Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Savages? Or Wild Animals?

You decide…

Early this morning we posted a video and article about an incident in the Times Square subway station involving a woman who defaced one of Pamela Geller’s new Counterjihad posters.

The woman who vandalized the poster is an Egyptian-American journalist named Mona Eltahawy. According to Ms. Eltahawy, the poster displays of “racism” and “hate”.

As it happens, last year Mona Eltahawy was attacked and sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring, and had a few choice words to say during an interview with CNN about the (Islamic) people who harmed her. Strangely enough, none of those words was considered “racism” or “hate”.

For the edification of our readers, Vlad Tepes has juxtaposed the two clips of Ms. Eltahawy in a single video:


Anonymous said...

This Muzzie Princess is only an
attention-seeker, how can the dumb
interviewer believe anything she says
about Tahir Square.She is an actress
and a bad one at that.We'll see her again [ unfortunately ].

Eddie Willers said...

Interesting - she has a definite 'native' British accent in that CNN interview (ie: it's not an affectation).

Who is this woman and what is she doing in the USA?

Anonymous said...

Same! Thought I detected a British accent from the Muzzie Princess attention-seeker.

Bet she has some interesting links, who pays the travel expenses?

Jolie Rouge

Ushisha Razikashvili said...

Excellent article, this woman is a hypocrite, it is fine for her to call Muslims "wild animals" but for another to call them "savages" is a target of her Left Wing fascism, the woman is a disgrace and a fame junkie.

babs said...

Was her subway thing staged? How was it that photo crews were there to watch?
Who was "Pamela" and why was she there?

Matthew said...

She thinks destroying an advertisement that someone else paid for (ie private property) is free speech? Her education must be lacking. If she wished to excercise her own free speech she should have paid for her own anti-Israel sign, or even just stood in the underground and invited people to discuss the pros & cons of supporting Israel. Leftists are often affraid of open debate. That is why they try to silence the opposition by crying "racism", "Islamophobe", etc.

Anonymous said...

Mona is trying to rehabilitate her reputation amongst the jihadi classes.

Anonymous said...

Just another Leftist coward. The fact that none of the Leftist intellectuals want to debate Spencer, Bostom or Horowitz pretty much tells people they can't argue their position worth a hill of beans.

So as Matthew points out they resort to name calling.

Just more evidence of the Left being composed of intellectual imposters who confuse emotional agitation with thinking and debating.

Mike From Brooklyn said...

Don't wish to sound too dumb but I wish there was something in the video to qualify she was talking about Tahrir Square and Egyptian soldiers so that she and fellow acolytes don't say that this stemmed from some incident with the IDF. Yes I know it is obvious, but still....just in case some leftwing knucklehead happens here by chance)

Mike From Brooklyn