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The Cultural Enrichment Archives

Cultural Enrichment News

So much cultural enrichment, so little time…

I’ve been appending links to previous cultural enrichment articles every time I post a new one, but the list has grown too long and unwieldy to include at the end of each post.

This post will function as the permanent archive of cultural enrichment links from now on. I’ll update it with new links when appropriate.

The complete list of links is below the jump.

The Cultural Enrichment Archives

2009 Jun 27 Today’s Cultural Enrichment News
    27 Cultural Enrichment, Coming to a Country Near You
    28 Portuguese Cultural Enrichment
    28 More Danish Enrichment
    29 Cultural Enrichment in Paris
    29 Cultural Enrichment in Berlin
    29 Today in Denmark
    29 Cultural Enrichment in Scotland
    29 A Baby as a Weapon
    30 Cultural Enrichment in Italy
    30 Today’s Danish Dose
    30 Cultural Enrichment in Sweden
  Jul 1 Cultural Enrichment in Manchester
    1 Cultural Enrichment in Germany
    2 Cultural Enrichment in Brisbane
    2 Target: The French Police
    3 Sex-Slaves in Århus
    3 Cultural Enrichment from Bosnia
    4 Cultural Enrichment in Fredericia
    5 Cultural Enrichment in Leicester and Nottingham
    5 Machine Guns, Motorcycles, and Crimes of Opportunity
    6 Cultural Enrichment in Malmö
    8 Cultural Enrichment in Norway
    9 Cultural Enrichment in Nørrebro
    9 Saving the Children — For Pederasty
    9 Cultural Enrichment in Hull
    9 Taking it Out on the Baby
    10 Police Ambushed in Amadora
    10 Today’s Enriched Danish Pastries
    11 Cultural Enrichment in Austria
    12 Kicked in the Stomach and Burned With a Cigarette — for “Trespassing”
    12 Pyromania in Århus
    12 Cultural Enrichment in North Jutland
    13 Victim of Sexual Abuse Convicted of Murder
    13 Cultural Enrichment in Bournemouth
    14 Children Held Prisoner
    14 Cultural Enrichment at a Swedish McDonald’s
    14 Gangsta Kid Rapper in Århus
    15 Are Germans a Subset of Themselves?
    15 Cultural Enrichment on the Water
    15 Poisoned?
    16 Enriching the Mentally Challenged
    16 Con Games
    17 A Culturally Enriched Divorce
    17 Another Case of Mistaken Identity?
    18 Gastronomic Enrichment in Oslo
    19 More Portuguese Cultural Enrichment
    20 Cultural Enrichment in Australia
    20 Culturally Enriched DNA
    20 Cultural Enrichment in Bergen
    21 Killed in the Name of the Koran
    22 Jackals at it Again
    23 Knives, Bricks, and Sulphuric Acid
    23 Cultural Enrichment at the Pool
    23 Swedes Caught in a Crossfire
    24 Strangers in a Strange Land
    25 Cultural Enrichment in Arizona
    26 Culturally Enriched Tyneside
    28 A Twelve-Year-Old Pusher
    29 Cultural Enrichment in Vancouver
    30 Cultural Enrichment in Leeds
    31 A Marriage Made in Hell
  Aug 1 Enrichment on the Train
    1 Culturally Enriched Football
    2 Gypsies in Sweden? Gypsies in Denmark?
    7 Homely Cultural Enrichment in Lund
    8 High-Security, Heathrow Style
    11 Those High-Spirited French “Youths”
    11 Cultural Enrichment or Terrorism?
    11 Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands
    13 What’s in a Name?
    13 Cultural Enrichment for the Disabled
    14 Enrichers Attack Danish Police in Vollsmose
    15 The Islamization of the Malmö Festival
    15 Taught to Hate the Police
    15 Cultural Enrichment at the Laundromat
    17 Acid Attack on the Playground
    17 Cultural Enrichment Straight Off the Ferry
    17 “A Country of Whores”
    17 Yet More Portuguese Cultural Enrichment
    22 Cultural Enrichment With a Knife
    25 Something is Culturally Enriched in Denmark
    28 Gunplay in Traffic
    29 Cultural Enrichment in Flanders
  Sep 1 Pulling the Pin on Cultural Enrichment
