Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grab The Moment While You Can

Anon commented on my post about Andrew McCarthy’s new book. What started out to be a response turned into this post. Answers do that sometimes…they just jump up and run out the door before I can stop them.

By the way, this wasn't his/her whole comment, just the first paragraph or so.

Whenever we see muslims rioting in the streets, we must take to the streets en masse to show who we are and what we stand for

I agree with you to some extent, but with the proviso that we do this when they are rioting in OUR streets. They can mess in their own mean streets whenever - as they say around here, "it don't confront me none" since we don't have to clean up the mess. Yes, I feel sorry for our embassy workers in those pestholes, but a plane ticket home and a Help-Wanted section of the newspaper is the best remedy for being put in harm's way by the stupidities of our government. No wonderful federal pension plan is worth risking life and limb and family.

Domestically, I would like to see a large, nation-wide protest when Morsi shows up to schmooze with Obama. That is a moment for quiet principled opposition, when our enemy shows up in our Capital. However, unless someone like Glenn Beck or the Tea Party gets behind that, it's not likely to happen. And right now, they're working overtime on getting Obama un-elected.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

We must make their bed-wetting nothing but a pipsqueek on our cities across the world.

Sovereignty being what it is, that is up to the other cities "across the world". Based on what we've witnessed so far, some cities are more willing than others to take a stand. I read somewhere recently that Singapore is fifteen per cent Muslim. When was the last time you saw any Days of Rage in Singapore? Or even five minutes of group grievances? It's a matter of community will, in much the same way that Israel doesn't have to install a risibly obese TSA dinosaur to check out those flying in or out of the country.

On the other hand if other places want to let their immigrants and enrichers throw tantrums, we're free to comment on it...at least we are at the moment. If Cairo and Clinton and Obama succeed in silencing us, our freedom to kibbitz will be severely limited.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Let's show our politicians that we are not the "extreme right wing" and we are no fringe movement: we are the no-longer silent majority (!), we are the people...

That "extreme right wing" cliché is a global MSM meme. It’s simply what they say and not to be taken for anything resembling reality. As for those pols who depend on our vote, well, they're not going to say that, now are they?

The pols on the Left? Simply write them off and get busy canvassing your district in favor of the candidates who don't talk like that or think that way.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

we have spoken and you had better listen to us if you value your political careers, since you don't seem to value anything else.

Amen. The Tea Party is skilled at follow-up on "their" candidates. If they go thru the trouble and expense of helping elect someone, they follow his voting record, they show up at his Town Hall meetings, they write him, they write ABOUT him or her. In fact, the easiest way to get involved in making substantive change at several levles is to join your local Tea Party or ACT!For America. Your choice would depend on where you live. These two groups are all that is standing between real conservative representation and a Republican machine controlled in Washington.

The current administration's use of about fifty Muslim Brotherhood members in positions which require a security clearance they couldn't pass is being fought by only FIVE Congressmen. They're called the "Lonely Five” by now. Do you know if your Congressman is one of them, or is he or she hiding in his or her office??

The lack of support for the Five by their colleagues on the Hill is shameful. And if your congressman is not standing behind them, it ought to worry you. It worries me that mine, Rep Hurt, is missing in action. And I will continue to tell him so. When Republican primary time rolls around again, I'll be looking for his replacement if he doesn't get it.

At the state level, Virginia is already compromised by Republicans all the way to the top. Our governor is a fellow traveler and has accepted MB monies. New Jersey is worse. You know we're in trouble when Christie, who gets lots of campaign money from state Muslims, bullies anyone who stands against family court judges who use sharia law to make rulings in domestic violence. And that's the man the RNC chose as keynote speaker. But let's face it: this is one of those hold-your-nose-and-vote-moments.

Disgusted yet?

FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO STAY IN CLOSE CONTACT WITH HIS OR REPRESENTATIVE, here’s a good place to start, a recent post with information on all our reps:

How Conservative Are You?

I particularly like this one because it's the first I've found (I'm sure there are others) with accurate maps of the redistricting that was drawn after the last Census (2010). You may be surprised at how much your district has changed; there has been a gradual but growing movement of people from state to state or from region to region. For example, ask an Oregon native what he thinks of those California escapees who chose to "ruin" Oregon by moving in with their expensive liberal flibbertigibbet ways.

The most comprehensive listing of representatives, Senators, committees, the current standing on particular bills, sponsors of said bills, etc., can be found at the Library of Congress' "Thomas" website - aptly named after Thomas Jefferson.
Spend some time at Thomas and you’lll come away well-informed about what's going on in The Swamp. It not only has the listings for your Senators and Congressman, but provides space for emailing them.

DON'T send snail mail to politicians in D.C. After the anthrax scare a decade or so ago, a letter is futile. However, Thomas will provide you with the various addresses for your congressman complete with phone numbers and faxes. Yes, those letters do indeed get read.

You can also go online and put in your rep's name to see what he's up to. You'll get a rah-rah website and depending on what he's afraid of, a more-or-less honest rundown of his recent activities and the places in your district he'll be visiting, along with the dates.

It really is up to us. It always was which is why we're in this mess: it felt like too much work to figure out the differences between the two sides, so we didn’t. But now Islam has drawn a bloody line in the sand so it has become imperative for all of us to become informed and to take part in the drudgery of political activism.

The time grows short: if we don't do it now it won't matter later.


Anonymous said...

The Lonely 5 are a result of Pro-Muslim/traitors like McCain and Lindsey Gramm who are pressuring others in Congress to not support the Lonely Five.

As long as they remain in Congress will block any and all attempts at investigating the Muslim Brotherhood members with security clearances.

Given the popularity of both men at home, both will likely have their rotting corpses peeled out of their Senate seats 20 years from now.

Dymphna said...

McCain is a good example of the crying need for term limits.Instead, Palin is actually campaigning for him in his latest Senate run. Is that her version of the Stockholm Syndrome?