Friday, September 14, 2012

Relaxing With the Modoggies

The Swedish artist Lars Vilks, with his infamous and blasphemous Rondellhundar, has gained worldwide attention and innumerable fatwas over the past five years.

Our Swedish correspondent LN just sent us the following news about the latest installment in Mr. Vilks’ Art Project, as displayed at the Danish website Denfri:

Take a Break From Reality With a Gallery Visit

Lars Vilks does not cringe in the face of threats, violence, arson, death threats, abuse of authority or political correctness. In a new series of oil paintings, he has painted his way through art history classics. All of them are infiltrated by the legendary Roundabout Dog — or, if you prefer, tainted.

Never before has the roundabout dog Mo been in such respected company.

A sample:
Lars Vilks: Warhol with a Modoggie

The above image is just one of a delightful set of artistic masterpieces, each brought up to date with the addition of a Roundabout Dog Prophet.

See the rest at Denfri.

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