Monday, September 24, 2012

What Really Happened in Benghazi?

The following overview from Fox News summarizes the perplexing unresolved questions about the deadly incident in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. It rules out the possibility that the attack was spontaneous, mentions the possible complicity of locals hired as security at the consulate, and discusses the appalling lack of personal security surrounding the ambassador.

Then there is the response of the Obama administration. Are they really that incompetent and/or witless? Or do they think the American public is too stupid to notice the absurdity their self-serving and conflicting statements?

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Ex-Dissident said...

What happened in Bneghazi? The answer from my point of view, is that the Obama administration got caught with its pants down and the American public have been and will continue to be lied to.

As far as why the ambassador and his 2 aids were killed: I think the small blip in the news about them searching for shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles is very revealing. I think that Obama provided these weapons to Libyan rebels and to take out Kadafi's airplanes, and now they are in the hands of terrorists. I pray they're not used take out commercial airlines. Those 3 Americans were possibly looking to recover these weapons and got killed in the process. Another part of the story, is that this was an occasion to mark 9/11 for another terrorist group.

bilbo said...

its begining to sound like the victims were sacrificed.

Lawrence said...

Or do they think the American public is too stupid to notice the absurdity their self-serving and conflicting statements?

It is as much about the self-serving narcissism of the population of Americans who's votes they are pandering for.

The pathological narcissism of the one, the only, the Obama, feeding the narcissistic desires of people he knows he can fool into voting for him.

Obama has figured out what people want to hear and hope for regardless of logic or facts, which garner the votes he needs to hold and wield power, despite the obvious damage he is doing to his very supporters.

Who was it that called these kinds of people "useful idiots"?

Anonymous said...

Yes the bulk of Americans are too stupid and self-absorbed to notice the self-serving nature of Obama's response to this disaster.

Look, a large portion of the American people only care about getting their government assistance check and their favorite tv shows. And that's Obama's constituency. He doesn't care that his message falls flat on independents or Conservatives.

As long as his base thinks it's true that is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

A window into the mind of obama:

Event #1: A film about mohammed offensive to muslims is made public.
Result: muslims worldwide demonstrate, riot and kill -- a.k.a muslim rampage -- to express their outrage at this celluloid insult to their prophet, or rather profiteer.
obama's response: this film is an outrageous and irresponsible affront to the sensibilities of pious and peace-loving muslims, and should never have been made.

Event #2: iran repeatedly threatens the annihilation of Israel, and is racing headlong to develop the means to do so.
Result: Israel implores the U.S. and obama to draw a clear line, which if crossed, will trigger a military response.
obama's response: iran's repeated threats are mere sound and fury, which Israel should simply take in stride.