Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The New Tower of Babel

The “cultural enrichment” meme has stirred a lot of interesting discussion here in the last few weeks. Today I read a couple of comments that should be yoked together, even though they’re on different threads.

So here they are, edited slightly for spelling, punctuation, and clarity. The first one is by TB, from last night’s post about the horrendous honor killing in Germany:

The Tower of Babel“If you follow the link to the German original and look at the links to related stories, you’ll find that it’s just one of many similar cultural enrichment articles”

And that is exactly what is so important for people to realize. The extent of these crimes. That it is happening all over Europe. In a massive scale. Especially in countries like Germany and Sweden.

We don’t see many Cultural Enrichment stories from Sweden. Germany — New Turkey — is probably bad. But if Sweden had a free press, I’ll bet that she would turn out to be the worst place of all…

It is important to focus on these apparently insignificant, isolated, small, local stories because they constitute a large part of the price for the immigration policy our politicians have followed for the last 30-40 years. A price being paid by the ordinary citizen who has no power whatsoever. He is the one who is going to take the beatings. The insecurity. The humiliations. Or just has to put up with the insane behavior that he is presented with on an everyday basis. Like these “honor” killings (what an absurd label for a murder).

And he is also the one who is going to be labeled a racist when he finally has enough and begins using his firearm for what it was invented.

And Laine weighs in on one of today’s threads about the blind ideology of “diversity”:

What is this mania for “diversity” as an end in itself?

There’s no empirical proof that building a Tower of Babel strengthens a nation (as in demonstrating that immigration continually improves a host nation’s productivity instead of being a net drain in costs). This is just another unproven leftist assumption. Since they’ve been wrong about everything else, what are the odds they get this one right?

Remember, the crowd that worships diversity of appearance is the exact same crowd working hard at curtailing diversity of thought, so how trustworthy are they? Leftist parties in all western countries push for immigration because immigrants tend to vote eternally for the ones who “brung ’em to the party”.

Since it is empirically proven that leftist policies impoverish nations both monetarily and spiritually (East Germany vs. West Germany, North Korea vs. South Korea, Soviet Union vs. USA etc.) how is this a good idea?

How good are screening procedures to separate desirable citizens from backwater countries from rats deserting a sinking ship who set about recreating the same conditions that did their home country in?
- - - - - - - - -
And how ethical is it to poach the best and brightest if that’s what we’re doing from countries who are worse off?

Why not try something else for a couple of decades and compare overall global benefits? Why doesn’t everyone except refugees in actual danger stay put and improve their home countries with the option of inviting emissaries from nations who are doing better to help them turn things around? Swamping successful countries with the unsuccessful is not going to work out well for anyone except the handful — by world standards — of lucky immigrants. They can be a net burden on the host countries and the majorities left in hellholes who depend on subsidies from successful countries for life itself in many cases end up suffering more.

Countries dragged down to mediocrity by socialism don’t have the wherewithal or even motivation to help Africa for example.

The Leftist version of equality (not just equality before the law and equality of opportunity but enforced sharing) always ends up with an equal sharing of a lowered standard of living. Their loser formula will work no differently on a city, state, national and world scale. Socialism has the illusion of “working” only when a) there’s a homogeneous society like Sweden used to be, with shared high work ethic, or b) there’s someone to subsidize the socialists. For example, Quebec, true to its French nature, is the most socialist province in Canada but does not live within its means. Instead, billions are siphoned from the more productive provinces and handed to Quebec in a completely unethical federal “equalization” program.

California is on the verge of bankruptcy because it chose to let all its government workers live high on the hog. Who thinks only Californians are going to pay for their unsustainable policies? Was it the unions and feckless management who paid for their greed that bankrupted GM?

Leftist policies do not make money. They merely redistribute money. Without access to and power over moneymakers, they crash economies, reducing the vast majority to a much lower standard of living. This still works for leftist leaders who always erect palaces for themselves or at least dachas while steadily repressing the newly created serfs. There’s always enough money for the elite few as long as the uppity middle classes are reduced to being peasants again.

The full scope of the multicultural disaster can be documented, but only by careful aggregation of the data.

Since Cultural Enrichment news stories are violent and bloody — generally involving knives, firearms, rape, murder, and child abuse — the mainstream media report them. If it bleeds, it leads, so the news isn’t completely hidden.

But in order to enhance “community cohesion” and avoid “inciting racial hatred”, such articles are often relegated to local news organs or the back pages of the major papers. Dwelling too much on these unfortunate aberrations does not serve the cause of Multiculturalism, you see.

Even so, the information is out there. Thanks to our tipsters and translators, we’re gradually accumulating an archive that reveals the true extent of the ravages that have been brought down upon ordinary people by the heedless and evil policies of the elites in power.

Up until now, politicians and policy makers have been able to avoid the worst consequences of their cynical decisions. They themselves live in unenriched neighborhoods, and are wealthy enough to be able to send their children to monocultural schools. Because their well-shod feet rarely have to tread the “mean streets”, they are unlikely to be mugged or raped by an Enricher. But working-class teenagers and old-age pensioners do not enjoy the same luxury.

