Thursday, September 20, 2012

Your Tax Dollars at Work…

…purchasing airtime to reassure Pakistani TV viewers that the United States will not tolerate speech that Islam considers blasphemous.

That’s what Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton spent $70,000 to accomplish.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:


Ex-Dissident said...


Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with "tolerance". There is no doubt that both Obama and Hillary know that Christians in Pakistans are persecuted for their beliefs. Just a few weeks ago a down-syndromed christian girl was close to being executed for blasphemy for desecrating the Quran. The charges were dropped, and the Muslim cleric who framed her is on the hook instead. Not for framing a poor defenseless girl, mind you, but for desecrating the Quran in his attempt. The Pakistanis know that Obama and Hillary are well aware of this. Seeing them grovel in front of the nation against a ridiculous video, while at the same time hearing not a peep about how Christians are treated, only tells the Pakistanis one thing: weakness. This video is one of many examples of Western blood in the water. The Islamic sharks will only be emboldened to press further.

If Jewish Americans had made an anti-nazi video in the 1930's, and if Germans had reacted the same way as the Muslim world does now, do you think the Nazis would have been emboldened hearing Churchill and Roosevelt groveling on the radio, pretending to defend the very principles they knew Nazi Germany was traching before the world? You can bet a billion Weimar Republic Marks that they would have.

This is a disgusting spectacle. With the latest demonstrations across the Muslim world, the clash of civilizations just cranked up a notch or two. Western groveling played a big role in making it this way. Now, seeing more blood in the water, and feeling their collective strength, the Muslim world will only press harder.

This is Munich on a civilizational scale. If there is one thing videos like these will NOT produce, it is "peace in our times".

I wise man once said never to throw pearls to swine, since they would turn on you after eating the pearls. That is what will be on the West's tombstone:

"Here lies the West, which threw its pearls to the swine".

Anonymous said...

This is another example of the truly cowardly appeasement of a people who will only see America & the West as being weaker for grovelling towards them, similar grovelling was given by the British government in during the recent Olympics and the Paralympics, David CaMoron doubled aid to Pakistan and appeased Pakistani communities in the UK, as well as replacing the security of the Olympics that were a private company with British army soldiers, and lets not forget the anti aircraft missiles and rocket launchers that were set up on top of resedential blocks of flats in East London.

When will our so called leaders face up to the facts that we cannot escape a conflict with these people, as it is what they prey for 5 times a day, even today whilst visiting my local Muslim Pakistani shop for milk for breakfast i was greeted with what i can only describe as hateful looks and vibes from the middle aged Pakistani couple running the shop,its not as if i hate them, i was willing to purchase milk and bread happily from them. It took another lady who noted these miserable people to say, waht is the problem with you people????

LN said...

The European Parliament creeps for Islam

The German Socialist President of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, in a discussion with Arabs from the Gulf Area about the American so called Mohammed movie - Innocence of Muslims, this insignificant and juvenile film allready shown more than 20 000 000 times at YouTube that succeeded in triggering muslimidiotic uproar all ower the plaet - with his 'politically correct' statement AGAINST the freedom of expression and agains theshowing and distribution of the film, has thus declared European Dihmmitude as established. This Dhimmischwein Schultz has totally lost his credibility. That Schulz remains in his position can absolutely no longer be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Traitors & grovelers.

It really makes me think they would hand over the Blind Sheik if they thought they could get away with it.

Nothing is too cowardly for this lot.