Monday, September 17, 2012

Stoning the Police in Holmlia

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Our Norwegian correspondent The Observer has translated an article about the latest outbreak of youthfulness in Oslo. He includes this note:

This article concerns the latest shenanigans of ‘local’ youths in the Holmlia area of Oslo. Holmlia could be described as an immigrant stronghold. The article doesn’t mention the ethnicity of the youths, but I’m willing to bet my pants that the Mohammed Coefficient is in the 100% range.

Notice also that the first police officers at the scene were forced to take cover when the youths started throwing rocks at them. I guess the dialogue and appeasement curriculum which seems to be in vogue at the police academy these days somehow didn’t equip the officers with the right kind of skills to properly deal with the situation.

Some mace, rubber bullets and a couple of bloodthirsty Alsatians would have given the police the upper hand in no time at all, but it is unlikely that we’ll see those tactics utilised in Norway for the foreseeable future.

I guess we can still watch the American TV show Cops and dream of how things could have been…

The translated article from Dagbladet:

Masked youths attacked police with stones in Holmlia

Police are searching for 20 youths.

(Dagbladet): The police in Oslo are searching for several masked youths in and around the Holmlia area. Several police units and a helicopter are participating in the search.

“A police unit was dispatched to the local school in Holmlia after police received reports about a gang of youths hotwiring a cherry picker on the school premises. When we arrived at the scene the youths started throwing stones at our personnel. As a result our officers were forced to take cover and call for assistance,” leader of operations, Sissel Hansen tells Dagbladet.

“We sent several units to regain control of the situation and we are now starting to restore order. We have several police officers at the scene at the moment.

“We managed to apprehend some of the youths and we eventually expect to round up those who managed to get away,” Hansen says.

“No one was injured as far as I’m aware,” she says.

At 10:50 p.m. the police released an update on twitter:

“The youths have started to leave the area and the situation is a lot calmer now. We are searching the area and we are going to keep a continuous police presence at the scene to prevent further incidents.”

Dagbladet will update this story.

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Anonymous said...

Police are searching for 20 youths.

Try the welfare office.

Paris Claims


How does one "hunt for masked youths"?This is an excuse to do nothing,"when we arrived at the scene the youths started throwing stones at our personel"so we had to run away.