However, the situation is moving rapidly past the point where it can be contained. That’s why the overt symptoms of a police state are emerging in the Netherlands, Sweden, and the UK.

Short of outright fascism, there is nothing that will prevent the collapse of the New Tower of Babel.


One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

At my place of employment, there is a long section of hallway with doors opening into large office suites. On one of these doors is a sign, done up in rainbow colors, that insists:


Every time I walk by this sign, I think of all the "diverse" places that are "stronger" because of their "diversity:" Sudan, Lebanon, Rwanda,
Yugoslavia, "Mexifornia".....

Christ, I wanna puke.

laine said...

That sign "Diversity is Strength" is right out of Orwell's totalitarian dystopia.

Where's the proof?

Secondly, where are the "Diversity is Strength" signs in mono-cultural Muslim countries, all in varying stages of ethnic cleansing?

Beware of people bearing double standards.

Anonymous said...

The issue is not one-dimensional. Blaming exclusively the Left for unfettered immigration does not stand examination.

Was George W. Bush a Leftist ? No, but he supported open borders. Is French big business on the Left ? No, but they actively promote diversity, certainly do not campaign against immigration, and, in some sectors, routinely employ great numbers of illegal immigrants (most notably in construction).

Both French free-market political parties, Alternative libérale and the Parti libéral-démocrate (admittedly midgets) actively support immigration. Try and argue against multiculturalism on their blogs, and you'll immediately be branded a Nazi ; then the thread will be closed.

There's an alliance between natural adversaries there. A similar dynamic is at work when we see Leftists, who in principle support women's and gay's rights, work hand in hand with Islamists.

One of the most important dividing lines in tomorrow's politics will cut straight across the pro-market, pro-business, pro-capitalism side.

It will separate the advocates of immigration, who think people should be as free to travel and relocate as goods and capital, and those who think that supporting free trade and the mobility of capital does not entail supporting multiculturalism and unlimited immigration.

Anonymous said...

on MC

Jihad rules! Jews suck!

Our great-grandfathers assessed matters more accurately. They had taken it for granted that integration is a process of considerable complexity that occurs over historic time. It isn't achieved by a quick immersion in another culture, even when the immersion is, as in the case of Ms. N & Co., superficially complete. Our generation not only overestimated the effects of such cultural silver-plating, but tried reducing it even further by the imposition of multiculturalism.

Jihad rules! Jews suck!

Islam does that to people.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

Remember, the crowd that worships diversity of appearance is the exact same crowd working hard at curtailing diversity of thought, so how trustworthy are they?

That's an excellent point.

How good are screening procedures to separate desirable citizens from backwater countries from rats deserting a sinking ship who set about recreating the same conditions that did their home country in?

Setting a copy of Mein Qurampf on the floor of an asylum application-processing center, and requiring applicants to kick it around, tear up its pages and use them to pick up dogs' droppings could be a low-cost method of catching bogus refugees red-handed. While it certainly wouldn't be foolproof, any gasps, angry cries or eyes bugging out of their sockets at the mention of that last step towards completing an application process could be used to weed out the most undesirable asylum seekers on the spot.

I'd also take it a step further, and place copies of that piece-of-s*** book at mid-shin level at all border checks, one in each lane or at each counter, for security reasons. Want to visit a civilized country? Stomp on it real hard and we might let you in. Express outrage and start spewing Arabic- or Urdu-sounding gibberish after hearing the request, and you're off on the next container ship or poorly-maintained ferry. Since crosses, Bibles and any symbols or books related to anything non-mahoundian held by visitors to Saudi Arabia, as far as religious items are concerned, are usually destroyed by Saudi border agents upon the visitors' arrival, there's no reason for the adoption of the Mein-Qurampf step/Dog-poop-wrapper security-check option to be delayed by another day...

gatesofvienna said...

We are all affected by “Diversity” but FEW understand its true nature.

Warning: It isn’t pretty.

“Diversity” is a massive long-term BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION program that uses minorities to DISINHERIT the majority. In English, “Diversity” means acknowledging different races, religions and “sexual orientations.” In New World Order doublespeak, “Diversity” is a devious way to dilute and discriminate against the white, heterosexual Christian majority in Europe, Canada and the US.

. said...

This whole cultural enrichment series is nothing more than a collection of anecdotal stories. It has no statistical validity in and of itself in any way. I look forward to the Baron (and Laine) providing some valid statistical evidence that crime rates and indicators of social pathology are higher because of these immigrants and, if they are higher, that they are higher than comparable periods of heavy immigration in past decades that involved white, European immigrants.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Immigration is Islam's weapon of mass destruction.

sheik Yer'Mami said...

And yet, when you talk with lefties, they will always praise Sweden as the model Socialist society. Perhaps Fjordman or somebody who actually lives there could enlighten us about how great it really is.

My Scandinavia experience goes back to the seventies, so I'm not really up to date. I do remember, however, that Swedes or Norwegians hardly talk about politics ever, they are just clueless. Other experiences with diplomatic corps were equally frustrating.

laine said...

