Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cultural Enrichment in Leeds

Cultural Enrichment News

This enrichment incident is a true multicultural encounter. Check out the rainbow ethnicity of the perps, as described by the Beeb:

Potter filmgoer in bleach attack

A woman has been attacked with bleach in front of her family by a group of youths she had asked to be quiet during a showing of the new Harry Potter film.

It happened as the woman, her husband and two children ate in a restaurant after leaving the Vue Cinema on Kirkstall Road in Leeds on Sunday.

It is feared that the 46-year-old, who suffered burns, may have permanent damage to her eyes, police said.

She had asked a group of five or six youths to stop talking during the film.

West Yorkshire Police said the same group shouted abuse at the family as they left the cinema.

The family then went to Frankie and Benny’s restaurant, where two of the youths came in and threw the bleach on to the woman’s head and back.
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They ran away and got into a waiting car.

‘Totally unprovoked’

The woman was taken to Leeds General Infirmary where she received treatment for burns.

She has since been released, but is being assessed for any signs of permanent eye damage.

Det Insp Richard Baildon of West Yorkshire Police said: “This was a completely unwarranted attack on a mother out with her family, the consequences of which could have been much worse.

“It was a deliberate act designed to cause pain and injury and it was totally unprovoked and unnecessary.”

Police described the attackers as a light-skinned, mixed-race male, aged about 19 and of athletic build, and a “fat” Asian boy, aged about 14.

The driver of the car was described as white, aged 17 to 18, with light-coloured crew-cut hair.

A black girl, aged about 14, was also with the group, police said.

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Hat tip: Sean O’Brian.


Anonymous said...

Police described the attackers as a light-skinned, mixed-race male, aged about 19 and of athletic build, and a “fat” Asian boy, aged about 14.

The driver of the car was described as white, aged 17 to 18, with light-coloured crew-cut hair.

A black girl, aged about 14, was also with the group, police said.

What a diverse group of thugs. Far from punishment, they should get a EU grant.

Unknown said...

Can we assume the victim was a white native islander?

Anonymous said...

This is typical. Not the bleach part, which seems to be, ahem ! an innovation, but the group disturbance in the cinema.

In France, groups of young immigrants behaving badly during the showing of a movie, and making life miserable for the other cinema-goers, is now a fixture in popular theaters.

We should pay close attention to those strategies which constitute a trend across Europe. The similarity of behaviour makes it difficult to think such acts are not related.

For instance, I have spotted a very disturbing trend of which there have been reported instances both in the UK and in France.

The tactic is the following. A car, with several cultural enrichers inside, stops in the middle of a road or street, in a place where it causes maximum disturbance, or blocks the traffic altogether.

This is not a bona fide stop, where the driver obviously has no other option, and takes pain to cause as little disruption as possible, for instance to swiftly let a passenger get off.

It usually involves lengthy and unhurried chattering with a pedestrian, or another driver.

After a while, the drivers in the cars behind react angrily, start shouting, etc.

That's exactly what the cultural enrichers expect. They then lash out with unbelievable violence.

In England, a grandmother and her husband were assaulted in this way. The police pictures of the victims were published, and they are not pretty.

In France, a former football player, a rather fit guy, was viciously beaten in a similar setup. Following a newspaper report of the latter agression, readers said that such behaviour was normal and expected in their vicinity.

Those vicious strategies are designed to cause maximum disruption with minimum risk to the attackers.

Obviously, blocking the free flow of people and goods on public roads, and showing that Muslim immigrants are at liberty to throttle circulation any time they choose, is a major agression and should be dealt as such.

Simply stated, it's an act of war.

Only it can't be punished, except in the rare cases where the intimidation is not enough, and assault occurs.

You can't complain to the police because some schmuck blocked the traffic for three minutes instead of a tolerable thirty seconds.

All this is flying way below the radar.

I can find the reports of the actual incidents if the Baron is interested.

Baron Bodissey said...

Robert --

Yes, that sounds like an interesting topic, particularly if there are examples from both sides of the English Channel.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

The network of mosques in the U.K. are perfect for the communication of street level jihad tactics.

heroyalwhyness said...

Robert & Baron - don't expect the British police to address stealth jihad complaints . . .recall this recent article:


because the powers-that-be

"want to avoid alienating Muslims on the fringes of extremism by dragging them to court over petty allegations unlikely to result in conviction."

spackle said...


It is amazing that you mention this now. About an hour ago I spoke to a friend who lives in NYC. This afternoon he saw a car do exactly what you described. An elderly pedestrian (White man) annoyed started to yell at the driver (a black man) who proceeded to get out of his car and beat the piss out of the old man. Then another black man got out of the car behind the aggressors and peeled him off the old man. They both got into their respective cars and sped off leaving the old man laying in the street a bloody mess. Paging Robert Gates! Paging Robert Gates!

Unknown said...


The bobbies in the UK do seem to be handicapped somewhat by the higher-ups. (See link.)

Unknown said...

I would have to say as well that (after leafing through John Heale's "One Blood") this type of violence is not uncommon throughout the UK, and it's carried out by "Youngers" of all creeds and colours.