Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Increasing Desire to Appease

Salman Rushdie appeared today on DR (the Danish state broadcasting service) to discuss his new autobiography, the death fatwas against him, and the growing trend within the West towards the appeasement of Islam in the face of threatened violence.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Sol Ta Triane said...

Heaven forbid, Salmon Rushdie, that you ever conclude what you allude.
You appease, Stockholm Syndrome style, for that most unhuggable bane of the world, and so excuse yourself for leaving the official pro-aggressive narrative.

You claim that authors must have freedom, but most of your reply is demanding that we see your writing as dhimmi-compliant.

That little interview robot kid, an acolyte of totalitarian way; boy, did he make you grovel for Islam, Mr. Rush.

You never once said, "I wrote it because I wanted to, now go put that in your pipe and smoke it!" How do you say "you can go lump it", in Europeanese?

At least, Rush, you see that things are worse than ever, but you are part of the cause of things getting worse.
Because you are a groveler.

A better man would say, hey, I don't like Islam. If you don't like that, you can go jump in the lake. Until people can talk directly like this the situation will, of course, duh, continue to worsen.

By the time Rush gets to the point waving the flag for free speech, it means zippo. You can't grovel then say "free speech" and impress anyone. You pissed off interview boy by saying that too, he looks distressed when you imply that there is free speech.

Two egotistical people blithering.

Dymphna said...

@ you knew--

Rushdie is about as useful as Prince Charles or Edward Whatsis, the Abdicator. And if he ever got off his knees wouldn't they take his knightly garter away - or whatever splendiferous symbol they give out to second-rate writers.

Think of it...the garter goes, his socks fall down, he bends over and we're back where we started.

Come to think of it, why is this man on our blog flogging his book? I should come in out of the fog more often...


The only reason anyone knows this fellow is simply because he was Fatwah #1, more or less. That's a looong 15 minutes for very little return.

Has anyone among our readers actually read one of his books?

Anonymous said...

You New, where in that interview does Rushdie grovel or appease Islam, he states frequently that writing a book is not about who you offend or who you please, a book is art and peoples opinions are irrelavant. He came across as an intelligent straight talker.I tried to read the Satanic verses but gave up after 5 pages as it was too much fantasy for and difficult to get to grips with.He has an absolute right to write any kind of drivel he wants, but nobody has a right to offer violence in response. That is all that matters.