Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Multicultural Defenders of Monocultural Islam

In his latest essay, Paul Weston examines the mysterious process by which the ardent multiculturalists of the West have become the exponents and enablers of multiculturalism’s greatest enemy.

Luton crowd #2

Multicultural Defenders of Monocultural Islam
by Paul Weston

The West is made up of countries built around one basic and incredibly important political ethos — they are all Liberal Democracies. Unfortunately, these countries also share a more recent political ideology which has come to be known as multiculturalism, a word invented in the latter half of the 20th century to enforce our toleration — indeed celebration — of all faiths, cultures and races.

Paul WestonMulticulturalism sits at the pinnacle of Political Correctness (another expression invented in the late 20th century) and is promoted in the post-Christian West with a religious fervour. Multiculturalism trumps all in the PC world. The working class, the homosexual, women in general but particularly so feminist women — all bow before a political and ideological supremacy invented to favour of a foreign race and a foreign religion.

This peculiar attitude has been adopted by our ruling classes who are obsessed with atoning for the perceived sins of historical oppression carried out in the name of Christianity and the colonisation of non-white countries. The West now finds itself in the position where multiculturalism is the driving ideology behind pretty much everything — the law, education, employment and correct thinking. Those who do not think correctly are called racists, the ultimate heretical sin in PC terms.

So where does Islam fit into the liberal/left’s brave new PC world of non-prejudice, non-discrimination, tolerance for the “other” and respect for all races and religions? Is it unreasonable to suggest the core tenets of Islam’s political/religious ideology make it intractably and unarguably impossible for Islam to peacefully adapt to life in multicultural societies?

The answer to this question represents the most important issue of the 21st century. If Islam is capable of living alongside Christians, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, atheists, feminists, homosexuals, adulterers, beer-drinkers, short-skirted women, admirers of free speech and democracy, and perhaps even Justin Bieber, then the West is capable of living in peace as it has done so for close to the last seventy years.

If, on the other hand, all the above are impossible for Islam to peacefully co-exist alongside, then the multicultural West is heading for the showdown of all showdowns with monocultural Islam. Given the huge demographic growth of Islam within the West and the 1.6 billion Muslims without the West, such a showdown has the potential to cause World War III.

This is why Islam is the most important issue of our times. The liberal/left, with their professed love of multiculturalism and moral relativism, should really be the ones most concerned about the negative aspects of Islam, but they have essentially gone AWOL on the subject. This does not, sadly, come as a surprise. If Islam is indeed a monocultural and supremacist ideology, then the liberal/left would have to stand against it. They would then lose their perceived moral mantle and become “racists”… so they choose to either ignore Islam, or — in the case of the BBC types — to actively excuse it.

The evidence suggesting Islam is monocultural is overwhelming. The history of Islamic conquest and its subsequent physical and ideological supremacy over the defeated people is there for all to see, if they can be bothered to read a history book. The Koran itself is a monocultural and supremacist tome which calls for the death, conversion (reversion) or acceptance of a second-class status for all non-Muslims.

So vehement is the animosity shown by monocultural Islam toward all other cultures and religions that entire geographical regions have been physically broken up. In 1947 the partition of India was a direct result of Islamic monoculturalism, as was the partition only recently of Sudan, albeit after the deaths of close to half a million non-Muslim Africans.

If Muslim women become involved with non-Muslim men then such is the shame of monocultural Islam they must be killed in the name of “honour.” This does not sound particularly multicultural or tolerant to me; does it to you? Left/liberal lovers of multiculturalism should really try dating a Muslim girl in Tower Hamlets or Malmö. Ask her family to join you both for a drink in the pub, better still, her three brothers by themselves….how long do you think you would live? Hopefully not long enough to impregnate her if you really cared for her longevity….

The list of examples affirming the total inability of monocultural Islam to respect and live amongst multicultural non-Muslim societies is far too long to go into here, but one thing is very clear — Islam is as monocultural as monocultural gets, and worse still, is a supremacist ideology to boot.

Which is why we find ourselves in the political nightmare that is the 21st century West. Our foolish insistence that multiculturalism is a positive boon to our countries means one thing and one thing only in the face of a resurgent and monocultural Islam — extinction circa 2050 at the worst, or victory after countless horrors and death at the best.

What a tragic irony this is. The liberal/left will not like life in a monoculturally Islamic West. That they should actively seek to bring about a decidedly illiberal monoculture as a direct and inevitable consequence of their belief in multiculturalism is one of the more baffling aspects as to the workings of the liberal mind.

