Thursday, July 30, 2009

Abducted, Sold, and Converted to Islam

Amira Morgan and Ingy Basta
Amira Morgan and Ingy Basta

This is one of those news stories that is almost too heartrending to read. These mothers now face the nightmare scenario that all parents fear: the abduction of their children. And this case is even worse than average — normally a parent would expect a ransom demand, and would attempt to raise the money. But these mothers are not given that option: their girls have been deliberately abducted in order to be converted to Islam.

It’s chilling to learn that there is a set market price for an attractive Coptic girl of high social standing who will be converted against her will to Islam after being sold. Then there’s the threat used by the kidnappers to keep the mother from interfering: her 9-year-old son will be slaughtered before her eyes if she doesn’t keep quiet and stay home.

The local authorities and police in Alexandria are tacitly complicit in these abductions, so that Coptic parents have no recourse when their children are kidnapped.

Here’s the story from AINA. Note that Amira Morgan’s mother has received confirmation of what happened from her daughter’s abductors, but there is still no word on Ingy Basta:

Muslims Abduct Two Christian Coptic Girls in Egypt
By Mary Abdelmassih

(AINA) — Mrs. Samira Markos, who lives in Alexandria, sent an appeal to Egypt4Christ advocacy, pleading with them to rescue her daughter from forced Islamization. The mother said that her daughter Amira Morgan (born 9/9/1992) was abducted on 7-18-2009 on her way to work in the plastics factory near their home.

Egypt4Christ sent one of its members in Alexandria to verify the mother’s plea and met with one of the family relatives who corroborated the story.

“At 10 o’clock of the same morning someone called me and asked if I was Amira’s mother. He introduced himself as Sheikh Mohammed, and said that my daughter is fine and will convert to Islam,” the mother said. “When I cried and begged him to let me have my daughter back, he said he would let me see her again after her conversion to Islam, and ended the call. I tried calling that cell phone back several time, but there never was a reply.”

The mother went to El-Sennin Mosque in her neighbourhood at 1.30 PM, after the Muslim noon prayers, and asked a bearded man emerging from the Mosque regarding Sheikh Mohammed, he laughed and said they have more than fifty Sheikh Mohammeds.

“When I started to cry at the Mosque entrance, one of them came to me and said ‘Listen, mother of Amira, I am warning you not to report the abduction to the police or do anything, the price will be your son Meena (9 years old) being slaughtered in front of your own eyes. I am not threatening, I’m talking seriously.’“ He further said “Listen, your daughter Amira will convert to Islam next Friday, and we are now preparing her for that. Now go home and stay indoors until everything is quietly over.”

After getting this message, Samira said that she was filled with terror, went home quickly and took her son Meena and escaped from the whole region, to somewhere unknown.

Samira Markos lives in Alexandria alone with her two children, Meena and Amira; her husband has been working in Libya for the last ten years.

“All the Muslims in our neighbourhood know about the abduction. I could not get hold of my husband, and even my Christian friends have abandoned me as they are afraid of the Salafis who are in complete control of the region.”
- - - - - - - - -
Salafi is the name of a movement or sect in which Muslims try to imitate their Prophet Mohamad in every aspect of life. Salafism emphasize the laws and punishments of Islam, and has been equated by some with radicalism and terrorism.

Another episode of Coptic female abduction took place on 7-22-2009, also in Alexandria, when 18-year old Ingy Basta went to repair her cell phone in the Nozha Airport area, and was never seen again. Her father reported the case to the police on 23/7/2009 but she has not been found yet. Ingy was be engaged on Sunday 7/26/2009 to a Coptic man.

Egypt4Christ believes that Ingy was abducted by the same Muslim group which operates in the Nozha Airport area of Alexandria. On 28/5/2009 their Imam falsely accused a Coptic young man of stealing the donations box from the Zawiya corner (prayer room) of El-Nour Mosque, after he refused to convert to Islam. Maged Saad was found innocent of this theft by the court.

Ms Rasha Nour, Head of Egypt4Christ warns that the Alexandria Governorate has become full of intolerance towards Christians, which could lead to a sectarian strife at any time because of the “gangs of Islamization,” who fill all the neighborhoods in Alexandria. “Those gangs are headed by a group of Sheikhs who are backed by the police authorities, but mainly the State Security in El-Faraana, downtown Alexandria,” says Rasha. “One of these is Sheikh Hassan Saber Khalil who is well known to all the police officers. There are other Sheikhs whose names we reserve and will expose if needed.”

The first to report (AINA 7-18-2009 ) on the lucrative business of the ‘brokers’ of Islamization of Christians, was the independent Egyptian newspaper Al Fagr (the Dawn) in its May 19 2008 issue, citing the city of Alexandria as an example.

Al Fagr reporter Tamer Salah-el-Din highlighted how the operation, which is funded by Muslim businessmen, is carried out with the collusion of State Security and Mosque sheikhs. The ‘trading rates’ cashed by brokers for each Christian male and female conversion to Islam, at the time of writing this report, was 7000 Egyptian pounds for males and 6000 for females. The rates for Coptic girls fluctuate depending on how good-looking she is and her family’s social status.


christian soldier said...

