Friday, September 21, 2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/21/2012

Gates of Vienna News Feed 9/21/2012Muslims in Australia report a surge of hate mail and threats in the wake of last weekend’s violent riots in downtown Sydney, when Muslim groups went on a rampage, ostensibly protesting against the Mohammed movie. But the Australian franchise of Hizb ut-Tahrir rejected calls for calm, and exhorted its members to redouble their resistance to the West.

Meanwhile, in addition to Pakistan, protests against the movie broke out in Bangladesh, Malaysia, Serbia, and Norway.

Also, there is a debate in Germany about whether the country’s so-called “blasphemy law” would prohibit the screening of the infamous Mo-Movie.

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Anonymous said...

Protests against US anti-Islam film reach Scottish Parliament

Protest spokesman Akeel Umar said the demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament was peaceful, and likened those involved in violence elsewhere to football fans who get carried away on match day. Police removed a bystander who shouted at the protesters: “Twenty thousand terrorist attacks since 2001. How do you justify that?”

As the heckling bystander found out to his cost most indginous Scots will know that it is very unusual to be allowed to demonstrate outside the Scottish Parliament, the authorities strictly control demo locations and routes.

Scotland already has the most draconian and sharia compliant blasphemy laws of the Western democracies which are concealed under other descriptors such as - The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill.

The SNP has a very strange kind of sharia compliant Scottish nationalism that has a disdain for kith and kin. High time for some serious scrutiny of their mohammedan connections.

Muslims in Scottish Parliament film protest

Jolie Rouge

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the heckling bystander will be charged with a racially or religiously aggravated public order offence. That's the way it works these days in Britain. The muslims, even if they were to smash up the hideously over-budget Scottish parliament building, will probably be charged with nothing.

As another Scot told us recently there are more muslims per head of population in Scotland than in England. But obviously England wins hands down on the dwindling indigenous population front at the moment.

But all this could change with independence when Alex Salmond has vowed to flood Scotland with thousands more "much needed immigrants".

The SNP are little different from the Labour Party except that they are purely Scotish. They are international socialists and believe in civic nationalism so with independence we are not talking about Scotland for the Scots and presumably for the one million English who had fled there to escape non-european cultural enrichment but Scotland for anybody who rolls up at the border.

And, Mr Salmond, if we English finally lose it you know where our millions of muslims et al will be heading as well. How are you going to feed them all in a country that has just sheep, cattle and oats?

Anonymous said...

Ethno-nationalism where angels fear to tread!

The foolishness of British civic nationalism where English kith and kin share the same British passport as alien immigrants. The point being is the root civic nationalism of the British state not the real problem.

Maybe the immature Scottish independence debate is part of a ground swell of all the British peoples disassociating themselves from the civic nationalism of the British state.

Wily Alex Salmond is merely performing a flag conjuring trick wrapping rotten British civic nationalism in a Saltire bandage.

Jolie Rouge

gsw said...

"Muslims in Australia report a surge of hate mail and threats"

Hate mail = Comments in the media such as: I don't like the muslim reaction to our use of free speech - after all, everything in the film agreed with the koran.

Threats = Stop setting fire to our embassies of we won't let you tell us how to spend our money.