Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cultural Enrichment on the Water

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Danish correspondent TB reports on the expansion of Enrichment activities to the aquatic realm:

Uriasposten had a post yesterday that fits perfect into the Cultural Enrichment concept. The original article has not been published on the Internet; but was only available via a hard copy of the local newspaper in Slagelse. The blog post is a transcript from the paper. but Uriasposten, as you already know, is very credible indeed and one of the most widely read blogs in Denmark. I have not translated the whole blog post, only the important part which is presented below.

What is there to say about the content of the article? Well, I do not know. There are no words. The creativity among the jackals knows no boundaries. It is a black hole of evil that eats up everything in its presence. And if you have readers out there who are lucky and privileged enough to be living in countries or areas with no Muslim immigrants, please warn them to use all available measures to keep these monsters out. They are the opposite of everything that any sound and sane human being believes in. As 9/11 showed us, the only things these Nazis are good at is to turn our groundbreaking inventions into deadly weapons. When and where we see progress and new possibilities they just see another tool with which they can bother the infidels. This time the tool is a speedboat.

Translated from Uriasposten:

They asked if we are Danes, and then they shouted “f**king Danish pigs” and “f**k Denmark”

From the local paper Sjællandske Slagelse this Monday — Attempt to sail down father and his sons: “They could have drowned us”. (Not online).

A lovely afternoon trip on the sea in separate kayaks became a nightmare for a father and his two teenage sons age 16 and 14 and later on the day for the mother of the family also.

Around 1 o’clock on Tuesday June 30 they were on their way from Halsskov Rev [a local reef — translator] towards Korsør when the cozy chit-chat among them was suddenly interrupted. Around 500 meters from the shore and the campground they encountered a speedboat with five youngsters coming right towards them in high speed.

“They ploughed right through us. It was totally clear that they were trying to make us capsize. They did not succeed… while they sailed around us they were laughing their heads off — they really had a great time. Two of them were filming everything on their mobile phones,” the 49-year-old father of the family says…
- - - - - - - - -
The father says that he would judge the kids in the boat to be between 10 and 18 years old and all of them of an origin other than Danish. “When they had ploughed through us they reduced their speed and asked us if we were Danes. We said yes and then they shouted “f**king Danish pigs” and “f**k Denmark” and all these kinds of things. They sailed away, came back again and tried to sail us down two more times. My sons were scared as s**t,” the father says.

The three of them stayed on the water, but at one time the speedboat came so close that the 16-year-old capsized…

“Shortly thereafter we saw the speedboat again coming fast towards us and it tried to sail us down a few more times. Again they laughed and recorded everything on their mobile phones while it happened,” the father says…


The article reports that the racist youngsters came from a youth correction facility called Lille Stokkerup in Jyderup, and even though they were accompanied by four staff members, none of the staff were in the speedboat.

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heroyalwhyness said...

Quote: "The article reports that the racist youngsters came from a YOUTH CORRECTION FACILITY called Lille Stokkerup in Jyderup, and even though they were accompanied by four staff members, none of the staff were in the speedboat. "

A Danish YOUTH CORRECTION FACILITY finds it appropriate (????) to permit and supply their charges with 'unsupervised' (quote from article again: "four staff members, none of the staff were in the speedboat.") motorized boating privileges?

Have these four imbecile 'staff' members been fired as a result?

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

I think we could quite reasonably characterize these "youths" as ULTRA-VIOLENT THIRD WORLD BARBARIAN THUGS.

Note that the instant these "youths" are unsupervised, they show us their true colors.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

It's out of Political Correctness these evil scumbag thugs gets provided by new tools to terrorize innocent citizens. The PC MC-crowd pity the scum and not their victims, the latter they couldn't care less about unless it happens to be one of their own close family members and even then they would try to explain it away. An example, in Sweden we have the five to 12 O'clock-movement originally started by a young girl in the late 80's. The girl and her friend was murdered by an african immigrant. Her father reacts by FORGIVING his own daughters murderer and keeps on running to this very day the same anti-racist movement his dead daughter created. This is Political Correctness taken to the verge of insanity!