    2 Cultural Enrichment on the Bus
    3 The Butcher of Malmö
    3 The Only Swede in His Class
    5 Ten Days’ Simplified Portuguese Cultural Enrichment News
    7 A Culturally Enriched Pirate-Taxi Rapist
    10 The Lack of Caring, Cousin Marriage, and Gunshots
    12 Culturally Enriched Unrest in Uppsala, Part 1
    12 Culturally Enriched Unrest in Uppsala, Part 2
    15 Censorship and Murder in Culturally Enriched Portugal
    16 Cultural Enrichment in Pordenone
    20 Cultural Enrichment at the Techno-Parade
    22 A Culturally Enriched Courtroom Battle
    22 Celebrating Eid in the Netherlands
    24 Killed for Wanting to Live Like a Westerner
    28 No Religion to See Here — Move Along
    29 Targeting the Disabled in Hamburg
    30 Help Not Wanted
    30 Driving Out the Swedes
  Oct 14 American Student Murdered in a Paris Banlieue
    22 Culturally Enriched Hit and Run
  Nov 13 Be Careful What You Eat, Son
    13 Cultural Enrichment in Stavanger
    15 Culturally Enriched Riots in France
    16 Brawling Over Food at the Asylum Center
    16 Football Riots in Marseille
    19 More on the Stavanger Rape Wave
    22 Culturally Enriched Murder in Lappeenranta
    30 Pelted With Culturally Enriched Eggs
  Dec 12 Culturally Enriched Knife Fight in Austria
    16 Shakedown in Northern Sealand
    18 Cultural Enrichment News from the Netherlands
    20 Muslim Demand #42,338
    22 Culturally Enriched Pedophilia in Woolwich
    23 A Culturally Enriched Medicaid Scam
    31 Culturally Enriched Mass Murder in Finland
    31 Closing Out a Multicultural Year in Denmark
2010 Jan 2 Your Fireworks or Your Life
    2 Cultural Enrichment With Clubs
    5 Trouble is Brewing in Culemborg
    5 Kill the Ambulance Driver!
    6 Gang-Raped by Immigrants in Bristol
    7 A Justifiably Indignant Culture Enricher
    9 A Hit Job on Mom
    10 France: Burqa Fines, and a Radical Imam Expelled
    15 Love, Death, and Broken Beer Bottles
    17 The Cultural Background of Attempted Murder
    27 Somali Terrorizing — Somali Killing — Somali Whining
    29 Four Mohammeds in a Bathtub
    31 Polish Blondes Are the Victims
  Feb 5 Putting Women in Their Place
    9 A Miscellany of German Cultural Enrichment
    11 Rioting Youths in Baden-Württemberg
    13 Culturally Enriched Domestic Violence
    17 An Advance on Their Jizyah
  Mar 1 The Internal Enemy
    2 Culturally Enriched Hammer Thugs
    3 Elbows Up!
    4 Knocking Out Teeth in Gellerup
    6 Culturally Enriched Pizza in Lappeenranta
    6 Polygamy, Incest, and Pedophilia in Sønderborg
    7 “Deliverance” in Sweden
    10 A Culturally Enriched Wedding Brawl
    13 Muslims Targeting Jews in Norway
    18 Violent Humiliation in Veenendaal
    20 No Face, No Service!
    22 A Balcony Incident in Groningen
    23 Ethnically Cleansing the Next Generation
    23 Hiding in Slotervaart
    24 Bengalis vs. Moroccans
  Apr 2 Cultural Enrichment on the Brussels Metro
    2 Exemplary Policeman Spies for Morocco
    3 Beaten, Robbed, and Stripped Naked in Crumpsall
    13 Integrate This!
  May 6 Fighting Back
    6 Halal-Slaughtered Shop Owner in Copenhagen
    9 Underground Carbecue in Rosengård
    16 A Culturally Enriched Monopoly on Rape
    22 Name That Culture Enricher!
    24 The Gaza Strip North
    26 Shootout at the Malmö Corral
    30 Keeping Everyone in Stitches
  Jun 3 Cultural Enrichment Comes to Vermont
    8 Rioting in Rinkeby
    19 Linguistic Difficulties
  Jul 1 Murder in Södertälje
    17 Culturally Enriched Mayhem in Grenoble
    18 Ambulance Attacked by Rioters in Rosengård
    26 Too Early in the Day for This Sort of Thing
  Aug 2 Culturally Enriched White Slavery
    4 Fighting Over the Veil
    6 A Culturally Enriched Arsenal
    10 The Trouble Spots of Berlin
    11 Welcome to Vollsmose — NOT
    17 Not Charlie Brown’s Summer Camp
