Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Geert Wilders: Banned from Oz?

Geert Wilders has been invited by the Q Society to speak in Australia, and he is scheduled to make two appearances there next month. But he has yet to be issued a visa to enter the country, which after three weeks is an unusual circumstance.

The fact that his visa is being held up — and that he may be denied permission to enter Australia — just happened to come to light immediately after last weekend’s Muslim riots in Sydney. As a result, Mr. Wilders’ case is getting a lot of coverage in the Australian MSM.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this Australian TV news report:

The Australian columnist Paul Sheehan weighed in on the same topic in an op-ed for The Age. Some excerpts:

The Anti-Muslim MP Not Allowed to Visit Australia
by Paul Sheehan

My hands are tied. This, in essence, is the response that Chris Bowen, the Minister for Immigration, has given to questions in Parliament this week about why he granted a visa to an Islamic fundamentalist, Taji Mustafa, who spoke over the weekend at a conference organised by Hizb ut-Tahrir, a group notorious for religious intolerance, disdain for Western values and sympathy for jihad.

“Hizb ut-Tahrir has not been proscribed in Australia and nor has it been proscribed in the United States or the United Kingdom,” Bowen told Parliament on Monday. “This entry permit was issued in accordance with the normal procedures for British nationals.”

So Taji Mustafa came, spoke, and, by unfortunate coexistence, the weekend was marked by a violent demonstration by a group of rabidly anti-Western Islamic fundamentalists in Sydney.

What nobody knew was that at the same time, the minister had been sitting on a visa application by a member of the Dutch parliament who is an outspoken opponent of Islamic fundamentalism in the Netherlands and Belgium.

More than three weeks ago, the Dutch MP, Geert Wilders, applied for a visa to visit Australia. Visa applications by his support group of police and staff were granted within three days. Wilders is still waiting. He applied in August.

Wilders is scheduled to give two speeches in Australia in October. Because of his parliamentary obligations, if Bowen continues to sit on the application Wilders will have to cancel the trip. That may be Bowen’s intent.

Wilders has already paid a high price for his willingness to confront religious fundamentalism in his own country. He lives under 24-hour police protection. He has had numerous threats on his life.

Being a prominent critic of Islamic fundamentalism is highly dangerous in the Netherlands, which has a large Muslim population. The most conspicuous critics of Muslim extremism in Holland, prior to Wilders, were a film director, Theo Van Gogh and another member of the Dutch parliament, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Both were subject to numerous death threats. Van Gogh was stabbed to death on a street in Amsterdam. Hirsi Ali was subjected to several assassination attempts. She was forced to live in secret locations. She left the country permanently and now lives in the United States.

Now Wilders, by condemning Muslim extremism, is himself condemned to live with menace, which proves his point…

Hat tip: Nilk.


Anonymous said...

Has Wilders a criminal record? Is he a member of a proscribed group? No and no. So what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

H u T has not been proscribed in the UK. True. But the lying weasel Cameron promised to ban them before he became PM. Instead he promotes the unelected Warsi, who has stong connections to this evil organisation, to his inner circle.
Whilst co-chairman of the party membership has plummeted and she she seems to spend most of her time visiting pakistan and submitting dubious expence claims.

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Probably Bowen is delaying Wilders
visa because of the timing, too near
the visit of the Moslem with the
radical agenda. Let's wait and see.
It's too early to say the the Aussies
have lost their bottle.

bilbo said...

at least the moral cowards in our country, (disunited kingdom), are not alone.

Lawrence said...

This is the fear the Islamist terrorism is striving to create in the minds of Western Nation leaders.

Fear of doing anything to offend Islamists, giving Islamists full reign to do anything they want, while disallowing any reaction against Islamist aggression because all that does is create more Islamist aggression.

Pretty soon there will be nothing left but Islamist aggression, and those same Wester Nation leaders will be groveling at the feet of their Islamist overlords, begging for their very lives.

Anonymous said...

After the recent Dutch elections Wilders was said to have lost ground to the two main parties as the Dutch took fright at his proposal to take Holland out of the EU and the euro and hopefully start the collapse of the Marxist multicultural police state that is modern Euope. However, on checking his party's website I see that they are still the third party in Holland so there is hope.

Didn't the last Labour government in the UK stop Wilders coming to speak to UKIP also?

As regards Baroness Warsi, as I have already posted she is now the minister for faith and communites so although, in view of her terrorist links, she is probably anti-Christian and anti-semitic, she is effectively in charge of every priest and every rabbi in Britain.

However, this is hardly surprising as Cameron, the chameleon, spouts about Britain being a Christian country to keep the Tory faithful happy whilst appointing Warsi to this position and banning the wearing of crosses at work; but not turbans, niqabs, burkhas or presumably those red dots that Hindu women have on their foreheads.

Cameron is not pro-Christian or even pro-English he is just a tool of the bankers and helping them with their rapid progress towards establishing the one world Marxist totalitarian police state in the creation of which Islam is proving to be such a wonderful weapon.

Lawrence said...

Anonymous said... "Probably Bowen is delaying Wilders visa because of the timing, too near the visit of the Moslem with the radical agenda. Let's wait and see. It's too early to say the the Aussies have lost their bottle."

This would be exactly the wrong thing to do. This is just more Islamist appeasement by a cowed and fearful government in the face of terrorism. All this does is play into the hands of the Islamist Terrorist.

Nilk said...

Bowen is a jellyback. He's proud of his achievement in rolling back Howard's "Pacific solution" which reduced boats of 'asylum seekers' from landlocked countries to almost nil.

Considering that hundreds of people have died on their journey via people smugglers to the Ozlandian Welfare Paradise, I don't know that I'd be happy to be seen in public.

He's with the ALP, the same party that gave us the muslim voting bloc in return for allowing Sheikh Catmeat to stay in the country. And that was after the Foreign Minister at the time had tried to get him deported.

The verminous Paul Keating, as Labor PM overruled Chris Hurford and let Catmeat stay.

You're not going to get much of anything good from this mob of lairs and wowsers.

On the contrary, we'll just get more scorched earth.

Nemesis said...

The probable reason that Bowen is still sitting on that visa is due more to the Muslim vote than being cowed by violent Islam.

The Australian Labor Party is your typical Left wing party that provides special privileges under Multi-culti legislation to the Ummah in this country in return for their votes.

I'll bet one or more Muslim associations has been making representations to Bowen about having their sensitivities upset if Wilders is allowed to land in Oz.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Nemisis but the over 18 Moslem population of OZ is insgnificantly small and not yet worth making a fuss over. Maybe Bowen has just
chickened out and is taking the path of least resistance.

Davod said...

"Sorry Nemisis but the over 18 Moslem population of OZ is insgnificantly small and not yet worth making a fuss over."

There may be enough Muslims in one area to affect the outcome of an election.