Perhaps someone such as Nick Lowles, the erstwhile co-ordinator of Hope not Hate, might care to weigh in on the subject? Mr Lowles celebrates Britain’s multicultural society, but surely he cannot argue that Islam is anything other than monocultural? Over to you Nick — how exactly can you reconcile your admiration of multicultural Britain alongside your defence of monocultural Islam?

I doubt Mr Lowles will take up the challenge, not least because logically speaking he is simply unable to. The fact is, the Lowleses of this world don’t actually care one jot about multiculturalism .What they really care about is utilising mass immigration and monocultural Islam as the twin siege guns of revolutionary warfare. Lowles naïvely believes that from the shattered countries and societies monocultural Islam must inevitably bring about will rise a new Socialist/Communist world order.

I’m not sure that such people fully recognise what they are unleashing. The Communist Iranian backers of Ayatollah Khomeini against the Shah of Iran only realised what they had done when they were sentenced to death, but it certainly explains the otherwise inexplicable support of hard-left multiculturalists for the all too obviously inassimilable, dangerous and supremacist monoculture that is Islam.

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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Nemesis said...

Mr. Weston is always able to bring new angles to topical issues, and this article is no different to his other exposes. Well done Mr. Weston!

Anonymous said...

No, Mr. Weston. The phrase, "politically correct" was invented by Lunacharski, Lenin's Comissar of Education. Correct this solecism before the adversary siexe on it to demean you as historically inaccurate, for the good of the cause.

Robert Pinkerton

John Sobieski said...

Gee, I thought 'politically incorrect' was created by Satan!

Anonymous said...

"The West is made up of countries built around one basic and incredibly important political ethos — they are all Liberal Democracies"

The United States was founded as a liberal democracy (also known as a democratic republic or a constitutional democracy); all other nations of the West were founded upon the principles of social democracy. This important mischaracterization aside, Paul Weston's essay is an excellent assessment of the dangerous irrationality currently misguiding political action in the West and its destructive consequences for western civilization.


Anonymous said...

"...women in general but particularly so feminist women — all bow before a political and ideological supremacy invented to favour of a foreign race and a foreign religion."

In general I agree with this article, but why feminists are consistently vilified on blogs like this is beyond me. Look outside your 4 walls to Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Greece...Feminists there are fighting and have persuaded others to stop oppressive dress 4 women, minarets, etc and are certainly writing publicly and being heard.

Paul Weston said...

@Robert Pinkerton

You may well be right that the term Political Correctness was coined by Lenin's education Commissar.

I was aware he came up with "Ideologically Correct" which amounts to much the same thing, but I have been unable to find reference to the term PC.

infidel said...

Rightly so, Paul...

Anonymous said...

The expression "politically correct" came into use in the 1930s to describe the constant change of views that fellow travelling communists were obliged to espouse every time Stalin changed his policies. It has been used since that time to describe ideological conformism to some received doctrine no matter how much empirical evidence contradicts it.

Anonymous said...

Good article as usual from Paul. I would take issue with one of his
conclusions. The leftard/liberal
dreamers are capable of wriggling
out of any situation and when
tasked to explain how womens rights or homosexuals safety can be
safeguarded they usually pull the oldest trick in the book, they simply deny that there is a problem and tell you you are exaggerating.They imply that future generations of Moslems will become like everyone else and tolerate gays and treat women with respect. Paul said that there will be an inevitable showdown with Islam, but I think not. 99% of our population will try to get away from the issue altogether and there will ALWAYS be a scapegoat such as EDL or Islamophobia or just the imagined 'unreasonable' attitudes of everyone else. We are already seeing this. The British will invert their fear of dealing with the issues of Islam by a dispacement reaction,
i.e. blaming ANYONE except Moslems
for their own violent and unreasonable behaviour and the subsequent destruction of peacful
Western societies.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I am glad that Paul Weston speaks of the enforcement of multiculturalism on what hitherto had been the homogeneous Christian countries of Europe. There was never any mandate or consent for it anywhere. It was the work of the few zealots, Marxists or globalizers, who browbeat or legislated the vast majority into silence and continue to do so.

In Europe hitherto we had only just taken centuries to get over the reformation, a sore that is still not healed for reasons of nationality rather than religion in the British Isles.

It is interesting that one reason why Enoch Powell in 1968 advised against continuing with the multicultural experiment was not only the experience of the United States where friction between blacks and whites continues to this day, as it now does in Britain; but because of his experiences of religious and communal strife in India.

