Saturday, September 15, 2012

The European Dream Fulfilled

Islam’s Days of Rage, as only Vlad could portray them:


Westward Ho said...

I've been wondering, is there some way we could hack into the TV signals of the Islamic world and forcibly supercede their programming with our own "blasphemous" content? So that they can't watch without every 5 minutes having to see more (kinda like the way we can't watch youtube anymore without ads)?

I'm just feeling that driving them to this madness is somehow all to the good. Though I can't quite explain why. Maybe it's in order to preempt our unhealthy new normal of living with Islamia under very high pressure, and which might blow at anytime. I'm feeling it's better to just let it rip. Keep on ripping! Since it's inevitable anyway. The eventual results might be much more benign and live-with-able than the growing Islamic power creep that occurs while we keep trying to keep that apple cart from getting upset. After all, the probable results of continuing that unchanged does look disastrous. So such shifts might be (cautiously) welcome.

Or maybe, given the inevitability, I'm just impatient.

Green Infidel said...

More Islamophobic dogs are needed, to be let loose on the bearded freaks. Especially in the UK...

The handwringing reaction alone, from the likes of the Guardian, would be priceless!