Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Tiny Minority… Of What?


Below is a snapshot of today’s top news headlines, taken from Google News at about 10:00am EDT:

On the morning of September 30, 2012, Google’s news editors (or its bots) considered these the eleven most important new stories of the moment. Those highlighted in red —seven of the top eleven — are directly related to Islam.

As you can see, all the Islam-related stories involve extreme, brutal violence — now, in the past, and in the future. That is, 64% of the day’s top news stories concern Islamic violence. And today isn’t particularly special — it’s pretty much a normal news day.

During a presidential election season, the horse race will always get the first headline, and will rarely be bumped from the top even by the most ghastly catastrophe. In fact, unrelated bad news will often be absorbed, amoeba-like, into presidential politics: “Massive Asteroid to Strike Earth Tomorrow — Analysts Debate Impact on Romney Campaign”.

So if you scrub out Obama/Romney and a few natural disasters, Islamic murder and mayhem generally rule the news.

Let’s take a closer look at Google’s seven Religion of Peace Stories:

Afghan insider attack kills 2 Americans

Eleven years ago Taliban irregulars were killing American soldiers in Afghanistan. They are doing the same thing today, only they are now wearing Afghan military and police uniforms, and are considered our “allies”.

This is considered progress by the State Department and the Pentagon. Our leaders assure us that America is that much closer to winning the hearts and minds of the Afghan people. If only our soldiers could learn to be more sensitive about “cultural differences” — then the process would move much more quickly.

Car bomb targeting security offices kills at least 4 in eastern Syria

Despite all the noise about democracy, the “Arab Spring” in Syria as elsewhere is really about removing corrupt Middle Eastern despots from power and replacing them with Salafist ideologues under the guidance of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Our leaders speak of “reforms” in the Muslim world, and that is exactly what these represent: a Muslim reformation that aims to return Islamic governance to the pristine state it enjoyed under the “rightly guided Caliphs” of the seventh century.

Steinitz: Iran economy near collapse due to sanctions

Iran is preparing to launch the Greatest Jihad Ever as a nuclear payload on a long-range missile. Will economic collapse be enough to stop it?

String of Iraq car bomb blasts kill at least 32

Six years ago the United States military committed vast amounts of time, treasure, and blood to stop the mass terrorist attacks that were killing and maiming people nearly every day in Iraq. Then we withdrew our forces, and — hearts and minds notwithstanding — the massacres resumed where they had left off.

Each of these attacks is committed in the name of Islam.

Kenya Church Grenade Attack Kills Child, Wounds Others

The group responsible for blowing up Christians in Kenya today is said to be affiliated with Al-Shabaab, the Salafist terrorist network in Somalia.

Remember twenty years ago when we committed all that time and treasure, plus a downed helicopter and a number of dead soldiers, to winning the hearts and minds of the Somali people? How’d that turn out?

Khadr eligible for parole next summer, lawyers say

Omar Khadr is the “Canadian” Kiddie Taliban, captured in Afghanistan a decade ago as a teenager for killing an American soldier. He has been removed from Gitmo and consigned to the Canadian criminal justice system, where he will serve out the rest of his sentence, however much that may be.

Mr. Khadr is considered an innocent brutalized child by progressive-minded folks, despite his full beard and robust attitude towards violent jihad. He has been a cause célèbre of the Left for years, and is still the darling of the keffiyeh-wearing Israel-boycotting crowd.

Newspaper: Malvo felt like ‘worst piece of scum’

Our final news item from the Religion of Peace may not seem to have much to do with jihad. Most Americans have probably forgotten, if they ever knew, that Lee Boyd Malvo — another child terrorist — and his late partner, John Allen Muhammad, were mujahideen.

But it’s true — their killing spree ten years ago in the Washington D.C. area ago targeted kuffar at random in the name of Allah. The mainstream media did their best to hide this aspect of the Beltway Sniper affair, but it was laid out clearly in young Master Malvo’s diary.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

64% of today’s top headlines have to do with Islamic violence. Tomorrow the figure may be 45%, and the day after 82%. But it won’t be zero for the foreseeable future, and over the next few months it may rise to nearly 100% — one Romney story at the top, with the rest about jihad murder, maiming, kidnapping, extortion, rape, and slavery.

If we believe the talking heads (and our own political leaders), all this Islamic mayhem is committed by a “tiny minority of extremists”, who “do not represent true Islam”.

Yet this tiny minority manages to dominate the news headlines every day, month after month, year after year.

Media progressives strive their mightiest to insert happy-face stories into the news about Islam involving mosque openings, children’s play-groups, interfaith harmony, rabbis and pastors and imams all gathered together in harmony smiling and shaking hands.

But they can’t avoid the truth. If it bleeds, it leads, and Islamically-induced bleeding leads the headlines every single day.

I can believe that a tiny minority of Muslim extremists is responsible for all the killing and burning and raping and maiming. Even if you throw in the enablers — the truck-drivers, the bomb-parts suppliers, the owners of safe houses, and the cooks who prepare the final kebabs for the shahids — it’s presumably still only a tiny minority. Probably no more than a few tens of millions out of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims.

But what do you do when a tiny minority within a certain religion is responsible for the vast majority of the world’s murderous violence?

What then?


babs said...

If only 5% of the 1.6 billion Muslims are either directly involved in murder and mayhem or are enablers, either through financial contributions funneled through their mosques or other material support, that would be 80 million people!
That is some "tiny minority."

Nick said...

The other key point is that the mayhem, riots, arson and murder being committed by those muslims is being done not for traditional motives such as financial gain, etc.

It's being done in the name of islam.

Nilk said...

My response to the "tiny minority" comment is: it only took 19 on sept 11.

babs said...

Nilk - I see you point however, it took financial backers and people with assets on the ground to facilitate the 19. They were just the actors. There were many more behind them that provided material and financial support to pull it off.

Let's just say that of the 80 million complicit in supporting Jihad only 1% aided and abetted this action through financial contribution through their mosques or direct aid on the ground. That would be 800,000 complicit in the 9/11/01 attacks...

That is one hell of a lot of people, most of which refuse to acknowledge their contribution through their mosque or various other Islamec charities.

These are the "moderate Muslims." Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that 64% of the day's top news stories concern Islamic violence.

Because that's the percentage of Islamic doctrine that is about how to view, treat, subjugate, and failing that, kill non-muslims.

So that fits in rather well, no?

Green Infidel said...

And what percentage of Germans during World War II were directly involved in war crimes? A few thousand, out of a few million in Germany's armed forces, and around 40 million Germans? Yet this "tiny minority" was responsible for murdering tens of millions, including almost wiping out Europe's Jewish population.

Maybe something for leftists to ponder next time they start talking about a "tiny minority"...