]

These most recent eruptions are easier to understand if you keep in mind Islam’s major premise: it is always the fault of the infidel — whatever particular inflammatory outbreak is occurring in the Ummah is never about Islam behaving badly. So, that being the case, once we’ve all been eliminated or sufficiently dhimmified (can’t get rid of us all otherwise who would do the work requiring skill or intelligence or degradation?), will peace reign in the Ummah? Heavens, no. Then the blame will shift to whatever Muslim group the blamer does not owe allegiance. In other words, keep the moral calculus simple. Islam’s justice mills grind very finely but they don’t do higher equations.]

So now this newer explanation, Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy, one more of those necessary books.

I know what you’re going to say: ”Not another one! Dymphna, how can you say that when you haven’t even read it yet?!”

But I already know its ‘heart’ and intention and I see clearly its necessity. Notice how this book arrives at the juncture of another long-planned period of chaos? Do you think this was serendipity, which Mr. McCarthy somehow “guessed’?


We’d all best orient ourselves yet again. Orient and observe, two habits of mind at which the author excels and ones which we’d better be willing to develop or we’ll grow complacent, thinking we’ve been there, done that. Wash, rinse, repeat, etc. ad nauseam. How-many-books-about-Islam-we-gotta-read, Teach? Will-this-be-on-the-exam? When-can-we-get-back-to-regular-life? This-is-sooo-boring.

But that dismissal would be wrong — and dangerous to boot. Mr. McCarthy has been fighting this insanely and deeply alien evil since the days of the Blind Sheikh trial, when Omar Abdel Rahman was finally cornered and brought to justice in 1995. It is my opinion that this was McCarthy’s own trial by fire as he was forced to descend into the specifics of that unbounded malevolence which lies at the core of those who destroy in the name of their grotesque deity. The B.S. went to prison thanks to McCarthy and his team, but it is probably the case that what the prosecutor himself was forced to endure in the course of that trial left him permanently changed.

Willful Blindness, McCarthy’s account of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center is mesmerizing. As one of the counterterrorism experts (Steven Emerson) said:
… [This] is the best book I have ever read about terrorism, bar none. It is arguably the most stirring, brilliantly written, and devastatingly honest book on terrorism that has ever been published. Written by one of our nation’s greatest prosecutors, who understood early on from his successful prosecution of the 1993 World Trade Center plotters what our country was up against, Andy McCarthy tells the shocking story of our nation’s refusal to acknowledge the deadly adversary we are facing. His mesmerizing analysis of the nature of radical jihad’s war against the West will change the way you look at our future. Brutally candid and eloquent, this book is one that you MUST read. You simply have no choice. I have been writing about or working in national security for the past nearly 30 years, and from the moment I opened this book, I could not put it down until I finished the last page. I sat in stunned silence, but also eternally grateful that one of our top public servants finally had the guts to tell it like it is: a worldwide jihadist movement has operated in plain sight in our country, where policymakers were, and are, too politically correct to recognize it.”[my emphasis above — D]

I saw Mr. McCarthy on a talking heads program recently. He explained two major motives for the trash & flash & burn mobs in Egypt: first, in conjunction with Hillary & Co., the OIC will (my wording and examples here) slowly boil the frog of free speech. This is a worldwide, global cook-off: you’ve seen the recent pictures of the moviemaker being led off in handcuffs? That’s one example: jail for making a movie. And you saw Norway’s formal condemnation of Fjordman because of Breivik’s massacre, right? That’s another. You can find your own cacophonous chords, all playing variations on a repetitious but deadly theme called Silence Those Who Offend Us.

That is Motive One in a nutshell, with the State Department and the Oval Office singing solos of their own devising in the Rose Garden at this Requiem for the West.

Motive Two is the Muslim Brotherhood’s deep unyielding desire to get the Blind Sheikh back. Egypt is sending its government leaders here to bargain with Obama for his release. McCarthy thinks that before Osama turns over the keys to the Oval Office in January, he will turn over this mass murderer to his followers and the B.S. will wing his way to Egypt to receive a royal welcome as his reward for killing and injuring so many Americans.

I can only guess at Mr. McCarthy’s feelings as he continues to observe the criminal refusal of our government to protect us. As he said in 2008, the blindness was willful. But I would posit that here in 2012, those in charge see quite clearly what they’re doing. This transparent treachery is one of two things: deep ignorance and stupidity in thinking the Muslim Brotherhood can be bought off, or an equally deep cynicism and malice aforethought concerning the welfare of our country. Either way, permitting the release of Omar Abdel Rahman back into the care of his fellow murderers is breath-taking malevolence on the part of those charged with our safety.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

The editorial write—up for the new book, Spring Fever: The Illusion of Islamic Democracy makes the case for Mr. McCarthy’s thesis that we don’t even agree on the definitions of the words we use:

Every human heart does not yearn for freedom. In the Islam of the Middle East, "freedom" means something very nearly the opposite of what the concept connotes to Westerners — it is the freedom that lies in total submission to Allah and His law. That law, sharia, is diametrically opposed to core components of freedom as understood in the West — beginning with the very idea that man is free to make law for himself, irrespective of what Allah has ordained. It is thus delusional to believe, as the West’s Arab Spring fable insists, that the region teems with Jamal al-Madisons holding aloft the lamp of liberty. Do such revolutionary reformers exist? Of course they do . . . but in numbers barely enough to weave a fictional cover story. When push came to shove — and worse — the reformers were overwhelmed, swept away by a tide of Islamic supremacism, the dynamic, consequential mass movement that beckons endless winter.

That is the real story of the Arab Spring — that, and the Pandora’s Box that opens when an American administration aligns with that movement, whose stated goal is to destroy America.

“Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof… ”The Illusion of Islamic Democracy describes the currently acute version of this ancient malignity and it deserves your full attention. Then, having observed along with Mr. McCarthy what is going on, and having oriented ourselves regarding the gravity of permitting the President to create a criminal “Get Out of Jail Free” card, are we not required to act?

We are told that Egypt’s Morsi will visit Washington but I’ve not been able to find a date for that, other than the context that it follows a conference at the U.N. Why could we not plan our own reception for President Morsi? Imagine peaceful crowds of Americans walking or standing peacefully, silently holding American flags.

One wonders if the right of peaceful assembly would be breached in the name of “fear” of violence from those flag-carrying marchers. Those in charge of the assembly would probably be priced out of the picture by the costs for security — a non-negotiable cost.

But let’s think about it: why not a country-wide focus on presenting to Mr. Morsi our refusal to be silenced. Orchestrating this is a job for those with the experience: Tea Parties, or for that matter, Glenn Beck, who has a particular gift for reaching out purposefully to average Americans. I’ll bet either could generate enough interest in such a project.

Besides a message to Morsi, such a concerted action certainly would do wonders for the morale of our military, sent out into those murderous sandboxes to die for nothing.

What if we were to stand with them over here, bearing witness to their plight?


Anonymous said...

I just pre-ordered the Kindle edition of the book, on Dympha's recommendation. It doesn't hurt to let the mainstream book suppliers, Amazon, know that accurate information on Islam sells.

I would like to address one point she makes in her review, that Muslims will not totally suppress the dhimmis because someone has to supply the technology they use.

In fact, technology is only necessary when there is competition between societies. Orwell's 1984 envisioned a totally static world where the only technological innovations were in mechanisms of government thought control. If Islam controlled all the countries of the world, there would be no reason for technological advances, no centers of freedom, and no pressure for advancement of knowledge. The entire world would resemble the Turkish empire of the 19th century.

This would continue for a few thousand years, until our luck runs out, and an asteroid hits the earth, unanticipated, wiping out humanity.

Lawrence said...

It isn't about suppressing the Dhimmi it is about using them. Any means to and end, death, slavery, whatever best suits the Islamist masters at that time.

As far as the title "The Illusion of Islamic Democracy", that is right on target.

Question is, who embraces this Illusion?

Democracy is no Illusion to the Islamsists. Islam views Democratic ideologies as the anti-thesis to their views, not the culmination of it.

Islamists hate democracy, identifying democracy as the Great Satan of which it is their duty to stamp out.

Islamists may use a democratic illusion to fool the useful idiots running the Western nations, but they never truly support this ideology.

In this, it is the Leaders of the Western nations being fooled. In fact, fooling themselves through their own personal idealized initiates to force Muslim nations to adopt Democratic ideologies.

So, really, question is who's really to blame for all this warfare? The Islamists fighting against an ideology they view as Evil, or the leaders of the Western nations striving so diligently to pound democracy down their throats? Maybe both?

Why do we continue voting these insanely idealized people into office here in the West?

Anonymous said...

The USA administration is wholly onboard with the islamic/arabic plan. there is no ignorance or mistake being made there; POTUS wants radical islamic power to grow, both in the ME and in the USA.
the idiots are the liberals who align themselves with islamicists. they are selling out their own country for political/social power.

bruce said...

did the battle of viena take place on september 11 1683?

Anonymous said...

Can we please stop refering to "islamists" and "radical muslims" as if these terms actually described anything real. There's islam and there are muslims. We are not them. We have different world views.

The "isms" of islam are a blanket that muddles our resolve. We use it to project our inadequacies and insecurities onto "the other", assuming that we all are basically the same, we all like the same things. What the heck, the Nazis and "Japs" were also humans, but more importantly they were our mortal enemies with world views so opposed to ours as to be totally hostile.

Islam must be put down like Nazism and communsm before it for the sake of Western civilization. The reason why we didn't need to kill every last German and Japanese was because we dethroned their supremacist ideologies from their culture. Until we do that to islam, we will never be safe. We don't need to bring about the muslim holocaust but we must show without a shred of doubt that islam has been utterly defeated and it will not be in the best interest of muslims to ever raise their weapons against us. For that, their leaders and agitators must be destroyed, for no tiranny has ever been put down without armed struggle and no dictator has had his differences hugged out of him, psycho-analized or small-talked away!

What's more important to know about the enemy: that they are also human, or what divides us? Because being human is a tenuous affinity at best that has brought us no peace or harmony; our differences OTOH explain better our conflicts and antagonism and are what we need to keep in mind to steel our resolve.

What we have ahead of us is going to be brutal and bloody and the camps are boiling down to Us vs Them. Two irreconcilable entities that cannot coexist in any way.

Let the dhimmispeak be used out there, but not here. Westerners are the antithesis of islam and its votaries.

As for the throat clearing blaber that not all muslims are terrorists, why is this even relevant? They are not automatically our allies just because they may not agree with their coreligionists' methods of subjugation.

Our problem is not the radical muslims but the moderate muslims. This is a term increasingly difficult to define as moderation is constantly dumbded down to meet the lowest possible expectations.
When we can't even define who we are, what we stand for and who is our enemy, then we haven't even begun to fight, let alone win.

Whenever we see muslims rioting in the streets, we must take to the streets en masse to show who we are and what we stand for. We must make their bed-weting nothing but a pipsqueek on our cities across the world. Let's show our politicians that we are not the "extreme right wing" and we are no fringe movement: we are the no-longer silent majority (!), we are the people, we have spoken and you had better listen to us if you value your political careers, since you don't seem to value anything else.