Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Two Faces of Tahir Ul-Qadri

The Danish report below shows the two faces of Pakistani Imam Tahir Ul-Qadri, one for at home (in Urdu), and the other for when he goes out visiting among the kuffar (in English). Needless to say, the two faces say completely different things.

Watch the imam’s calm, benevolent English-language face utter all the soothing bromides that his Western listeners long to hear. Why, he’s just like Imam Rauf!

But the Urdu-speaking firebrand — that’s another matter entirely.

Many thanks to Michael Laudahn for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

P.S. I think that’s Urdu he’s speaking. If I’m wrong, please let me know.


00:00 This video makes it clear who Tahir Ul-Qadri really is. We watch what he says in Denmark. But first, the law around which all this centres.
00:08 The [Pakistani] blasphemy law, § 295C: Use of derogatory remarks, etc, in respect of the Holy Prophet:
00:12 Whoever by words, either spoken or written, directly or indirectly, defiles the sacred name
00:16 of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to a fine.
02:53 Now what he says to his followers. Is it true that he didn't have a hand in Pakistan's present blasphemy law? Is it true that the law is not applicable to non-Moslems?
02:58 I would like to lift the veil,
03:02 that this blasphemy law,
03:06 article 295C,
03:10 the law which came into existence in this country,
03:14 I would like to present to the public whose efforts have led to this law?
03:18 It was I who had this law made!
03:22 I would like to permit myself to
03:26 shed light on a number of things.
03:30 For some of our members, followers, who are members of Minhaj Ul Quran's council,
03:34 some teachers and students who
03:38 don't know what happened 25 to 26 years ago,
03:42 what took place in Pakistan
03:46 do not have a deep insight into this subject.
03:50 Especially the young ones. I am talking about a subject which took place 25 to 26 years ago.
03:58 The older ones will know this subject.
04:02 To blame us for blasphemy against the Prophet
04:10 is the greatest lie of this century!
04:18 My point of view was, and I managed to get this made into law,
04:23 that whoever commits blasphemy against the Prophet,
04:31 Moslem or non-Moslem, man or woman,
04:35 Jew, Christian, Hindu or whomsoever,
04:39 no matter who of them commits blasphemy, their punishment will be death!
04:43 My other point of view was that whoever apostasises from Islam
04:51 may well repent, but blasphemy against the Prophet
04:55 will not imply any possibility for repentance or forgiveness, rather, he must be executed immediately!
04:59 I am fighting a one-man fight to shut out all possibilities to commit blasphemy
05:11 And those who open their mouths,
05:15 Moslem, Jew, Christian, believer, infidel, man or woman,
05:19 will be executed like a dog!
05:23 This way, it [the law] came to be in 1985,
05:27 when I had finished my 18-hour long reasoning.
05:31 That time, it was general Zia ul-Haq who ruled, and there was a general assembly.
05:35 Time passed, 1986, 1987, and it continued like that.
05:39 Some people met with general Zia ul-Haq
05:43 who were members of the general assembly, in order to inform the general on the decision which now had been made,
05:47 after my detailed reasoning.
05:51 The [presumably sharia] court is not far from publishing the decision.
05:55 If the court manages to get this done, the general will not be acknowledged for it,
05:59 and as the general will have to accept the Hudood law,
06:03 so the general can pass the blasphemy law, together with the hudood law.
06:07 This way, it will become a parliamentary law.
06:11 Then the general will get the honour, and the people will see that he serves his religion.
06:15 So instead of the court publishing the decision,
06:19 the general can do it, on behalf of parliament.
06:24 Then, the general instructed the court to send him all the documents and the decision regarding the blasphemy law.
06:28 After having received it, he published it
06:32 as a parliamentary act.
06:36 This way, the law was passed by parliament.
06:40 What I wish to tell you is that the blasphemy law,
06:44 article 295C,
06:48 was only and entirely created by Allah through this servant and brother (me)!
06:56 Nobody else has contributed to it!


Anonymous said...

ChristianInfidel says:

What a fantastic example of lying to infidels. It's remarkable how well he seems to understand the modern liberal Western mindset. He covers the bases so well.

If I were to show only the English section to my politically correct Christian "bridge-building" friends, they'd see it as yet another example of all the wonderful Muslim clerics working to correct misunderstandings among their fellow Muslims of Islam's glorious true message.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed urdu that he's speaking.

Some words are arabic, but that's to be expected in Pakistan (or to give it it's correct name, mohammedan occupied India.)

wheatington said...

Muslims lie, it's what they do. Oh, and loot rape murder and commit paedophilia.

Unknown said...

There is a problem of Understanding,Dr Tahir ul Qadri is saying that there are the Two Laws of the Blasphemy ,
1:Sustaintive Law.
2:Procedural Law.

Where the Dr Tahir ul Qadri is saying they do not have a hind in making the law is the procedural law,where the procedure cause the lower community to easily victimized in to these law without any prove.The Christian Girl without any sufficient prove she easily victimized but the Justice in Pakistan is very mature and Competitive ,they released her easily and provide her the safety and promise to arranged the daily needs of the girls.

Dr Tahir ul Qadri where he is saying he made a Law is Sustaintive law which are present in the Holly Bible and in Holly Quran.The Teaching is opened see and learn what is the written about the Blasphemy law.

That's is the credit of the Dr Tahir Ul Qadri which are you targeted the Islamic Imam and Especially the Representative of the Christian Community of the Pakistan