    19 Racist Attacks on Germans — In Their Own Country
  Sep 23 A Churchyard Rape in Oxford
    29 Carrot and Stick
  Oct 17 Pakistani Politics as Usual — In Tooting
  Nov 1 Hunting the “New Laserman” in Rosengård
    18 A Kick in the Groin for the Kafir Doctor
    24 Hit and Run Honor
    26 Hunted Down and Silenced
    27 Mohammed Coefficient: 200%
    30 Burqa Approved for Swimming in Western Australia
  Dec 3 First NIMBY, Now NWMK
    8 A Culturally Enriched Fugitive
    11 A Jihad Against That Infidel Danish Snow
    20 Traumatized by Ham
    20 Make Way for Mohamed
2011 Jan 9 Bath House Bad Boy
    11 Gang Rape in Bendigo
    18 Intifada in Malmö
  Feb 3 Sent to the Hospital Over a Twitter Photo
    4 Sent to the Hospital Over a Headscarf
    5 Building Bridges Through Heckling
    9 A Libyan Lothario in Melbourne
    10 Mohammed Coefficient: 200% (again)
    22 Berlin in a Coma
    25 O Allah, Make Their Children Orphans!
    26 Hushing Up Rape In Sweden
  Mar 3 The Discrimination Racket in Salzburg
    6 Murder Anyone Who Doesn’t Worship Allah
    24 It’s Hard to be Norwegian in Groruddalen
    25 Sharia Rules for All
    29 Culturally Enriched Kidnapping
  Apr 2 Praying for Deliverance
    4 Culture Enrichers Burn a Guest House on Lampedusa
    6 Culturally Enriched Slavery at the Naval War College
    15 Tolerating Ourselves to Death
    22 Cultural Enrichment Goes to the Dogs
    24 A Culturally Enriched Tram Ride
    29 Keep Quiet, Obey Instructions, and There Won’t be Any Trouble
  May 18 Civil War in Sweden
    23 How Much Does Cultural Enrichment Cost?
    24 Homophobia vs. Islamophobia: Who Will Win?
    26 The Religion of Rape
    31 Systematically Destroying the Land
  Jun 4 Have a Koran… And a Knife Between the Ribs
    8 Grooming and Pimping in Rochdale
    12 Razor Attack in the Meat Aisle
    14 Grooming and Pimping in Shropshire
    15 Culture-Enricher Goes AWOL in London
    17 Culturally Enriched Food Stamp Fraud
  Jul 2 Human Rights Activist Must Give Way to Asylum-Seekers
    7 Jihadi on the Lam from Dearborn
    9 Carebecue Season in Oslo
    15 Gold-Plated Asylum in Norway
    19 Rape on the Steps of Parliament
  Aug 7 More Carbecues in Oslo
    27 “Democracy is Hypocrisy”
    30 Celebrating the End of Ramadan… With a Head-Butt
  Oct 21 Sharia-Controlled Zones in Denmark
  Nov 21 “We Have Lost the City”
    21 “You Cannot Integrate Into Nothing”
    26 Culturally Enriched Child-Rape in Gullestrup
  Dec 12 A Different Kind of Child Rapist
    14 A Culturally Enriched Repeat Offender
    15 Make Big Money Simulating Lunacy!
    17 Copenhagen Muslims Attack Hare Krishna Temple
    19 Violence Against Immigrant Women in Denmark
    27 Clean It Up!
    28 Culturally Enriched Domestic Violence in Oslo
2012 Jan 13 Delivering Their Own Mail in Malmö
    16 Veiling the Police in Norway
    17 Culturally Enriched Domestic Abuse in Sandnes
    23 A Child-Rapist From a Respectable Family
    24 Driving the Danes Out of the Area
    25 “There is Nothing Left for us Danes”
    25 A National Tragedy
    26 Race-Based Gang Attack in Perth
    27 Norway Renames Itself
    31 No Christians Wanted in Vollsmose
  Feb 3 Waking up to Reality in Gellerupparken
    7 The Culturally Enriched Dope-Dealers of Oslo
    14 Murderous Precocity in Rinkeby
    16 Norway’s Not-So-Baby Boom
    16 Berlin or Kabul? Flip a Coin!
    17 Culturally Enriched Violence Comes to Sandnes
    17 Whose Enemy? Whose Friend?
    22 Mass Grooming and Pimping in Rochdale
    24 Mugged by Reality in Groruddalen
    27 Allah’s Hammer
  Mar 2 Culinary Jihad
    5 Where Are Their Mental Boundaries?
    11 Radio Silence in Worms
    15 Culturally Enriched Tax Fraud in Denmark
    16 Smashing Jewish Heads in Porte de Bagnolet
    18 Burn, Baby, Burn!
    20 Enjoying the Good Life in Norway
