Thursday, July 30, 2009

Beer and Nuts

Here’s the You Tube post-beer interview with Sergeant Crowley. Evidently there will be another meeting between the Professor and the Policeman.

One thing I noticed in the very first comments (haven’t been back to You Tube to check them out again) was the extreme hostility directed toward Sergeant Crowley.

For example, he was ridiculed by several viewers for his comment about Kool Aid. He was asked if beer would be on the menu at the second talk and he said a definite "no", following that up with the idea of iced tea, Kool Aid, etc. In other words, it wouldn't be a jovial get to-gether over drinks.

I found the reference to Kool Aid amusing as it seemed to show that the Sergeant has small children in his house. Many American families on a budget use it during the summer. However, to these initial commenters, the Kool Aid was a weapon to be turned on him derisively. Those folks sure wouldn’t last long in a Gates of Vienna forum.

No wonder the Natick police are providing protection for his family.

[End of post. More commentary tomorrow, God willing and the Creek don't rise.]


FluffResponse said...

Crowley is now a national figure. Seems the sort of man who should be in a position of authority.

Zenster said...

Am I the only one who feels that so little was said by someone who has so much to say?

I do not blame Sgt. Crowley, as he is likely under tremendous legal constraints. Still, I sense there is a lot more he would like to say that will probably never see the light of day.

If only one benefit comes out of this entire situation it will be that modern investigative journalism, in the form of online Internet activists, have had a singular chance to place an American Liberal Übermensch under the microscope.

This is one small step towards wresting away the mantle of truth from its current usurpers, the Mainstream Media.

Dymphna said...


Things are going to proceed at the pace of legal time, which is akin to geological time. IOW, we'll get the whole story from him but it will take a long time.

Back when he *was* talking, there were comments about his suing the Professor for defamation of character. I think that option is still on the table.

Gates is in full denial, but not so full of it any longer that he is still talking about doing a documentary on racism.

PRCalDude said...

I was served Kool Aid as a kid. My parents didn't have a lot of money. Evidently, the SWPLs commenting on YouTube were only served champagne.

Dymphna said...


I'll bite: what the heck is a SWPL??

talnik said...


Dymphna said...

Thank you, talnik. I'd forgotten about that website. Is it still around, I wonder?

The notion to do a blog on "Stuff White People Like" seemed strange to me. Still does. It was never clear whether it was tongue-in-cheek or meant as a put-down to make white people feel uneasy.

What struck me about it at the time was that I didn't fit the pigeon-hole. It was about consumer items iirc and besides books, we don't "consume". Even our consumables -- i.e., food -- are house brand types. Very boring, iow.

Our cars are clunkers that we're not giving up, I look for bargains at Good Will. I used to say it was good that the American economy didn't depend on us. Now I wish there'd been fewer obsessive consumers out there.