Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cultural Enrichment at the Pool

Cultural Enrichment News

Here’s a report on troublemakers “of an ethnic origin other than Danish” from today’s Jyllands-Posten, as translated by Signe. The translator notes:

It’s a trend. We often hear about this problem with groups of Muslims, who don’t to wash before entering a public swimming pool because they are embarrassed to show… whatever. It is just amazing how their disturbed relationship with nudity and sex and general antisocial behaviour rarely has any particular consequences for them. Political correctness, as usual, prevents management and authorities from taking the only sensible measures: denying the “troublemakers” access — permanently.

And the article itself:

Escorted from swimming pool wearing bathing suit and handcuffs


A 20-year-old male was Tuesday afternoon arrested by the police in the hot water basin of a public swimming pool in Slagelse.

A 20-year-old troublemaker was Tuesday afternoon arrested in Slagelse’s public swimming pool and taken to the police car wearing only bathing trunks and handcuffs.

So reports the regional newspaper Sjællandske.
- - - - - - - - -
Trouble in the swimming pool

According to the newspaper a group of 10-15 youths has for a lengthy period been causing trouble for both staff and guests of the pool. “They break practically all the rules of the facility. They don’t wash, they jump in the water where it is not allowed, they swim where other people jump, they make “cannonballs” close to others, they are three on the diving board at the same time, they throw balls and toys at others, and they yell and make noise in the hot water basin, where it should be quiet”, says pool controller Jimmie Bjørch to Sjællandske.

Arrested in hot water basin

Tuesday, the police were called to stop the 20-year-old. When the officers found him, he was, according to Sjællandske, “partly submerged right under the diving board in the hot water basin.”

After he was arrested and taken to the squad car, the officers came in and collected his clothes. The young man got his clothes back, according to Sjællandske — along with a fine of DKK 500 (EUR 67).

The young troublemakers in the swimming pool are all of an ethnic origin other than Danish, according to Sjællandske.

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Zenster said...

I'm sure this "youth" is rather shocked that anyone expected their dhimmi rules to apply to him.

spackle said...

I expect that these cultural enrichers also spend an inordinate amount of time by the water jets as they watch those "Infidel Whores" walk by as well.

Anonymous said...

First: Thanks Signe for translating this one. The article was next on my list and it is nice to see other Danes joining this sometimes tedious work.

Second: 'The Pool Enrichment Problem' is really an issue. Public swimming pools all over the country experience these kind of Enrichment. Usually 10 to 15 Enrichers invade a swimming pool and simply just start doing what ever they feel like. It is disgusting to watch when it happens.

But some really are doing something about it. Take, for example, the public swimmingpool in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. If you read their homepage (See and click on Regler/hygiejne) it is now explicitly stated that:

"We want to keep a high level of hygene - to the overall benefit of our custumers! 'I have just washed myself at home' or 'I am a muslim and therefore I cannot show myself naked' are not valid explanations at our place.

And actually if you enter the swimming pools locker room it is specificly stated that 'NO RELIGION IS ABOVE OUR RULES'. Very nice!

If you do not comply with the rules you will be expelled immidiately and not allowed to enter again for minimum three month.

Shieldline said...

Nice to see the Danes don't roll over for this nonsense

Signe said...

Thank you, TB. I think this archive is very important, revealing the pattern when MSM will not.

I wasn’t aware of the policy in Frederiksberg, wonderful - a rightist enclave of freedom and prosperity in the middle of an increasingly ultra-leftist Copenhagen that is going to the dogs ;-)

About the Slagelse pool incident I managed to get hold of the article in Sjællandske July 23, section 1, page 2 (it doesn’t seem to be online). This article offers much more details about the problem. To paraphrase, it appears that the pool management has actually made a real effort to deny the "troublemakers" access, but it necessitates that all visitors must show id, so it has not been completely enforced yet. The result is that the police is called on a regular basis.