The question in Britain is whether the indigenous Christian population will ever reach the stage of fighting Islamification in a way that will cause loss of blood. However, even if they do not and just jump ship, although God knows to where, what will happen when Islam comes up against Hinduism and Sikhism or Sikhism comes up against Hiduism. We all know that Indira Ghandi was assasinated because of the attack on the Golden Temple at Amritsa and we also know of Muslim terrorist incursions into Hindu territory. We also know that there is growing Sikh against Muslim friction here.

What Paul Weston is saying is that our political leaders, without our consent, in their blind obsession with multiculturalism and their hatred of European Christian culture and erstwhile European domination of the world will ultimately exchange our white Christian monoculture via multiculturalism for another monoculture which is probably even less advanced than Christian culture has ever been even at the height of the Middle Ages.

Green Infidel said...

A lot of different concepts here: Liberal democracies, multiculturalism, liberal-left, feminism...

Multiculturalism does not always occur in liberal democracies. Take a look at large tracts of England, particularly in areas like Cornwall, that were, up until recently, monocultural. A non-white person would have been very hard to spot there. Likewise, feminists are usually part of the liberal-left, but not always.

A key theme of left-wing thinking has been subversion: the desire to overcome the West. Perhaps, in some well-meaning left-wingers, brought on by a sense of guilt... native Western culture is racist, sexist, supremacist, oppressive, money-grabbing, or just plain boring. So why not have some exciting gay marriage, exotic food and exotic people to spice things up, and help "defeat the forces of conservatism"?

Hence these left-wingers will promote homosexual and feminist movements - but not because they love gays and feminists, but because the gays and feminists go against the "dominant" Western culture...

Islam is also against the "dominant" Western culture - so the aforementioned left-wingers (not all left-wingers, just those believing in the need to subvert the West) will stick op for the rights of Islam and Muslims, who they may even genuinely believe to be oppressed... and as Islam is seen as a bigger and more powerful enemy of the evil dominant Western culture, they may even support it more than the gay and feminist movements.

Is the "peculiar attitude" of our ruling classes talked about by Paul Weston now easier to understand?

As for the "showdown" between the multicultural West and monocultural Islam... the multicultural Westerner preoccupies him/herself with climbing up the career ladder, eating exotic foods such as kebabs, drinking, meeting in trendy coffee shops or wine bars and going to trendy musicals to discuss the merits of Obama and the evilness of Romney. Meanwhile, the monocultural Muslim works out at the gym, goes to a martial arts class, sits for hours in an Arab coffee shop with his Muslim Arab friends, perhaps discussing how to win against the West, and will set himself a mission to get himself a white Christian (or, even better, Jewish) girlfriend to make pregnant - thereby having a Muslim child, and preventing an infidel child al in one go. All while his wife is at home looking after his 4 or 5 other purely Muslim children.

So, can this "showdown" amount to anything other than the complete obliteration of a more complacent Western culture, by a more focused Muslim one?

Anonymous said...

I am avidly following the writings of Paul Weston & the British Freedom Party, The English Defence League & all that they have been involved in as well as endured from my home here in Western Scotland.
I loved your article on "the big story that really isn't" blowing the roof off the MSM silence & lies not only in Scotland but UK and Globally,(I reccomend all to read this article and of course i am a keen reader of all your wonderful articles that show your breadth of knowledge and concern for the situation we now find we are in the midst of.

Our Government's wether in London or Edinburgh, Paris, Oslo, Berlin, The Hague and further afield in Washington, Canberra + in Canada etc, have no interest in matters of national sovereignty, and are only concerened with the destruction of any sense of nationhood within our indigenous populations, and in doing so will dispose of our great social and cultural institutions at service of a totalitarien political State. This is seen in overdrive in the United Kingdom, and in particularly in England,though is in great evidence in Scotland as well as Wales and in Northern Ireland.

In all of the aforementioned countries (as well as the ones i failed to mention) democracy is defined by the rule of the people, by the people, and for the people, whereas Islam is defined by the rule of Allah and his emissaries for the pleasure of Allah. People who claim Islam as a religion of peace (likely out of concern for Political correctness or due to blind and in many cases innocent ignorance) are at least , guilty in misrepresenting Islam.
Islam is a comprehensive & totalitarien form of slavery, it is the opposite of the freedoms we know in the West, Islam means to submit or surrender, and this ideology seeks the enslavement of the whole human race, not to mention the bondage of our very minds, in order for this to take place our societies would have to disenfranchise themselves from many of our fundamental human rights. Freedom of sppech is virtually a non entity in Islam, freedom of the press is alien to Islam, as a free press tends to report matters as it sees them, peaceful assembly of the people is not allowed in Islamic societies, and great hardship is inflicted on those that attempt such assembly by oppresive Islamic societies, peaceful assembly is prohibited by all Islamic societies this is par for the course in such societies, if peaceful assembly for some reason does take place then its the job of that totalitarien states police and military to disassemble any such gathering's from continuing or indeed taking place, regardless of how peaceful or legitimate the greivance.

