Sunday, September 23, 2012

Friday Fun in Oslo

As a follow-up to last night’s post about Muslim protests in Oslo (in which the city’s mayor participated), below is a video clip showing part of the demonstration.

You’ll hear the shahada, and the infamous “Khaybar, Khaybar” chant, which is the traditional Islamic call for the killing of Jews. The most entertaining number of all, however, is that perennial favorite — conveniently in English, with no need for subtitles — “Obama, Obama! We love Osama!”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Anonymous said...

Oslo, proud inheritors of helping the Allies win WW2. You accept this dhimmi behaviour in on your streets? Your Mayor has given you permission, has he not? What is wrong with you people, do you not remember your parents and grandparents and great grandparents stories of WW2? They were saved by the Nazis (and many helped) by British,Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, all who were willing to give up their lives for YOUR FREEDOM. And you let the PC multiculture and your mayor crap in the face of MY ancestors sacrifice for You? Shame. Maybe YOU don't deserve a free country if you don't have the stuff to fight for it. I see even your police won't fight for what is right. My ancestors are turning in their graves knowing what ingrates they gave Freedom too. You don't deserve it.

Gregory said...

Tiresome people the muslims. Ugly spirits too. People of darkness. Glad I don't live around any of them.

Aizeta said...

Stoltenberg should be charged with high trerason, remove from position and deported.

Anonymous said...

As previously stated, you should all visit the resistance museum in Oslo and discover that many many Norwegians refused to co-operate with the Nazis and suffered the consequences. At the time of my visit the museum was full of noisy New Norwegian schoolchidren who were just going through the motions and didn't seem to give a monkey's. Perhaps some of them were siding with the Nazis.

You speak of deporting Stoltenberg. Where do you suggest deporting him to? My choice would be Pakistan. To show how sick things have become, it is Fjordman who followed in the footsteps of his ancestors portrayed in the resistance museum who has had to flee his homeland.