Thursday, July 23, 2009

Swedes Caught in a Crossfire

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Danish correspondent TB has translated an article about an enrichment incident in Odense, and the experience of two Swedish journalists who were inadvertently caught up in it. First, here’s what TB had to say about the events:

This story counts as The Cultural Enrichment News Story of the Week here in Denmark. It serves to illustrate many different aspects of ‘The Multiculti Paradise’. Among other things it shows how immigrant areas in Western countries slowly but surely become autonomous no-go zones where police are no longer able to work without military assistance. It is a small scale example of the problems that can now be observed routinely in France.

The incident took place in Odense the other day. At the beginning it is just a normal everyday Enricher vs. Enricher incident. But when Danish police enter the picture the whole setting changes.

Enrichment in Odense

The story has a kind of inner beauty to it since the whole sequence was observed by two journalists from Sweden who were in Denmark to cover the so-called “gang war”. Suddenly these representatives of the most pure and morally superior country the world has ever seen find themselves in a war zone, only to discover that there are no evil Danish bikers or gangs involved. On the contrary, they are given a firsthand Enrichment experience.

I cannot wait to see how (or if) they are going to report about it. I must admit that I found it difficult not to laugh my head off when reading about their reactions. Oh my, they probably do not even know that this is an everyday incident in good old safe Sweden.

And the translated article from Fyens Stiftstidende:

Swedish journalists caught in shootout

Journalist and photographer observed how the situation ran out of control Tuesday night in Vollsmose [a district in Odense]

Extremely uncomfortable, they both say

Vollsmose: It was actually meant as quiet talk with two young people from Vollsmose.

One of the last tasks for the Swedish journalist and the press photographer, who have been in Odense for the past couple of days to collect material for articles about the gang war for the big Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

But suddenly the journalist Ann Persson and photographer Anders Hansson found themselves caught in the middle of the shootout in Vollsmose Tuesday evening.

“All of a sudden, when we were sitting quietly and talking, we heard shots in the area,” journalist Ann Persson says.

“We were ‘stupid’ enough to go out to watch was happening and then everything went very fast,” she continues.

Three men in a Mercedes [ahhh yes, this is their favorite tank — translator]

Both experienced the following moments as if they were part of a movie:
- - - - - - - - -
A dark car, probably a Mercedes, comes driving by at high speed, three young men jump out and start running around as if they were looking for somebody.

“One of them has a gun in his hand. That I am 100% sure of,” Anders Hansson says the next day.

“He does not wave it around, but holds it against his leg. At the same time the man who was wounded has hidden in a shed and it looks like the three are looking for him.”

It does not take long before two police cars arrive at the scene and then the situation develops further.

“The three men try to escape the police, but they are stopped and the officers begin to search them. It happens as they stand up, not lying down as other reports have said.

“If they haven’t found the gun on one of them it could be because he succeeded in giving it to some of the many people who gathered in the area. He had the chance to that before he was arrested,” the photographer says.

Two elude the police

Anyway, two of the three manage to escape the police who, at this moment, do not have enough manpower.

One is in handcuffs while the other one is not. They run away to hide in the crowd, many of whom are kids.

“An officer shouts for him to stop or he will shoot, and after that people get very excited and the police have to back out,” assert Ann Persson and Anders Hansson.

Extremely uncomfortable

“It was extremely uncomfortable for us to witness [Guess they will need some psychiatric help when they get back to safe old Sweden — translator]. The atmosphere was very charged, and I have never seen anything like it on our assignments,” Anders Persson emphasizes.

That says a lot because Anders Persson has worked in the West Bank, Gaza, and the Congo, so he has seen a lot.

“But there you know to be on guard all the time because something can happen. Here it happened so fast and was so unpredictable and one did not know who was against whom. It was impossible to read the situation.”

Many kids were watching

Ann Persson also found the whole situation extremely unpleasant and has never seen anything like it before.

“It was very confusing. Because it happened so fast, one had no chance of finding out what was going on. It was strange that so many kids and youngsters were present in the middle of something as dramatic as this, and it was obvious that there was a very hostile attitude towards the police,” she says.

Home again

Wednesday the two representatives of the Swedish press were back in Sweden again, and they plan to have their articles ready to print in the paper during the next few days.


More photos

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Benedictos jesus said...

Gud Välsigna våra icke Islamiska Länder

Jurist Christian Mohamad

Zenster said...

Not a Hell's Angel in sight but too many jackals to count. Qu'elle surprise!

Baron Bodissey said...

Christian --

This is an English-language site. If you comment in Swedish, please provide a translation.

A machine translation of your comment:

God Bless our non-Islamic Countries

Lawyer Christian Mohamad

Anonymous said...

"An officer shouts for him to stop or he will shoot."

Wow ! A Danish policeman is allowed to shoot just to stop a suspect from running away, while not being personally threatened ?

This is certainly not the case in France.

heroyalwhyness said...

Quote: "An officer shouts for him to stop or he will shoot."

the last of three photos at the provided link shows a uniformed officer shouting at the group and aiming what appears to be a can of pepper spray or the shortest nozzle handgun I've seen. Is this what he was threatening to shoot with - because the crowd does not appear at all impressed.

Jedilson Bonfim said...

Three men in a Mercedes [ahhh yes, this is their favorite tank — translator]

Ah yes, them fat, subsidized-by-the-hardworking-and-law-abiding-Dane welfare checks sure go a long way for those which (not who) would be riding donkeys, camels or their multiple wives in their countries of origin...

One_of_the_last_few_Patriots_left said...

heroyalwhyness wrote: ".....the crowd does not appear at all impressed."

Since we cannot see outside the field of view of the camera, we cannot be certain how many individuals were actually present at this incident of "cultural enrichment." Within the photograph itself, I count 3 Police officers and about 20 "cultural enrichers." Thus the Police officers are OUTNUMBERED by at least about 3 to 1, and maybe more. And, indeed, it does appear that one of the officers is holding a can of pepper spray.

At the rate these incidents are escalating, I believe that at some point Police officers in this kind of situation may be swarmed and overpowered, relieved of their weapons, and even killed by the Muslim mob.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

If it ever gets reported in swedish media it will be extremely filtered and the photos will be pixled, white pixled even as ethnicity is never relevant according to these media folks, unless the perps are white and the victims immigrants or mahoundians, when it suddenly becomes extremely relevant for some reason. You go figure...