Henrik R Clausen said...

'Jackal' is the proper term here. HA is 100 % correct in their Manifesto, this is not acceptable behaviour and must be stopped.

Anonymous said...

To Heroyalwhyness :

The fact that these scum were inmates (or should I say "outmates" ?) in a youth correction facility is not a surprise, but a trend in dhimmified Europe.

In France, we have this standard cultural enrichment scenario :

1. A bunch of poor, discriminated, immigrant youngsters from a city estate is offered a nice holiday by some leftist association in cahoots with the socialist mayorship, all expenses paid by the taxpayer.

2. This is supposed to be all that's standing between them and a lifetime of being a nice and peaceful citizen. If they keep making a nuisance of themselves, burn cars, loot shops and harrass natives, it's obviously because they have never been able to take a ski vacation, frolic on a sunny beach or do some horse-riding in the countryside.

3. Once in the ski-resort, sunny beach or horse-riding country club, they start making a thorough nuisance of themselves, provoke and assault peaceful visitors, disrespect horses, destroy their lodgings, and generally do what they always do.

4. The situation gest so out of hand that the local police has to be summoned in numbers. This does not deter "youths", who start assaulting the "gendarmes" (a military force, it has to be noted, in charge of police tasks outside of large cities). The trouble-makers are sent packing back home, with a ratio of (adult supervisors + police)/youths probably in excess of 1.

5. A short mention of the event is made on television.

6. The chattering classes don't sway an inch from their PC-discourse : all we need is more "anti-racist" initiatives, more public money being showered upon immigrants, etc.

7. Back to number 1.

This has been going on for so long than nobody notices anymore.

Except the people who are directly affected by this anti-social behaviour, of course, and keep being forced to accept such violent neighbours. Unless they are willing to be vilified as "racists" -- and possibly prosecuted as a result.

laine said...

On the one hand, westerners scouring the bushes for something positive to say or believe about Islam alight on some version of "family values" along the lines of "the family that prays together five times a day stays together" and must be a good thing.

This is just another inflated credit where credit is not necessarily due. Muslims appear to be concerned only with raising good docile members of the umma, not good citizens of their host country even when their children are born there.

Muslim families are so middle ages patriarchal that western feminists should be appalled instead of joining in false praise of a family structure they would never tolerate if the practitioner were white, including polygamy. The mother is often just an illiterate Pez dispenser popping out kids who is disrespected not just by her husband but her sons as well. She has to defer to them already as children. Women's shelters in Europe are inundated with Muslim women escaping abuse. These are the healthier ones with any sense of self. Other Muslim women not only take the abuse but as in Stockholm syndrome identify strongly with their captors, the Islamic faith and their menfolk to the point that they participate in luring their westernized daughters back for honor killings.

Muslim fathers appear to exert little discipline on their sons who may even be encouraged in their petty skirmishes against their host societies by the "us against them" mentality at the core of Islam. The visible results are these feral packs of young Muslim males whose parents are not at all scandalized when they are swept up by police charged with arson or other crimes but more concerned with whether they can cry racism on any slight pretext like a wrong look.

In contrast, previous waves of immigrants had parents who were incredibly strict following and enforcing the host country's laws. They were not found disproportionately represented in crime statistics but in academic honor rolls.

All cultures are not equal nor an equally good fit as immigrants to western countries. The disrespect Muslims are taught for non-Muslims whom they call pejoratively kaffir/infidel plays out in thousands of different ways starting with swaggering juvenile delinquency. Muslims call infidel lands "Dar el Harb" or land of perpetual war until they are forced to join Dar el Islam. In this sense, Muslim striplings making trouble are striking a blow for Islam, helping to consume infidel resources. They are hardly going to be disciplined at home for being good little soldiers.