Monday, July 20, 2009

Geert Wilders Interviewed on Swedish TV

This video is in a mixture of languages, but the interview itself is in English with Swedish subtitles. Part of the Swedish section (but not all) is subtitled in English:

Hat tip: Steen.

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Profitsbeard said...

Reason battles against intolerant Islamic irrationality.

Go Geert!

Czechmade said...

I would focus for a while on our post-war denazification laws.

Few workshops and we can be fluent in linking them with islam.

A nice side-effect would be an estonishment from the leftists - teaching them a lesson.

Stumbling over those laws, they might see themselves in a position wondering if those denazification laws were not in fact from their current point of view "nazi".

I compare sharia to Nuremberg laws.
Zensters concept of reciprocity tells me ... our muslims have sharia as free present for us, we should rush and provide them with our Canon law!! Let them follow it!