"Diversity" worshipers glorify every minority culture while denigrating the host culture.

In practice, since multiculturalism has been foisted on only western countries by the international Left according to the Gramscian plan, diversity means glorifying all non-white cultures while denigrating white European culture.

Although it's true that big business found ways of making a profit once the diversity project was under way, (just as it is finding ways to make money from the false gods of environmentalism and climate change now), this could not have happened without the Left paving the way. For example, if the laws of the land had been enforced and employers fined heavily with their illegal immigrant employees deported, the profit would have gone out of the enterprise and business would have ceased to enable what was the Left's project. If illegal immigrants to the United States had not been allowed to access free education for their children, health care and a panoply of other social benefits as well as driver's licenses, sanctuary cities etc., they would have departed in large numbers. Instead, the Left aided and abetted them every step of the way. Businesses who didn't take advantage of the cheap labor wouldn't be competitive with those who did.

Look at the names involved with opening North American immigration to the 3rd world in the 60's. In the United States it was Ted Kennedy and in Canada Pierre Trudeau, leftists both. In addition, the invisible push by background advisers was influential liberal Jewry who judged that breaking up the European white monolith would prevent a Germany situation from occurring again. This was of course insulting to the majority North American culture at the time who spent blood and treasure to stop the Germans instead of emulating them.

There was no other need for a flood of citizens who spoke no English and had no skills. There was no discussion with the citizenry about how 3rd world immigration of very unlike cultures in massive numbers might overwhelm the melting pot's ability to well, melt them into Americans. It was just a fait accompli, a leftist putsch never recognized as such. The George Jonas quote in DP111's post above calling the new approach "cultural silver-plating" is brilliant. Scratch it and you find cultural loyalty that actually conflicts with Americanism.

laine said...

The poster gatesofvienna is right to call what followed massive immigration by unlike cultures a behavior modification program but its only subjects were whites who were automatically called racists if they did not welcome their own marginalization without reciprocity elsewhere. Non-whites remained free to be as discriminating and exclusive as ever in their home AND adopted countries. In fact, the fiction was perpetrated that they could not even BE racist.

White crime against blacks, a small and ever shrinking percentage of total crime is invariably called racist and hate crimes legislation is used to punish the same crime more severely than would occur if committed by black on black or black on white thus destroying equality before the law. The much more common black on white crime is treated as just...crime. No overlay of racism is ever acknowledged. Ghetto blacks and Korean shopkeepers who have braved the ghettos are allowed to despise each other and none call it racist.

A fair reading of history would find that whites are guilty of no worse sins than all other cultures but were often the ones who ended these sins e.g. slavery. They also helped end other barbaric practices such as human sacrifice and cannibalism that other cultures brought forward with them to the twentieth century. So the negatives of the human race were near universal and were ended wherever possible by whites. (Strangely, there is only white guilt, not black, yellow or red guilt for similar crimes). Meanwhile the positives contributed to human history by European whites now go completely unacknowledged but their record is second to none.

A world that scapegoats its best to make its worst feel better about themselves is going to pay a big price and the first to pay the price in millions dead will be non-whites, my guess in Africa, the least self-sufficient and therefore most vulnerable to both natural (drought) and man made crises.

P.S. Why is Nodrog back like a bad penny? Does he have amnesia? I quote:

"Well Dymphna, I can see that "open discussion" at Gates of Vienna is no longer to be tolerated when it comes to the Nodrog. Calling out your husband and Laine for their repellent political views is apparently no longer acceptable.

So be it. Adieu.

This site is really starting to make me ill anyway".

7/21/2009 11:05 AM

Nodrog should conserve his health and everyone's time by having the courage of his convictions and staying away. It's win win.

Sean O'Brian said...

Oslo rape statistics shock

Two out of three charged with rape in Norway's capital are immigrants with a non-western background according to a police study. The number of rape cases is also rising steadily.

Watching Eagle said...

Could Solkar (or anybody ) write out the case for why the Eurabian Caliphate is not possible? We had better find out, so we can do what has to be done.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

"And yet, when you talk with lefties, they will always praise Sweden as the model Socialist society. Perhaps Fjordman or somebody who actually lives there could enlighten us about how great it really is."

I grew up in the 60's and 70's and back then my country was pretty much an Astrid Lindgren-idyll. For the most part of the 80's it was okay. It was in the early 90's when the elite decided to get on board the multiculti-train which has lon nce derailed completely and turned my once beatiful country into a third world sewer instead. The illegals are en entitled to free health and dental care, something us natives aren't. Especially dental care is expensive. So we have nicknamed these cultural enrichers The New Nobility (Den Nya Adeln in swedish). Personally, I believe most of the political, media and cultural elite should be dragged to court and prosecuted for high treason and if found guilty, share the same fate as Vidkun Quisling. No quarter for that scum!

Btw I think Fjordman is norwegian.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

It was in the early 90's when the elite decided to get on board the multiculti-train which has long since derailed completely and turned my once beatiful country into a third world sewer instead.

I'm sorry for the typo-troll turning everything I write into gobbledygook. It is really annoying.