Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ezra Levant Talks to George Igler

George Igler is the Managing Director of the British think-tank “Discourse: Institute for Free Speech”. He spoke at the Brussels Conference and later appeared at the Stop Islamization of Nations event in New York.

Tonight Mr. Igler appeared on Ezra Levant’s program on SUN TV to discuss the death of free speech in the West and the growing willingness of Western leaders to enforce Islamic definitions of blasphemy and slander on their unsuspecting citizens:


babs said...

I couldn't agree with this guy more. Especially in the UK but also in the US.
I have always thought that the US is about 20 years behind the UK. Unfortunately, the recent "video" and our gov't reaction to it has fast forwarded our demise.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. Left would dearly love to have the same sort of speech laws and penalties Britain has.

One sees that in the response of the Left to the anti-Mohammed film. Cries for censorship are heard all over.

We'll get it too. The Left already has control of radio, TV and print news. Plus our colleges and teacher schools. Then there are the PC/MC laws in our workplace. G-d help you if you're a white male and say something unPC and the wrong person hears it.

My bet is 4 years at the outside.