Monday, July 27, 2009

Sharia in Action

This video is too disturbing to embed here, and sensitive readers may not want to watch it.

It’s from a Danish TV program about a Pakistani woman who was blinded and hideously disfigured by having hydrochloric acid thrown in her face — all because she wouldn’t marry her deceased husband’s brother.

TB kindly translated the Danish portions, and Vlad Tepes did the English subtitles. Vlad has posted the embedded video along with material about a similar incident.

The complete (English) transcript is below the jump, for those who would rather not watch the video:
- - - - - - - - -
00:01 TV 2 News Reporter Ulla Terkelsen (UT): Thank you very much, sir.
00:03 UT: We are visiting a center for disfigured women.
00:08 UT: Most of them are from the Cotton Belt in Punjab.
00:11 (Woman in a green dress starts speaking in English): We are having…eh, most of the cases come from the southern belt, also called the Cotton Belt.
00:16 UT: Hydrochloric acid is cheap and easy to find and is used to clean up cotton seeds down here…
00:23 UT: …and to punish women.
00:25 (Man translating and asking the woman): Are you learning Braille?
00:30 UT: So you are learning to read? [TRANSLATOR’S COMMENT: In the background you can now hear the man translating for the woman before she answers]
00:34 Naziran: Yes I am!
00:36 Naziran: And I have received the educational material.
00:41 UT: And how is that going with her learning to read?
00:45 Naziran: It’s going fine.
00:48 Naziran: Everybody says that it’s going fine.
00:51  Naziran: I have only been doing this for two months…
00:53 Naziran: …and I have also learned to make a sweater…
00:55 Naziran: …but only need to learn how to make a fit…
00:59 Naziran: …and then I can make a sweater.
01:00 UT: Naziran is 23 and from The Cotton Belt…
01:04 UT: …her husband, with whom she had two children, died a year and a half ago…
01:08 UT: …then she was told by his family that she had to marry her deceased husband’s older brother and become his wife number two…
01:16 UT: …so that the land belonging to the two brothers could be merged.
01:22 UT: …but Naziran wouldn’t do it. So one night, when she was sleeping outside with all the others…
01:25 UT: …the family poured acid all over her as a punishment.
01:32 Naziran: Now I feel much better.
01:33 Naziran: Before I was very sad because I was so badly burned and had wounds.
01:38 Naziran: I was so sad because of what they did to me.
01:42 UT: The Center for disfigured women is led by a French feminist. She has this to say about using acid as a way of punishing women:
01:50 The French woman: Not only does it destroy one’s outer appearance…
01:54 The French woman: …but also one’s psychological self-knowledge and one’s social life.
02:00 The French woman: It is a punishment that will mark you psychologically for the rest of your life.
02:02 UT: But, as can often be observed about humans in extreme situations, Naziran is very optimistic about the future…
02:10 UT: …she is learning Braille.
02:13 UT: I wish you good luck.
02:18 Naziran: Same to you.
02:19 Naziran: I am fine and I am happy.


Zenster said...

Baron, thank you for having the courage to post material like this. Although, for me, the video began to lose focus towards the end, its message was still loud and clear.

My routine response to this is that Muslim majority countries all need a lecture tour by Loreena Bobbitt.

Somehow, Muslim men need to begin experiencing something equally devastating so that they will finally rise up as one against FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), acid attacks and every single other of the myriad abuses Muslim women are forced to suffer.

I cannot but help of thinking about how many lonely blind non-Muslim men there are in the West who would welcome any of these poor young women as their wives. I would cheerfully check off a $5.00 box on my tax form to accellerate the immigration of acid attack victims into the West, but only so long as they are not paired with Muslim men.

Terrible as it may sound, I think many liberals and feminists might be quite shaken up if they had to encounter a few of these horrifically disfigured women in their daily lives. They might finally begin to understand that Islam's abuse of women isn't just locking them inside homes and body bags but abuse of the most monstrous sort.

Again, thank you for having the principled determination to make sure that travesties like this are not swept beneath the MSM rug.

Baron Bodissey said...

I appreciate it, Z, but TB and Vlad are the ones who really deserve thanks. They pushed at me from both sides of the Atlantic to get this one done.

Zenster said...

Baron Bodissey: I appreciate it, Z, but TB and Vlad are the ones who really deserve thanks. They pushed at me from both sides of the Atlantic to get this one done.

Then, assuming that you are addressing me, I shall give my personal thanks to TB and Vlad Tepes for having dragged this article kicking and screaming into our, sometimes unwilling, collective consciousness.

The measures I anticipate in the fight against Islam are gruesome enough. Had I not the willpower to view and comment upon similarly hideous Muslim practices, my comments would be without weight.

All involved, please accept my deepest thanks for overcoming your understandable revulsion and taking personal responsibility with respect to making sure this horrendous report reached the American viewing public.

Zenster said...

Sharia in Action

Personally, I would have thought "Shari'a in Action" to be all of two words. But that's just me now, init?

Anonymous said...


Islam is sharia.