    23 Culinary Jihad, Danish Style
    25 A Revolving Door for Gang Rapists
    29 Gang Rape in Mariannelund
  Apr 1 A Rosengård Barbecue
    4 Mass Brawl in Sunndal
    4 A Family of Mohammeds
    9 The Throat-Slitters of Grünerløkka
    12 Gang Rapists Convicted in Småland
    14 The First Honor Killing of the Year
    17 The Somali Mafia: Grooming and Pimping in Minnesota
    18 Somali Cultural Enrichment Comes to Buffalo
    26 Conserving Electricity Through Cultural Enrichment
    28 Sabotaging the Lettuce
  May 3 Salafists on the Rampage in Solingen
    16 Jihad in Berlin (Again)
    16 The End of the Rainbow Dream
    17 Jihad in Bonn
    20 No Paparazzi!
    21 Oslo Rape Wave: Detailed Statistics
    21 A Subtle Cultural Shift
    23 Murder in the Asylum
    24 The Turks Are Coming!
    25 Chile on the Fjords
    27 Sharia4Holland Lashes Out
    28 Among the Criminal Asylum-Seekers
    29 Watch Out Where You Point That Thing!
    31 Spaghetti Bolognese: A Casus Belli?
  Jun 1 Shootout at the NAV Office
    1 Burka Trouble in Molenbeek
    5 Beheading in Berlin
    8 Sharia for Molenbeek
    9 Police Officers Stabbed in Molenbeek
    12 The Demographics of a Doomed City
    16 Birmingham Becomes Babel
    19 A Culturally Enriched Cop-Killer in France
    20 Acid Attacks Come to Spain
    27 Pulling the Plug on Airport “Safety”
  Jul 19 Switzerland: Preferred Destination for Criminal Tourists
    22 “Danish Girls Must Learn to Behave Differently”
  Aug 2 The Man With the Mohammed Tattoo
    8 Mugged by Reality in Rinkeby
    8 Cop-Killing in Madrid
    9 More on the Murder in Madrid
    10 “You Can’t Discuss These Issues in Sweden”
    14 Chaos on Ham Street
    15 Enricher vs. Enricher in Copenhagen
    16 Culturally Enriched Brutality in Colorado
    17 Who Makes the Rules in Berlin?
    18 Fisticuffs in Lillestrøm
    23 Running With Scissors
    24 Mysterious Vandalism in Sweden
    30 Malmö in Flames
    31 Send in the Army!
  Sep 7 The Youths of Vallensbæk
    13 Blood on the Tracks
    17 Update on the Stockholm Metro Robber
    17 Stoning the Police in Holmlia
    21 A Culturally-Enriched Shakedown in Stockholm
    23 Protecting Social Cohesion in Norway
    25 A Culturally Enriched Pep Rally in Malmö
    26 Welcome to Modern Multicultural Catalonia
    29 Norway’s Most Wanted
  Oct 6 A Sly Muslim Chameleon
    7 The Burka: Not Just Comfortable and Attractive, But Useful
    11 Asylum Emergency in Dortmund
    13 Asylum Emergency in Berlin
    18 An Enriching Experience in the Schwabing Hospital
    23 Home-Grown Islamic Radicalism in Norway
    26 Farewell Sofielund
    30 Sweden: Preferred Destination for Ingrates
  Nov 8 Eid? Yes! Christmas? No!
    9 Murdered for Refusing to Move to Turkey
    14 Resorting to Bribes
    20 The Black Sea: A Hell for Homosexuals?
    28 Malmö Firemen on Strike Against Cultural Enrichment
  Dec 4 Child-Rapist Appeals for Leniency in a Danish Court
    4 The Discrimination Hysteria Industry in Norway
    6 Balcony Heist in Barcelona
    8 Culturally Enriched Martial Arts in Malmö
    13 The Roma Come to Oslo
    30 Saturday Night’s All Right for Fighting — At the Asylum Center
2013 Jan 6 A List of Shame
    15 Babel on the Fjords
    17 Lethal Judicial Coddling
    18 Babel on the Danube


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Can I suggest that you keep posting a link to this archive with each new “Cultural Enrichment” post, to make it easy to find the archive later on.

Baron Bodissey said...

Zonka --

That's exactly what I mean: each cultural enrichment post will have a link back to this post at the bottom of the page, and new links will be added here. This will be the archival reference page.

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Great resource. Please keep it updated as the list will unfortunatly grow.