England and the rest of the United kingdom is from what i understand an embryonic Islamic state, the great Dutch politician Geert wilders said in one interveiw a few years back, that with regards to Islam gaining full control in Western Europe it is 5 to twelve, its now 2 minutes to twelve in Great Britain Mr Weston, and the clock is ticking.

Hawk said...

Geert wilders said a few years ago with regards to Islam in Europe its 5 to 12.

I am in Scotland, it has got more Islamic settlers per capita than England or Wales.

Another fantastic article Paul, the clock has moved on with regards to Great Britain, its 2 minutes to 12, what will you and i and all sensible freedom loving people do to stop that clock striking midnight????

Anonymous said...

As an Englishman living not far from the Scottish border I was amazed to discover that Scotland has more muslims per capita than England. This is especially in view of the huge Pakistani enclaves in the English Midlands and in Northern England. I travel extensively in Southern Scotland and this is not obvious so they must all be concentrated in the Central Belt or in cities further north.

Of course, England has taken the brunt of mass third world immigration into Britain in the last 60 years so that Britain has gone from being 99.9% indigenous to 85% and the figure for England may be more like 70%. However, compare Britain with Holland where 3m of their 16m were born outside the country and this does not take account of their non-ethnic Dutch born inside the country.

I can't shake off the feeling that we are nearing some sort of apocolypse. We are certainly nearing the end of the white race and European Christian culture unless something is done to reverse it. This is the race and the culture that, for all their perceived faults, created the modern world and without which the world would be lingering in the Middle Ages or further back in time.

As for the perpetrators, they are an unholy alliance of a globalizing plutocracy of bankers, financiers and industrialists whose sole aims in life seem to be immense power and wealth and what we once used to call the looney left.

In a way it is easier to understand the former they are just greedy and evil. You will recall that when Christ was in the desert he was tempted by Satan who told him that he would give him the whole world if he would only bow down and worship him. These are the people who have been into the same desert and are now prostrate before that same Satan.

As regards the Left, some of us were perhaps born middle-aged or with the wisdom of our grandparents but I am struck how childish and immature they are, retarded even. Unfortunately, the wise and the meek have been trampled in the dust by these people who have now nearly succeeded in destroying the most advanced race and the most advance culture the world has ever known.

What can the wise, the honest and the god-fearing do against a world run by the greedy and the insane? After all even Australia which I came to view as the New England whither the English would flee when they become a minority in their own land is now being destroyed through the multicultural insanity of this bunch of overgrown schoolkids.

Anonymous said...

Re:Anon in Northern England on the borders of Scotland.

Of course you are correct in all you said,much of Scotland is still very rural and retains much of the old world charm and original peoples it did say 50 or 100 years back, Scotland is a country with uneven population distribution due to its majestic and sometimes harsh landscapes, if you find one of those sattelite images of Scotland or the UK you will notice the urban areas are easy to notice especially with the ones taken at night that show the towns and cities Glowing due to the heat and electrical light emmited from them, looking at Scotland you would see that Glasgow is the dominating urban landscape in Scotland and it is a conurbation of some 2.3 million souls and is rapidly expanding (due to inward migration), it is safe to say that Glasgow and its surrounding urban built up environs and sattalite towns constitute arounf half of the total population of of Scotlands 5.5 million poeople, other large population centres are Edinburgh with around 600.000 in her environs, Aberdeen with around 250.000 in her environs and Dundee with around 180.000 people in her environs, so it is these areas where you can look to find the growing pockets of Islam in Scotland, not in the rural Scottish borders with its charming towns and vilages, and not in the Northwest Highlands with its stunning landscapes.

Anonymous said...

Mr Scotsman, you are now in a cleft stick with regard to the 2014 referendum on independence - incidentally many of us in England would like a similar referendum about breaking free of the union provided that we, too, could have our own parliament - as Mr Salmond is a proponent of mass immigration. So you might find yourselves independent but in the coming decades rapidly becoming a minority in your own country as we English are. I was interested to see the opinion poll on immigration. Basically, most people would prefer immigrants to be well-off fellow Europeans and not the third world masses who have been allowed to flock in in their millions for the last 60 years.