Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/30/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/30/2012Islamic organizations in Missouri and New Jersey have called on Congress to pass a law against insulting anyone’s religion. They say that an exception to the First Amendment must be made to prevent blasphemous speech, which incites violence.

In other news, almost no students are attending Nyambogo School in Rorya, Tanzania, due to the witchcraft wars that are now raging in that region. Riotous mobs have repeatedly assaulted and torched houses where people suspected of witchcraft live.

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Anonymous said...

some cultural enrichment news from Belgium: Afghan vs Afghan violence leaves 1 dead.

babs said...

"They say that an exception to the First Amendment must be made to prevent blasphemous speech, which incites violence."

As far as I know, the only violence associated with religious critcism comes from the Muslim faith.

Pakistan threw a national holiday called "Love the Prophet Day" two Fridays ago. 20 people died... If I understand correctly, one person died from inhaling the fumes of a burning American flag. Too bad these people didn't "love the prophet" by going to work and school and doing the best they can to improve their society rather than raging against "the other."

But then, that is all their political system has to offer. Democracy is a mindset, not a purple finger.

Anonymous said...

Moslems who want a law to stop anyone
criticising any religion, are the ones who will lose out anyway. They are the first people to tell you that Islam is NOT a religion but a
'system for life' or an ideology.
They never stop attacking other
religions so obviously they are
happy to face thousands of
prosecutions for breaking a law they say they want. What imbeciles !!

Nick said...

If blasphemous speech incites violence then why do the blasphemous passages in the koran not incite Christians to commit acts of arson, riot and murder?

The reason why those human being who have been taught to think of themselves as muslims commit acts of arson, riot and murder is because islam incites them to behave that way.

So if preventing such acts is the actual aim here, then it is the religion of islam which needs to be declared blasphemous, and banned.

Anonymous said...

Islam is the biggest open-air mental asylum in the world, they will always find something go hysterical about.

Nick said...

It's a matter of simple logic, if one is looking for the root cause of all the violent acts committed by muslims, then one must first of all hold those muslims themselves responsible for their own behaviour. Then look at what their religion teaches. Sort those two issues out and you will be dealing effectively with the innumerable acts of violence committed by muslims throughout the world on a daily basis.

Oh and one more thing: Google "Pastor Umar Mulinde" and see what his experience of islamic-inspired violence has been.

That's the man who should have been speaking at the recent get-together in political dream-land, not Obama and certainly not that evil little gremlin from Persia.

Lawrence said...

"They say that an exception to the First Amendment must be made to prevent blasphemous speech, which incites violence."

We have this already, terms like "fighting words", etc. Words intended to incite violence.

But that isn't what the Islamists want, they want any opinion (any truth dis-favorable to Islam) to be banned. In so doing we give them a legal excuse to continue their violence against anything that offends them.

We need to think through this one very carefully.

Right now it is illegal to commit the violence of which the Islamists speak. But if we make their offenses illegal we effectively render their violence acceptable.

And numerous stupid politicians are going to champion this on their behalf.

Kepha said...

As an American fundamentalist Christian who hears his faith mocked and slandered all the time, I'd much rather have the First Amendment protection to tell some so-called atheists that they're really nothing but modern-day worshipers of Ba'al and Moloch. And, if a Muslim wants to call me a polytheist, I will stand for the right to call Muhammad a false prophet.

Kepha said...

A guy named Muhammad said, "God
Must think it incredibly odd,
That the Christians and Jews
Greet my message with 'boos'
And the Qureish want me under the sod."

Foregone said...

I'm not an American but I doubt that the First Amendment could be amended so as to establish any form of mumbo jumbo. That aside, Muslims are implying that their inability not to react violently and destructively to criticism of their beliefs is the fault of the critics which is the same as implying that criminality is caused by the victims of criminality. It follows that Muslims are not willing to think rationally at least in respect of their religious beliefs. The problem is that Muslims want US lawmakers to be equally irrational which nevertheless can be accomplished where the short-sighted if not imbecilic Obama people are in place to oblige.