Jens Christian Bachmann, the journalist, also quotes the pool controller for the following statements about the usual suspects:

"They are such a nuisance to have here. And when we tell them to behave, we get offensive answers in return, if they are not threatening us, that is. They have no respect for authorities, and it is not very nice for a staff member to go home with the message from these boys that >>we know, where you live, and we will come after you<<. Even if it maybe wasn’t meant that way", the pool controller continues.
Jimmie Bjørch also tells that the problem is not nearly as big when it involves Danish youths. "Firstly they don’t cause so much trouble as the others; secondly they usually stop right away when we ask them to. And nobody answers back with threats", he says.

Now how come this statement about the threats did not seem relevant to the journalist in Jyllands-Posten?

It seems that local media are more likely than national media to give accurate representations of the cultural enrichment. Perhaps the journalists there are not so career minded?

thll said...

spackle said: "I expect that these cultural enrichers also spend an inordinate amount of time by the water jets as they watch those "Infidel Whores" walk by as well."

That's certainly what they enjoy doing in the public swimming pools in those parts of Britain blessed by their presence. I recall reading not too long ago how they tend not to adhere to the rules in the communal changing areas... you'd never have guessed it, would you?

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

An enricher tactic in the U.K. is to harass and obstruct pedestrians in the street particularly woman and children knowing that if there is an altercation they are fully protected under the race laws.

These incidents go unreported because of there very nature.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

It's been going on like this for years and years in Sweden, in outdoor pools in the summer and indoor baths during the rest of the year. And yes, it is always mahoundians as you might already have guessed. They have also made it their habit to have their dirty underwear under the swim trousers, the male mahoundians that is. Their female counterparts prefer to swim in their tents. They show no respect what so ever to other visiting kufr, no matter if they are youngsters, elderly folks or families with small children, toddlers even. They play football (soccer) among the sunbathing kufr and if one of them speaks up, they get either insulted or threatened. 20 years ago, beaches and pools where idylls for naitives and tourists on vacation. Today it is no less than a MENA-turf for these shaitan-thugs. If I had my way, they would all be rounded up (families included)and kicked out of my country permanently. That is if I have a good day. If I had not such a good day, I would rather take them to my own private Ljubljanka and you can all try what would happen to them there....

X said...

4symbols - that haoppened to mymother once, after a fashion. She was driving to work at this asian guy in a taxi (always taxis) coming the other way purposely blocked the road and then acted like she was the one causing the problem. She refused to move until he drove around her.

laine said...

These "youths" are taught by their Muslim and/or Arabic culture that:

1) they are the chosen people of a god who owns the entire world, though parts of it are unjustly controlled by dirty infidels/kuffar who will one day have to kneel to them as dhimmi, convert to Islam or be killed.

2) women are less than fully human and unworthy of any respect. They live on male sufferance.

Muslim men of any age therefore feel no obligation whatsoever to follow infidel rules or authorities including the police.

In fact, devout Muslims believe that no Muslim may be ruled by a non- Muslim. Even converts who were not born Muslim are inferior and will never be given a position of independent power in a Muslim country.

Can you imagine the West's increasingly feminized police force dealing with such people strutting about like conquerors acting as though they already own the place? Western leftists have certainly reinforced their swaggering by letting them alone break laws with impunity and by punishing any citizen who resists them too energetically or officer who does not treat these punks with total deference.

Instead of delinquent Muslim youth being sent to detention boot camps, police officers are sent for diversity training.

Occasionally, these punks push the dangerous situations they create too far and get hurt or killed. The merde always hits the fan then as Muslim hordes riot with the blame always fixed on the police, not the miscreants.

This is what comes of playing defense constantly, moving backwards inch by appeasing inch instead of going on the offensive:

e.g. publish the crime and welfare statistics on this population and have a public conversation about whether it is advisable to allow more of such people to immigrate. Then every crime they commit weighs against them as it should. Right now, there is no cumulative effect because the public is kept in the dark and gagged.