Friday, September 28, 2012

Which Model of Muslim is Best?

A Consumer Quandary

In these difficult economic times, the modern consumer may have trouble knowing which Muslim to choose among all the competing models.

A reader named Sarka left a comment at Harry’s Place on the EDL/Muslim Debate Initiative article recounting his (her?) own frustrating experiences with the Muslim marketplace:

With so many fake and defective models of Muslim on the market these days, I think it is time to approach the Consumer Association.

Some years ago I purchased what I thought was a reliable Muslim through Amazon [an MCB Multiculti with warranty]. What a disappointment for the whole family! The blender simply did not work properly — even on the top settings ingredients remained separate, and the lid was not sealed — so it made a terrible mess. Despite the specifications on the box, there was no free-speech attachment, and it was hugely noisy and expensive to run.

Next I rather stupidly bought a cheapo Shariah4 from a door-to-door salesman, who made much of its grating, slicing, chopping and julienne capacities, and mixing hook. Frankly, this product should be banned! No blender at all. The blades are indeed sharp — lethally so (try putting them in the dishwasher without cutting your finger!) It makes an ear-splitting row, is totally unstable — hurling itself in all directions and smashing anything else on the countertop. and repeatedly caused explosions and electrical fires.

I am now very hesitant about my next purchase. After perusing the Web, I am very attracted to the Quilliam brand Muslim. Pluses: quiet motor, stable, blends and mixes efficiently, parts all dishwasher safe, sturdy, very nice traditional British retro-design — will fit beautifully into any kitchen, compatible with Western Kenwood, and Dualit attachments .. But minuses: expensive, allegedly incompatible with most new and traditional Muslim attachments, e.g. scriptural interpreter range, hadith grinders.

I went down to our local Curry’s for advice, but I am afraid that the assistant I talked to, a Mr. Robinson. is rather prejudiced

He said, “Madam, if I was you I wouldn’t waste my money on them Muslims at all. Load of dangerous foreign rubbish.”

“That’s completely racist and unfair!” said a gentleman who happened to be standing behind me at the desk. He turned out to be a sales rep for a new Muslim company, MDI, and he started to show me brochures that looked quite interesting. Mr Robinson scoffed, of course, and soon the two were engaging in a passionate argument that I was finding quite instructive until, unfortunately…it was broken off by the manager, who came in looking pale and saying he had to shut the branch because there was a mob outside.

There was a mob too. I had thought it might be a mob of Mr. Robinson’s wilder friends, or of competing Muslim sales reps, but surprisingly it was neither. It was a group of nerdy but dangerous-looking youths with placards that read, “Antifa Campaign for Real Muslims”. They looked rather dim but as I left the branch I couldn’t resist asking them “Hey, which Muslim do you recommend?” “Have you tried the MCB Multi, or the Shariah4? They’re okay, authentic like…” one mumbled. “But they’re ****” I retorted, “what about Quillian or this MDI model?”

There was a moment of horrified silence, and then the nerds began to bay, “Fake fake fakes! Fakes for fascists, fakes for fascists!” and I prudently made off home as fast as I could. In these circs I feel that a CA Which Muslim? objective report is very urgently needed.

Hat tip: JP.


john in cheshire said...

To paraphrase Harry Hill : "I don't like shi'ite muslims and I don't like sunni muslims, but which one is best? There's only one way to find out....Fight!"

Anonymous said...

Visitors to this site may not be aware that the there is to be a seminar at the European Parliament next Tuesday on the persecution of Christians in Europe.

To most of us who were children during the 1950s and 1960s such a thing would be beyond believe and it shows how Marxism has triumphed in its hatred of Christianity. I think I have posted before that the Nazis hated Christianity because Christ taught us to show mercy. Presumably the same applies to Marxists and their bedfellows the Muslims.

The Marxists aimed to emulate a repetition of the last days of Rome and they seem to be succeeding very well in that respect and at driving Christianity out of its European heartland. It now seems as if we are in the time of Nero where Christians were persecuted. There are other similarities of course, the people who are leading us are totally insane as Nero was and are fiddling whilst Rome burns.

Anonymous said...

It's always darkest before the dawn.


Anonymous said...

The Romans were actually tolerant of religions, but they had good reason to persecute the early Christians. They were every bit as prone to mob violence as to today's Mohammedans, and kept burning down other sects' temples. That led to popular demands for the authorities to control them.

See "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" for details.

Anonymous said...