Islam and sharia may well suit the cultural and physical climate of the ME, but is really unhealthy for everyone in Europe.

Instead of banning the Koran, an action that goes against the ideas of free expression of ideas, one should really ban sharia. This is perfectly legitimate, as sharia is against freedom of women and freedom generally. Banning sharia has the side effect that the "in action" part of the Koran is neutered, thus effectively "Bobbitting" it.

Zenster said...

DP111: Islam is sharia.

Please Google zenster shari'a a gross violation of human rights.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the links

Solkhar said...

Sharia is not Islam nor the otherway round.

What you saw in that horrible but unfortunately typical occurance is cultural/tribal violence. Did none of you see the item that was shown on both BBC World and Al Jazeera a few months back about the woman who had the same done to her and got her vengence through the Iranian court system? Of course the barbaric punishment was that he got the same but it was a start.

The program created an uproar here in Morocco and most Muslim countries condemn and punish such acts.

Getting back to Sharia, I keep on telling it but it seems to be forgotten or more likely ignored.

Most Muslim countries do not have Sharia Courts but secular legal systems. Second, almost all Sharia Courts that do have them are examples of the local school of thought, thus a Sharia Court in Malaysia (that only affects Muslims there and not those from other religouns) and say the Shi'ite Iranian Sharia Court will give out different intepretations. The Saudis and say the Sudanese again different. To add to that, Bin Laden would not recognize any of them as valid.

Sharia is interpretations and almost entirely from Haddiths and not the Qur'an at all. Sharia is not Islam nor the other way around.

The vidio shows the brutality of mankind and how they can abuse and will do so even under the name of religion. I also thank the efforts to have such disgusting actions shown to the world and I wish it was televised in all Muslim countries to show what radicalism is capable of.

So thanks to those two and BB for that part.

Fortress said...

Sharia is not Islam nor the otherway round.

Most Muslim countries do not have Sharia Courts but secular legal systems.

I say again, Solkhar, please keep at it. You are MOST instructive; though again, not in the way you obviously want to be.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Once again we see the obvious barbarism of islam in action again. There is only one solution to this problem. Islam must and shall be de-constructed once and for all, for the benefit of both all of humanity and our planet as well.

Zenster said...

Robin Shadowes: Islam must and shall be de-constructed once and for all, for the benefit of both all of humanity and our planet as well.

Just as shari'a law is one massive violation of human rights, Islam is an ongoing crime against humanity whose end is a prerequisite for our world to finally become civilized.

There will be no end to war on Earth until Islam joins all other forms of theocracy on the rubbish heap of human history.

Anonymous said...

Muslim converts to Christianity targeted in Somalia

In some parts of the world it can be very dangerous to convert from Islam to Christianity, or any other faith. Sometimes Christians are killed by radical Muslims or sometimes by the state which sanctions death or prison. Somalia, like some other Muslim majority nations, clearly does not believe in religious freedom and the small Christian population faces an uphill struggle to survive. Therefore, it is essential to remember these martyrs because organizations like Al Qaeda would like to spread this tyranny to every nation. So why is it so dangerous to convert to Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, or any other religion, from Islam?...

Muslim converts to Christianity targeted in Somalia

This situation prevails in much of the Muslim world. The lives of these people are always in danger from Muslims. When the state is prevented from harming these people because of Western pressure, it cynically releases them, thus relieving itself from pressure from the West, knowing full well that ordinary Muslims will exact Islamic justice. It is a win win.

One organisation that does much to help these poor people is the Barnabus Fund.

Solkhar said...

David, do tell then.

I repeat, most Muslim countries do not have Sharia courts but secular systems with some using inspiration for family or morality laws.

Though some, including myself do not use as full reference, even Wiki explains it well.

"There is tremendous variety in the interpretation and implementation of Islamic Law in Muslim societies today. Liberal movements within Islam have questioned the relevance and applicability of sharia from a variety of perspectives; Islamic feminism brings multiple points of view to the discussion. Some of the largest Muslim countries, including Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan, have largely secular constitutions and laws, with only a few Islamic Law provisions in family law. Turkey has a constitution that is officially strongly secular. India and the Philippines are the only countries in the world which have separate Muslim civil laws, wholly based on Sharia. In India, Muslim civil laws are framed by the Muslim Personal Law board while in the Philippines, it is framed by the Code of Muslim Personal Laws. However, the criminal laws in both the countries are uniform."

"Most countries of the Middle East and North Africa maintain a dual system of secular courts and religious courts, in which the religious courts mainly regulate marriage and inheritance. Saudi Arabia and Iran maintain religious courts for all aspects of jurisprudence, and the Mutaween (religious police) assert social compliance. Laws derived from sharia are also applied in Afghanistan, Libya and Sudan.

Sharia law is officially recognised by the justice system in Israel in matters of personal status of Muslims (e.g. marriage, divorce, guardianship.) Judges' salaries are paid by the state.[86]

Some states in northern Nigeria have reintroduced Sharia courts.."

Afonso Henriques said...

Can someone please tell me how to make legends on you tube?

... or is it that complicated?