Sunday, September 23, 2012

“Is This Freedom?”

A couple of days ago Martin Schulz, speaker of the European parliament, sat side-by-side with a couple of Arabs in front of the TV cameras. In a formal statement, he expressed his abject submission to Islamic law by declaring his solidarity with Muslims in their outrage against the Mohammed movie, and he condemned those who made it.

This act of blatant dhimmitude didn’t sit too well with his fellow Europeans, and a Dutch TV program cornered Mr. Schulz and confronted him about his illiberal behavior.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is an article on the same topic from RNW (Dutch public television):

Anti-Islam Film Continues to Make Waves Around the World

The speaker of the European parliament has strongly condemned the recent anti-Islam film Innocence of Muslims. But he in his turn has been roundly criticised for giving in to extremists. The film continues to provoke fierce reactions in the Western as well as the Arab world.

“I condemn strongly not only the content but also the distribution of such a movie, which is humiliating the feelings of a lot of people all over the world,” said a press statement issued yesterday by Martin Schulz, the speaker of the European parliament, in reaction to the amateur video that has led to sometimes violent protests throughout the Islamic world.

Wrong side

Dutch Euro-parliamentarian Hans van Baalen is unimpressed: “Schulz should be standing up for the freedom of expression”, the centre-right MEP told a Dutch radio station.

“This denunciation puts him on the wrong side of the argument. He’d have been better off saying that while he personally might find it a bad film, it must be possible to make and distribute it”. According to van Baalen, someone who is on the right side is the Moroccan-Dutch Mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Abu Taleb. “He spoke out for freedom of expression and advised Muslims to ignore the film”. Van Baalen emphasised that Abu Taleb is himself a Muslim. Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders was also quick to condemn Schulz’s statement. Via Twitter, Wilders called him a ‘coward’ who had ‘sentenced freedom of speech to death’…

Hat tip for the article: JP.


john in cheshire said...

As long as people such as Mr Schulz are able to exert power and influence in the EU, it is doomed to become the illegitimate lovechild of the Nazi and Soviet states that it no doubt professes to want to abort.

Anonymous said...

"What the f**k is wrong with you people. We're your betters, and that's that. So shut up and take what we cram down your throats."

Anonymous said...

It probably may make good sense to watch the event first (unless you already have) that the critics took offence at:

Michael Laudahn

dontcallmebud said...

Extremely poorly done interview by what seems like an unprepared C-class journalist. With Shultz actually willing to sit down and give an interview it was the time to pull out insightful and intelligent questions to expose Europe's leaders' mindset rather than get into a silly personal squabble which Shultz wisely terminated on his own terms. The reporter pulled a Michael Moore on Shultz when he could have done Oriana Fallaci. Total and epic fail.

Anonymous said...

So a Pakistani minister has offered a 100,000 dollar reward to the killer of the Coptic Christian who brought out the video that has caused all this. He hopes for help from Pakistan's Taliban and Al Qaeda friends. As suspected we know where the power base of those two organisations is.

Thank you to Prime Minister David Cameron of Gt Britain who is sending hundreds of millions of pounds of our money in aid to Pakistan. I think he sees it as Danegeld, as way of buying the favour of Pakistanis so they will not support the above two organisaions. Well it ain't working Dave, probably just going to fund the Taliban and Al Qaeda and providing the ammunition to kill British soldiers.

And where is the condemnation of the minister's statement and offer from our newly appointed minister for faith and communities with terrorist links, Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury and Pakistan? And why has no journalist asked her to comment?
Well, we know why, don't we? The only faith she probably represents is Islam and the targetting of a Coptic Christian wouldn't really give her sleepless nights. What say you Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams? No condemnation from him either,

Anonymous said...

Nigel Farage of UKIP called this correctly, when Comrade Schulz first came to power in January of this year.

And so it goes on....Unelected Marxists and Maoists (Beroso) presiding over us all in Western Europe. So what else could one expect?

Anonymous said...

This is typical Leftist/Democratic behavior.

Do not expect Obama/Hillary/MSM do do anything except more groveling and urinating on oneself like a whipped dog does.

They can't do anything else. What's worrisome for us, is that the Muzzies have finally dialed in on their gutlessness and have started pushback.

The coming months will be quite interesting.

Foregone said...

Martin Shulz has no education beyond secondary education and indeed gained no educational qualifications. Such as he has since learned is bound to be tainted by Marxism and is therefore worthless in any meaningful, Western, democratic way. Were he ever to get a proper job then it would likely be as a vendor of things he knows nothing about. Indeed, that he is where he is today is due to his own ignorance if not stupidity.


Is it possible to "humiliate a persons feelings"?sounds quite barmy to me,it is either bad English or bad translation.

Linda Rivera said...

Instead of condemning constant atrocities and barbaric murders of non-Muslims by Muslims, despicable politicians and Western leaders condemn a movie. And continue to mass import Muslims who are consumed with a violent hate for non-Muslims into our countries.

Devout Muslims who are commanded by the Quran to wage jihad against us and conquer all nations.

It is the greatest betrayal by nations' leaders in all of human history.