I am Irish. The Irish know a little about religion and oppression. Ireland is a predominately Catholic country and has, as a nation, successfully unshackled itself from the repression of many hundred years of religion. We don't reject religion, but, we recognize it for what it is. More evil and harm has been committed in the name of religion than all other factors combined.
I remember a key entitlement from the days of my Catholic indoctrination. It refers to “the age of reason" and theoretically Catholics achieve this around the age of 7. When we reach the age of 7 we are entitled to think for ourselves and permitted by the Church to question religion, dogma and anything associated with these.
I have traveled the world. I am still a Catholic and appreciate all the elements of Catholicism and Christianity which make sense to a questioning human being. I practice treating my fellow man as I expect him to treat me, every day. I reject and ignore what does not make sense.
People of my generation and the generations around me remember what caused WW2 and its consequences. I continue to study history and educate myself every single day. I learned about the Jews and Israel. One of my countrymen, Chaim Herzog, became the 6th President of Israel. Imagine that! An Irishman, president of the Jewish state. His father was Ireland's chief Rabbi from 1918-1937 and Chaim became President of Israel in 1983 and served for 10 years.
My first best friend is Catholic; my second Protestant and my most enduring is a Canadian Jew (I was the only Gentile in his wedding party). I was the only Gentile living on a otherwise Jewish street in Toronto, Canada. There were 7 Holocaust survivors on the street. Yes, Mr. Ahmadinejad, it really happened. There was a Rabbi and a Cantor. The friendship and acceptance extended to me by them influences me daily. Israel must survive, not least because it is the only beacon of tolerance and reasonability in a very unreasonable and dangerous area of the world.
In order to criticize any institution, one must first study it. I began taking a close look at Islam about 10 years ago. I had some vague notions about it prior. What I have learned about it shocks and appalls me. It is literally a death cult, with no redeeming qualities. It is symbolized by a pathetic, murdering, perverted, misogynistic, child molesting and crazed lunatic misanthrope. To believe in Islam is to deny all the evidence of documented history as well as science. It is literal insanity, rigorously supported by hordes of indoctrinated, ignorant, psychopaths; unaware, or interested in anything other than what is written in a rambling, disjointed, disturbing rag called the Quran. It is contradictory of common sense and human instinct. It is intolerant of anything not contained in it. It is a mockery of intelligence.
The prevailing wind of Political correctness insists we accept and tolerate Islam. I cannot comply. Islam must be eradicated not tolerated. If it isn’t it will result in more carnage, destruction and misery than it is possible to describe with words currently extant in the English language.
I support all those of the current minority, cogent and brave enough, to stand up to the gravest threat to the survival of the inhabitants of our sorry planet.

Anonymous said...

Well said MM, I too rarely if ever
thought about Islam until media began reporting some of their bad behaviour in the last 3 or 4 years. Like you, I took a much deeper look at it and found like you, that it is a death cult with absolutely no redeeming features and a mortal enemy of all humanity. It is cancer of the mind.The problem of spreading this
' bad ' news to the populace is that one has to scrutinise the subject before attaining real understanding of the totally negative effects of Islam on humanity. Not many people are
prepared to think about the subject. Many are simply in denial
and most media do not warn of the dangers of this evil ideology.The
solution is a hard one, but
necassary, Islam must be pushed back continuously into its old borders until it can be totally eliminated from the planet forever.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I am glad that despite all that went on in Catholic Ireland you have retained your faith. As a protestant it is difficult for me to comment on what went on in Roman Catholic primary schools. However, sectarianism was alive and well in the North of England in the 1950s in the sense that there was a complete separation of education.

Before I started at primary school my best friend was a Roman Catholic of Irish descent and he told me that if he went into my church he would burn in hell. We were never taught anything similar by the Church of England. With the start of primary school we never met again.

Thankfully, therefore, except for Scotland and Northern Ireland those days are over. There is no longer any such separation in England and here where I live the town's carol service rotates between the RC's, the Anglicans and the Methodists.

Incidentally, the Church of England Primary School that I attended is now 90% Pakistani muslim and C of E in name only.
What I was referring to - and by the way the seminar is on discrimination against Christians in Europe rather than the persecution of the same - is the marginalisation of Christianity and Judaeism by atheistic marxist secularism and its inviting the muslims to assist in their eradication.

As regards the Jews, there was a Jewish family who lived at the bottom of the street and although we all got on together there was always something a bit mysterious about them, especially when we could see the passover candles burning on their dining table on a Friday evening and we didn't know what it was all about. However, now it seems that practicising Jews and practising Christians need to join forces against those in the other bed, Marxists and Muslims, who wish to remove Europe's Judaeo-Christian foundation. Hitler was never opposed to Jewry because of what happened to Christ because the Nazi regime hated both Jews and Christians alike. Despite Protestantism's choosing to portray Jesus from the 19th century onwards as blond and blue-eyed we know that he was a Jew and we should worship him as a Jew and a very courageous Jew as well as as the founder of our faith.

Anonymous said...

This comment threat at Harry's Place is very heartening. I highly recommend reading it. The arguments are getting through, and are triumphing. Keep on keeping on.

Malmö’s Jews under attack once again


adagioforstrings said...

Q: "Which Model of Muslim is Best?"

A: I vote for the non-murdering type model. Thanks!