Saturday, July 18, 2009

Gastronomic Enrichment in Oslo

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Danish correspondent TB has translated the following article from the Norwegian news site VG Nett:

Shock findings at food businesses — seventeen closed

  • Headquarters for drugs and smugglers
  • Food stored with broken glass
  • Rats observed in food storage

A raid on restaurants in Oslo revealed meat lying in the kitchen sink and food stored in a room which was in contact with an open sewer.

Within just a few districts in Akerselva, seventeen out of twenty-one inspected clubs and restaurants were closed.

A majority of the places are unregistered and closed immigrant clubs. According to the police some of them serve only smuggled goods.

“Especially among the clubs there are many which are run completely on the wrong side of the law. They serve food and alcohol and are open to anybody,” Police Inspector Bjørn Vandvik from the Section for Immigration and Management in Oslo says.

Drug centrals
- - - - - - - - -
Mattilsynet (Food Safety) is of the opinion that people are putting themselves into danger by eating there.

“Those 17 businesses were closed on the grounds of immediate and serious danger to people’s health,” Inger-Marie Øymo from Mattilsynet says.

“It is very bad that we see so many violations of the law in such a small area,” she specifies.

Police think that some of the clubs function as purely criminal distribution centers, both because they are used as hangouts for illegal immigrants and because they have observed open trading in narcotics.

“We have observed persons in these places who openly supplied the distributors along Akerselva with drugs,” Police Inspector Vandvik says.

Half a kilogram of hashish

In one place a newly arrived Algerian was caught with half a kilogram of hashish in small bags, worth approximately 20,000 kroner.

Here are some of the police findings in the coordinated action between Mattilsynet [Food Safety], Tollvesenet [Custom], Oslo Brannvesen [the fire department], and the police during the last few months:

In five places the police confiscated different types of narcotics such as hashish, amphetamine, heroin, and pills.

Ten of those who were caught were illegal immigrants or had had their asylum applications rejected.

In twelve of the clubs smuggled goods were found. The largest of the confiscations consisted of 47,000 cigarettes and 800 kg of meat, which indicates a comprehensive illegal turnover.

Seventeen places were closed because of bad hygiene. Some of them have reopened.

Five of the places have had their contracts with their landlord immediately dismissed.

Grave circumstances

Six of the places received a note from the Fire Department recommending a shutdown. In one place the fire alarm was disconnected because of smoking, while another stored their gas in an unacceptable manner.

In three of the clubs hygiene standards were so grave that Mattilsynet felt obliged to put them into a three-month business quarantine.

“Conditions at three of the clubs had been bad in earlier control visits. And since they seriously and repeatedly broke our rules, we chose the quarantine,” Øymo says.

Partly rotten

The three clubs are Metin Senter, Azadi youth club, and Malbandi Chwar Chira, which are all Kurdish clubs. In the police report the detailed and shocking information about the conditions was revealed.

“Food was stored in cellars with exposure to the open sewer and rodents. Generel standards of hygiene are very poor. Earlier controls have showed the same,” according to the report about the youth club Metin Senter.

According to the police report, in the Kurdish club Malbandi Chwar Chira there rats were observed in the food storage and “broken glass was found in a place where it could easily have been mixed with the meat.” Furthermore the meat that was found was “unmarked and partly rotten”.

Just crap

The manager of Metin Senter, Nizar Namo Kojar, says that he does not know anything about the conditions that the police uncovered.

“What the police say is just crap. We have meat from Gilde. The cigarettes belong to some of the employees. That somebody in the club possesses narcotics we cannot take responsibility for.”

About the description of the condition in the cellar made by the police Nizar Namo Kojar says the following:

“We have no storage in the cellar.”

Those responsible for the club say that they will open again when the three-month quarantine is over.

The assistant manager at Malbandi Chwar Chira, Kardo Mahmod Kojar, also does not recognize what the police describe.

“The meat is from Rema 1000. I have the receipts,” he says.

Kojar thinks it is a mistake that rats have been observed near the food and reacts to the fact that the club have been quarantined.

“There are rats all over Norway, but we do not use the cellar. Everything is good now. Mattilsynet can just come and see,” Kojar says. He wants to reopen the club as fast as possible.

In the Azadi youth club, which is also Kurdish, huge amounts of smuggled goods were discovered, including 5,000 cigarettes and unmarked meat.

The man who is apparently in charge rejects this and refers to a man presently located in Northern Iraq.

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha, don't eat food with a name you can't pronounce, its likely cooked by somone with minimal skill in hygienics and therefore a threat to your health...

Brocher said...

Even if the meat was cooked in a hygienic manner you'd have to strap me down to eat there, who knows what they are using.

Food outlets being used for otherwise than what they are intended is nothing new (google 'Ice Cream Wars Glasgow') but you'd have to be on something to actually purchase and eat the food at these eateries.

laine said...

Wouldn't you know that Swedes and EU functionaries finally get their knickers in a knot regulations! Rape statistics don't interest them nearly as much. This is like Al Capone finally brought to some sort of punishment for tax evasion after a lifetime of killing people.

Multicult was sold by idiot libs to idiots as nothing more than facilitating a wide variety of wonderful ethnic restaurants brought to our door. Now even this "perk" that cost every western country billions in welfare, crime and ESL costs turns out to be a mirage. For the money they've spent on those "restaurants", Swedes could have traveled to the country of their choice for ethnic meals.

X said...

Norway. Oslo is in Norway. Don't mix them up or you might get an angry viking chasing you.

... wait, no, do mix them up. It might make them mad enough to start fighting back.

thll said...

This reminds me of the curry-house take-away scene in the UK - filthy holes serving unhealthy slop unhygienically prepared for idiot Britons too stupid to consider what they are eating.

Occasionally there is an outcry - two immediately spring to mind; fecal matter in chocolate cake, semen in curry - but the idiot Brit is back in the queue next week, salivating in anticipation of the s**t (literally) he is being served.

X said...

thll, it really does depend on the origin of the owners. Down in Rusholme there are dozens of indian restaurants. Most of them are owned by Hindu Indians of varius types but a few are owned by muslims and they are absolute stinkers. Terrible service, terrible hygiene, dirty - but dirt cheap.

Rules to follow are simple: If it mentions Halal you leave. If it sounds Urdu you leave. If it's named after Pakistani majority areas (punjab and so on) you leave. The best curry places don't serve beef (it doesn't curry well regardless) because of their Hindu owners.

You'll still be taking a risk but it's likely you'll be all right if you stick to these markers.

I prefer Chinese anyway these days, or Italian. There's a lovely Italian place near the town hall in Manchester, called Giorgio's.

Zenster said...

laine: Wouldn't you know that Swedes and EU functionaries finally get their knickers in a knot regulations! Rape statistics don't interest them nearly as much.

Two explanations:

A.) The functionaries all live in gated communities and their daughters are chauffeured everywhere so as not to be at any risk of rape.

B.) One of their precious widdle immigrants might get a tummyache.

You pick.

laine said...

Archonix, I have Viking blood myself, so that's an empty threat but I apologize nevertheless for not paying attention. As a Viking descendant I know Oslo is the capital of Norway but modern Scandinavians appear equally obtuse these days so the details of their various self-abnegations seem more and more immaterial.

One can only conclude that socialist thinking leads to such an open mind in the interests of the God Non-Discrimination that eventually one's brains simply fall out.