Sunday, September 16, 2012

An Islamic Day of Rage in Belgium

Like Paris, Antwerp experienced its own Islamic day of rage yesterday, ostensibly prompted by the blasphemous Mohammed movie.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for subtitling this news report from Flemish television:

Below is an article about the same incident from Expatica Belgium:

Belgian Police Detain 230 Protesting Anti-Islam Film

Belgian police said Sunday they have detained 230 people in the northern city of Antwerp after clashes at a demonstration against an anti-Islam film that has sparked a wave of protests.

The protesters shouted anti-US slogans, and some also set fire to the US flag, according to television footage of Saturday’s unauthorised demonstration in an area that has a large Muslim population.

It degenerated into clashes with police after officers blocked the protesters from moving to a main thoroughfare.

One policeman was lightly wounded, local police spokesman Fons Bastiaenssens said, adding that a total of 230 people had been detained.

A leader of the Islamist group Sharia4Belgium was among those detained, according to television station RTBF.

Protests have erupted in the Arab and Muslim world over the low-budget US film “Innocence of Muslims” which portrays Muslims and the Prophet Mohammed in insulting terms.

Video transcript:

0:00 Around noon, the demonstration began quite calmly.
0:04 Some 200 Moslem youngsters chanted
0:08 slogans against the United States, because an anti-Islamic film was
0:12 published there. It should have stayed calm... -
0:16 [? ! ?]
0:20 [? ! ?]
0:24 Still half an hour later, the situation degenerates.
0:32 Police quickly seek a confrontation with the 200
0:36 hotheads, they really mean it. They use pepper spray and clubs. -
0:40 This was probably necessary in order to prevent
0:44 a number of these people from actually making their way to Turnhoutsebaan [major Antwerp street near-by].
0:48 Don’t forget that last year, there were already severe riots, resulting in heavy damages. -
0:52 The worst instigators are being seized roughly
0:56 and immediately taken away. Police know them. -
1:00 We assume that there are a number of sympathisers with
1:04 Sharia4Belgium among the hotheads.
1:08 Later tonight, it will become evident who exactly these people are; they are now
1:12 all being identified methodically. - Police hope to get the situation
1:16 swiftly under control.


Anonymous said...

About bloody time some police took control of these mobs. Looking forward to much more of the same.

Anonymous said...

Please, GoV , can you publish a list of flag-shops for all european cities where I can buy flags of.... say... Oman, Bahrain, Iran and all the others, just for the case that a sudden anti-islamic rage makes me lose control of myself and want to set it on fire in a public space.And are there textiles that leave an ecologically correct footprint when beeing burnt?(sarc. off)