Friday, July 31, 2009

The Moment of Decision

Fairfax County minarets

I’ve written several times previously about the proposed new campus for the Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax County, Virginia. At the most recent “final” hearing on the ISA, the county Board of Supervisors received enough negative feedback on the proposal to give them pause. They postponed their decision until August 3rd — this coming Monday.

James Lafferty of the Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force (VAST) has sent out an email reminding local residents that the board needs to hear their voices. Along with his email, I’m including contact information for the members of the Board of Supervisors. Any Fairfax County residents who have an opinion about the ISA are urged to express themselves (be polite!) to the supervisor for their district:

ISA Hearing is Monday Afternoon

“I cannot put the safety of the American citizenry at risk.”

— U.S. District Judge Gerald Bruce Lee on the July 27 sentencing of ISA valedictorian Ahmed Omar Abu Ali to life in prison

Fairfax County Supervisors could use a blood transfusion (and perhaps a spine transplant) from Judge Lee in Alexandria as we approach Monday’s vote on the massive expansion plan of the Saudi government’s Islamic Saudi Academy here in Fairfax.

How is it possible for a federal judge in Alexandria to understand a threat and just a few miles away 10 people in Fairfax don’t ?

If one single terrorist is a threat, isn’t a training facility like the ISA which prepared him to join Al Qaeda and consistently does its “best” to turn out numerous terrorists every year a multiple threat to “the safety of the American citizenry?”

Monday afternoon’s vote is critical in the fight against the spread of Shariah. Washington’s, Jefferson’s and Patrick Henry’s voices cry out from Virginia’s distinguished history — “Don’t squander the liberty given to you by God and preserved by brave American men and women who stood their ground from Yorktown to Normandy to Afghanistan. The first generation of Americans ran a brutal king out of our country, don’t let this generation be the one to yield quietly and timidly to enslavement by yet another tyrannical sovereign.”

I was reviewing tapes of the various hearings related to the Islamic Saudi Academy last night and I was struck by how belligerent the Supervisors were when there were only six of us at the hearing. They called us just about every name they could summon from their limited vocabularies.

That treatment changed dramatically when their switchboards were crowded with thousands of calls from Virginians and from people around the globe who have experienced first-hand the tyranny of shariah rule.

Please revisit your Blackberries and call people you haven’t called before. Invite them to Monday afternoon’s hearing because the Supervisors may commit a crime and there need to be thousands of witnesses, thousands of American eyes and ears.

At your church, synagogue or elsewhere, ask people to come to the hearing. Those cunning Supervisors have scheduled the vote for mid-afternoon when they suspect all us will be at work. Take a vacation day or move your lunch hour back so that you can look in the eye those who will sell out America for a campaign contribution or a handful of votes.

Monday’s hearing amounts to an auction and the public’s trust is for sale. We need to remind the Supervisors that it may also be the day that their unprincipled and visionless political careers come to an end.

James Lafferty
The Virginia Anti-Shariah Task Force (VAST)

P.S. — let’s all make another round of calls to the Supervisors (see attached) today and Monday to remind them that we are watching.

For more information on the Islamic Saudi Academy, check out Saudi Watch.

Contact information for the Board of Supervisors is below the jump:
- - - - - - - - -
Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

Braddock District

John Cook
Phone: 703-425-9300

Mason District
Penelope A. Gross
Phone: 703-256-7717

Mount Vernon District
Gerry Hyland
Phone: 703-780-7518

Providence District
Linda Q. Smyth
Phone: 703-560-6946

Springfield District
Pat Herrity
Phone: 703-451-8873

Sully District
Michael R. Frey
Phone: 703-814-7100

County Chairman Sharon Bulova
Phone: 703-324-2321

Dranesville District
John W. Foust
Phone: 703-356-0551

Hunter Mill District
Cathy Hudgins
Phone: 703-478-0283

Lee District
Jeff McKay
Phone: 703-971-6262


Zenster said...

Text of email sent to all board members:


Mr. McKay,

Despite my limited psychic abilities, permit me to predict that should you grant an expansion permit for the Islamic Saudi Academy in Fairfax county, your political career will have the half-life of an unlocked Corvette at three in the morning in the 101st precinct of New York City.

Do you need reminding that fifteen out of the nineteen al Qaida hijackers who flew fully-loaded passenger jet airliners into occupied skyscrapers and thereby caused the 9-11 atrocity were of Saudi origin?

Islamic Saudi Academy has already churned out one potential Presidential assassin in the form of ISA's class of 1999 valedictorian Ahmed Omar Abu Ali. Charged with counts of materially supporting al Qaida and seeking to murder a sitting President of the United State, Ali has yet to express remorse or renounce al Qaida.

Knowingly or not, your foot hovers by mere inches over what you may later come to recognize as a political third rail that will likely fry your patriotic reputation like a batch of bad scrapple.

A Concerned Natural Born American Citizen,

Solkhar said...

The following was sent to the board of members....

Dear Board Members,

I wish to raise what I believe to be the three critical issues here in the decision to support the Islamic Saudi Academy.

The first - Is the ISA actively supporting, encouraging and teaching harmony between religions and states that is recognized under US Laws (it is to be a US based Academy).

The second - If Shari'a Law is a part of the management of the school itself, it must be dclearly efined in context, goals and objectives, to avoid extremist and radical variants views that are directly appossed to US values and not acceptable by the majority of Muslim nations whom in fact do not use Shari'a legal systems.

Third and last - does the processes and plans for the Islamic Saudi Academy support the efforts of both the US Government AND its patron the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia's efforts to fight global terrorism.

These points are clear and I am certain have been raised, they needs to ensure the rights of a learning institution, the dangers of encouraging support for radical religious groups and its links to criminal and terrorist activities.

I am certain you will equally consider these.

XXXXXXXXXXX (name supplied to committee members)
retired Diplomat to the Kingdom of the Netherland
Advisor on Tracking & Tracing of Terrorism-Financing (T&TT-F) to the Moroccan Ministry of Interior

Solkhar said...

I have absolutely no problem in the creation of the Islamic Saudi Academy if it fullfills the concerns I raised above, nothing more.

The Saudi Government is its sponsor and thus funding, the control over teh teachings of radicalism is up to the US government .

If the Islamic Saudi Academy is there to teach Islamic studies, history and encourage moderate teachings - then I encourage it. The subject of Shari'a is the real concern, if the teachers are clerics it will cause problems, if it is teached by educators - then it will fine.