Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blood on the Tracks

Cultural Enrichment News

An inebriated man inadvertently falls from the platform at a metro station onto the tracks, hits his head on a rail, and is knocked unconscious.

A culture-enricher sees his opportunity and takes it, robbing the unfortunate man and leaving him on the tracks in front of the oncoming train.

Welcome to Modern Multicultural Sweden!

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Here’s the accompanying article about what happened, from SVT. Many thanks to PMP for the translation:

Immigrant robs father and leave him unconscious on rail track (SVT news)

The perpetrator stalked the 38-year old, robbed him, and left him on the railroad track

A few days ago, the metro in Stockholm stopped at the Sandsborg station. A 38-year old father, on his way home after a night out, was one his way home. But he was not alone.

From the same carriage another man exits who has followed the father. The father sits down on a bench, and the man starts to go through his pockets, as the 38-year old is very drunk.

After a while, the father stands up and walks forward. He unfortunately steps towards the rail track and falls down right on his head, ending up unconscious on the rail track. The other man, after a few seconds, jumps down to the tracks immediately afterwards.

But it was not to help the unconscious father the man jumped down — It was to rob him. According to one source, he stole a wallet, a phone and jewelry. After the theft, the man left the father lying on the rail track, unconscious, without calling for help or alerting anyone else.

Ten minutes later, the father was driven over by the train. One of his feet was crushed, and he has injuries in his face and his shoulder, says Dan Östman from the police. The thief, according to the police, is known from earlier incidents for having robbed other people, but the police have yet to identify him.

Below is another video about the crime, this one from the “Efterlyst” program. Once again, credit Michael Laudahn for the translation, and Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript, video 1:

00:04 3.30 Sunday morning,
00:08 a metro train stopped at Sandsborg station [south Stockholm].
00:12 A 38-year-old father of small children stepped off, on his way home from a happy night out with
00:16 some friends. But he was not alone. A man wearing
00:20 a blue jacket left the same metro car, searching for
00:24 the tipsy father. After a short moment, the father wobbled very near
00:28 the platform's edge.
00:32 Then he fell down on the track. And only a few seconds after he
00:36 fell down the other man came to the platform’s edge, looking down
00:40 at this person, then hopped down. - But it was not in order
00:44 to help the man - by now unconscious - that the man in the blue jacket
00:48 hopped down on the track, it was to rob him.
00:52 According to what we learn, he took a wallet, a mobile phone and a
00:56 golden chain. After the robbery, the man left without alerting the
01:01 rescue service nor informing the turnstile guard. Ten
01:05 minutes later, the father was run over by a metro train. -
01:09 One of his feet was crushed, and his face was injured, and
01:13 an ankle was damaged. He is rather severely injured. - Did he have a
01:17 guardian angel, that he survived? - Yes, this is the least you can say. For being
01:21 run over by a train usually doesn't go that well. - The robber
01:25 is known from earlier occasions. Last month, he robbed another
01:29 drunken man on the metro. - We will
01:33 identify him rather soon. We
01:37 are extraordinarily optimistic that we will soon capture him.

Transcript, video 2:

00:44 Saturday [night], father of a small child,
00:48 Johnny was on his way home from a party after the annual Brolin
00:52 golf tournament. This was the last weekend of his paternal leave, and
00:56 he would have returned to work on Monday. It was something he was looking forward
01:00 to, but which
01:04 will not happen for a long time to come.
01:12 The perpetrator has chosen Johnny as his victim, and he follows him
01:16 when he leaves the train. When Johnny falls asleep on a bench, the man grubs
01:20 through his pockets. Johnny is getting irritated that the man
01:24 won't leave him alone. -
01:28 Johnny gets up voluntarily, he doesn't seem to be quite all right, walks
01:32 towards the platform's edge, it looks like he will vomit or something,
01:36 but he loses his balance and falls,
01:40 hits his head against the rails and becomes unconscious.
01:45 Then we see the man go forward, look at
01:49 Johnny, then cold as ice hops down on the track,
01:53 frisks Johnny for his valuables, climbs out again
01:57 and then leaves. - It is 8 minutes until the next
02:01 train's arrival, and the man leaves the site. He waves
02:05 gladly to the turnstile guard, fully conscious of what is about to happen.
02:09 Johnny still lies on the track.
02:13 Johnny is hit by the train, but miraculously survives and now lies at the hospital.
02:17 Half his left foot was amputated, his right
02:21 knee will never recover, and he will need months
02:25 of rehabilitation. Police are
02:29 extremely interested in capturing the perpetrator and have therefore directed themselves
02:33 to Efterlyst ['wanted' - this programme].
02:37 This man, wearing a
02:41 blue jacket and black trousers, left Johnny on the track
02:45 to die. The man is between 35 to 40 years old and about
02:49 170 to 180 cm tall. These images were taken shortly
02:53 after he left the unconscious Johnny behind on the track. Here
02:57 he gladly waves at the turnstile guard, without mentioning a word about Johnny lying
03:01 on the track. According to police, this is not the first time this man has stolen
03:05 from drunken persons. - In the
03:09 other cases similar to this one, the perpetrator
03:13 checked his victims on the train, wondering if they had lain
03:17 and slept in their intoxication. -
03:21 Do you know who he is, have you met him?
03:25 All information is interesting. Call Efterlyst, at
03:30 08 702 0090.

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Hat tip: TB.


Anonymous said...

This is why the nations these people come from are such garbage pits and why no immigration from them be allowed.

If you want to turn a Western nation into a 3rd world wreck, please import lots of these sorts of people. They won't assimilate, they'll keep their rotten values and regressive culture.

What is it, some 80% of prisoners in Europe are Muslim according to a old report from Daniel Pipes.

Anonymous said...

Why blur the mans face?
Let people see what he looks like.

Anonymous said...

What a glorious example of a third world culture enricher caught red handed enriching Sweden's first world culture with his third world ways.

Anonymous said...

And they hide the criminal´s face why?
To protect his innocence?

Da Capo said...

The Newswedish burgler who left his unconscious victim to die on the subway rails.The Newswedish burgler who left his unconscious victim to die on the subway rails.

Anonymous said...

A perfect metaphor for the coexistence of "drunken" West and the hordes of 3rd world immigrants.

Da Capo said...

This morning the most visited immigration critical blogsite in Sweden,

Sweden's most hated man is arrested. The thief who has been chased for the vile theft, with an over-run victim in the subway, was arrested on Friday evening at his supposed home in Akalla north of Stocholm. Staff at a Lidl supermarket had recognized him and tipped off the police, who then surveillanced the place. The crime classification is currently: reasonably suspected of gross theft and receiving stolen goods. A theft against another person can probably also be linked to the offender. At the police crackdown two other persons were arrested , both suspected of protecting the criminal.

Anonymous said...

This man should be executed . Does anyone think he would have robbed and left on the tracks a man who he could see was a Moslem? Therefore
he committed a far worse crime than simple robbery.