Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Case of Mistaken Identity?

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Danish correspondent TB reports on another enrichment incident involving a motorcycle. In this case the rider was run down by four or five Enrichers in a car. TB notes:

Again, as in most of these jackal incidents, we are given the undisputed pleasure of observing how packs of proud, strong, and brave warriors for Allah dare to attack the innocent, lonely, and weak. This time it only takes five of them — with no protection other than an Audi (another favorite tank among the Master Race when not using Mercedes or BMW) — to sneak in and neutralize their prey: a very, very dangerous elderly man on a motorbike.

Impressive, isn’t it? One simply has to capitulate. Their courage is overwhelming and one can only lean back and dream about how it would be to possess such a large amount of inner strength and discipline. Especially their final act of heroism: A f***-finger from the window. Wow!

And here’s his translation from Fyens Stiftstidende:

Biker run down on purpose by foreigners

Police cannot say whether the episode is connected to the gang war

On Thursday evening, July 17 2009 at 19.41, a 58-year-old male biker was run down on purpose on Albanigade by a dark Audi in which four or five males of an ethnic heritage other than Danish were seated.
- - - - - - - - -
After the man was run down the youngsters gave the 58-year-old a f***-finger.

There had in no way been any kind of contact between the man and the persons seated in the car before the incident.

Jesper Pedersen from Fyen Police will not rule out the possibility that the incident is related to the ongoing gang war. In that case the four to five youngsters of an ethnic origin other than Danish may have mistaken the man for a “rocker” instead of an ordinary 58-year-old man on a motorcycle.

As a consequence of being run down, the biker fell into the middle of the road and a truck coming toward him had to swerve in order not to hit the biker.

Luckily the biker was unharmed, but of course he was shocked about what happened to him.

Fyens Police are searching for witnesses who might have seen the hit-and-run or maybe the dark Audi containing five foreigners on or near the crime scene just before or after the incident.

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spackle said...

I dont buy the "mistaken identity" anymore. It is clear that anyone who rides a motorcycle is fair game. Period. I mean why bother trying to figure out if they are HA or HA sympathizers or not? They are infidels and that is enough.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

Five "yoots", following their usual mahoundian standards of bravery: attacking a lone 58-year old and driving an Audi paid for by the Danish taxpayer through them really, really juicy and fat welfare checks. If the Danish People's Party ever gets in a position to kick out that scum back to Mahoundistan, those cars could be sold to pay for the plane or ferry tickets (or the camel rentals.)

Anonymous said...

Somali Muslims behead seven people for being "Christians" and "spies"

In accord with Sharia rules. But there will be no problem with bringing Sharia into the West, now, will there? "Somali Islamist hardliners behead 7 'spies,'"

The drumbeat of the RoP never stops.

Anonymous said...

Gandalf at Up Pompeii reports that Muslims in Britain are complaining (they are forever complaining) that they are subject to increasing violence - from Infidels I suppose.

Campaign against attacks on Muslims to be launched

July 17, 2009

Muslim leaders, lawyers, campaigners and politicians will come together in parliament on Monday to launch a campaign against attacks on the Muslim community in Britain.




This is typical Muslim tactics. Accuse Infidels of what they themselves have been doing. Muslims will complain and accuse all and sundry of bigotry, but are the biggest practitioners of it.

Islam is by deed and word, the most violent, intolerant, bigoted and idiotic religion that has ever been inflicted on hapless humanity - and that above all includes Muslims, as their forebears were forcibly converted to Islam at the point of the sword, and their descendents unable to leave Islam for the same reason.

It wouldn’t surprise me that this is the first step in getting parliament to designate Muslims and Islam as a protected species.