Saturday, September 15, 2012

Robert Spencer Translated into German

Our German correspondent Sophie Baer, who blogs at Der Prophet des Islam, just sent us this brief note:

Robert Spencer’s latest book is a timely one indeed. I have translated some of its central passages into German and just today posted it on my blog.

For the German-speaking readers of GoV who also have a decent grasp on English I would recommend reading my roundup of Spencer’s oeuvre in connection with Tom Holland’s “Islam — The Untold Story”, which in my opinion is a truly stunning and intellectually honest documentary.

Update: Heroyalwhyness just sent us this note:

I notice your post mentions the censored video documentary “Islam: The Untold Story”, providing the link to UK Channel 4oD website. Unfortunately, that link will not play the video offering the following error message instead:

“The service is not currently available in your area.”

I watched the video online and think many of your readers would also appreciate the opportunity to view the entire documentary while it’s still available.

The video has since been uploaded and can be viewed online in a number of sites including:


Nick said...

Yes, Baron, I sent you a link via email to the 4OD documentary which Tom Holland did - it was on late night TV in the UK a couple of nights ago - well worth watching.

I haven't read Holland's latest book yet, but I probably will do so after seeing the documentary.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Channel 4 has self-censored by pulling planned rebroadcasts of this documentary.