Isn't time for Christians - world-wide - to stop being NICE --This kind of 'stuff' has been happening to our Brothers and Sisters in Christ for far too long with no OutRAGE expressed!!!

Anonymous said...

Similar incidents are common in Pakistan. Young Christian girls are kidnapped, and forcibly married to Muslim men. They are reported to have converted to Islam, thus there is no going back.

Islam is as Islam does.

Anonymous said...

[Mode Solkhar on]

But that's not real Islam ! Don't you know the Muslim world rejects fundamentalists ? You have a Coptic agenda !

[Mode Solkhar off]

Liberty Bell said...

If a Coptic agenda means being against kidnapping, forced religious conversion and marriage (which is essentially imprisonment and repeated rape) - then yes, I have a Coptic agenda.

What constitutes "real" Islam is largely academic. The perpetrators of these barbaric crimes believe themselves to be practising real Islam. What comfort anyway is that to an imprisoned Coptic girl?

It won't be long before this becomes widespread in Europe too, where apologists will blame a "tiny minority of extremists" and claim that this isn't "real" Islam.

Rather than trying to befriend the Muslims of Egypt the President of the USA should be defending the rights of this persecuted minority.

Anonymous said...

Robert Marchenoir

As they say, the reality that bites, is the real Islam.

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

Liberty Bell said: "It won't be long before this becomes widespread in Europe too, where apologists will blame a 'tiny minority of extremists' and claim that this isn't 'real' Islam."

Indeed, and it will happen here in the USA, too, and Politically Correct as we are we will put up with it, just as we have de facto accepted the burka and honor killings.

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

...... and routine wife beating, welfare spongeing, Imams spouting hate in the Mosques, multiple wives supported by the taxpayers, a sky high birthrate from the multiple wives supported by the taxpayers, sharia courts, de facto slavery for imported servants of Muslims, thuggery in the park and on the subway, drug smuggling and gun running, "car-becues" in the banlieus, no-go zones, etc, etc...

laine said...

What other "religion" has forcible conversion? But of course, this is how Mohammed himself spread his cult beliefs back in the day. And what other "religion" prevents anyone from leaving on pain of death?

Muslim leaders are clearly aware of just how lousy a product they are pushing in Islam as they have to force it on the unwilling and there's no exchange, no refund allowed. The vast majority are brainwashed as helpless children and their critical reasoning abilities systematically blunted. Their other big source of converts are the damaged minds of imprisoned criminals.

Any healthy thinking person would burst out laughing at the thought that it's advisable to emulate an eighth century ruffian who made up a god who conveniently wanted him to rule the world, while catering to his every low desire. What god worth worshiping has an express line to his bordello heaven for those willing to kill innocents in his name?

What does a god celebrating death more than life contribute to mankind except a miserable and hate filled existence on earth as 57 Muslim countries demonstrate? What other religion contains so many perversions and so much inhumanity carried forward unaltered from primitive times to the 21st century that its apologists have a full time job lying that the thousands and thousands of examples in the daily news have nothing to do with Islam and are coincidence, or universal, or tribal, or figments of the West's imagination, or from another planet...

Islam is a bad seed that's been allowed to thrive in the obscurity of the world's back waters and now burst its confines to become a nightmare for humanity, not just Muslims themselves.

One day it's chopping a recalcitrant wife's head off, the next throwing acid in a school girl's face, the next raping female prisoners before execution so they can't get into heaven, the next flogging or stoning a woman to death for being raped, then it's dressing up toddlers in terrorist garb complete with dummy suicide belts, followed by dancing and handing out candy to celebrate one's child's successful suicide bombing, or it's gang beatings and arson, next it's the torture murder of a French Jew, it's religious police shooting unarmed protestors, or forcing girls fleeing a fire back because they are improperly dressed, then the drowning of four female members of your own family, or poisoning a daughter, or strangling her or pushing her off a balcony, or it's marrying a child to an old man in institutionalized pedophilia, or locking your kids up without education of any kind, then it's burning churches and synagogues, next it's rioting and killing people on the basis of rumors about Mohammed cartoons and teddy bears named Mohammed, or it's blowing up ancient giant Buddhas of historical significance to all humanity or it's committing genocide of Sudanese blacks.

This list of ongoing atrocities is not nearly comprehensive as Gates of Vienna has a word quota. Every day it's a new horror on the all Islam channel all the time.

Laurel said...

The Hell's Angels really are our only hope.

These "Christians" need to stop being afraid and stand up for their basic right to exist. Being afraid only gets more to be afraid of.

When Muslims start snatching non-Muslim women off the streets for forcible conversion, its time to fight back.

I am reminded of the words of Hillel: "If not me, then who? If not now, then when?"

Unknown said...

How long before this hits in the USA?
Sharia may be coming sooner than we think.
Our "commander in chief" was born a Muslim. His middle name is the name of one of Mohamed's sons.