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Cultural Enrichment in Australia

Cultural Enrichment News

Here’s a disturbing news story about the ultra-enriched practice of female genital mutilation being imported into Australia along with its African practitioners. Before I post the news story, this is what one of our Australian contacts has to say on the topic:

There’s been anecdotal evidence for years of this sort of thing happening. A midwife tells me that a lot of the women who come in already sewn up will have to be cut open to give birth, and then they ask to be sewn up again.

At the Royal Women’s Hospital there’s a unit to deal specifically with FGM. If they are adults and want to be sewn up again, the hospital isn’t allowed to say no. They just try not to sew up as much.

There’s also been talk for years of doctors out in the west of Sydney — think Lakemba (surprise!) — applying FGM to girls rather than have their parents take them back overseas to have it done. It’s illegal, but there’s still a lot of grounds for suspicion there — when nobody’s talking, how are you going to track it down?

And now the news story:

Girls’ Hidden Agony

AFRICAN immigrant girls are increasingly being forced by their families to have barbaric female genital mutilation, Immigration Minister Chris Evans has been warned.

The minister has been told the painful ritual is almost certainly being practised here, and some girls may have been flown to Africa for the disfiguring procedure.
- - - - - - - - -
Senator Evans received briefings “to respond to concerns that (mutilation) is increasingly being practised on permanent residents/Australian citizens”.

But community liaison officers said it was difficult to know how widespread it was.

Concerns have also been raised with the minister over growing levels of domestic violence in African communities, particularly against Sudanese women.

“One possible explanation for this is that women no longer have the protection of their extended families as they would have in their home countries,” he was told.

For a complete listing of previous enrichment news, see The Cultural Enrichment Archives.

Hat tip: islam o’phobe.


James Higham said...

The savagery will not be stopped whilst governments are lily-livered ad following their own other agendas.

Anonymous said...

"If they are adults and want to be sewn up again..."

So I suppose it's the most extreme variant of this custom, which involves not only mutilation, but also some needlework. How nice.

And that's in Australia. There's nowhere to hide, really.

Nilk said...

Here's a link to a study done in the late 90s at the Royal Women's with women who'd undergone fgm.

And from the RWH directly:

printer friendly page

Search The Womens' WebsiteSearch The Womens' Website

female genital mutilation / cutting

Female Genital Mutilation / Cutting
The Royal Women's Hospital has a strong commitment to working with women from a range of cultural backgrounds. Women from countries where Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) has been practiced have been attending the hospital for many years. Out of this has grown an infrastructure of support for women, including commitment to improving clinical pathways for women.

Female genital mutilation clinical resources

These resources include a range of information on the subject of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). They have been developed for use by health professionals at the Women’s and are intended to fulfill the following objectives:

* to increase understanding of the historical and cultural significance of FGM and its prevalence world wide
* to resource and support staff at the Women’s in developing the skills necessary for delivery of appropriate care to women affected by FGM
* to optimise service delivery within the Women’s by defining and clarifying the roles and responsibilities of key workers including the Family and Reproductive Rights Education Program (FARREP) workers and the FGM liaison Officers (FGMLOs)
* to promote streamlined service pathways for the ante and post-natal care of women affected by FGM

Anonymous said...

A couple of links that GoV should look at

Hate crimes legislation tacked on to Defence authorisation Bill in the US



Australia's Internet censorship gong show

Both are well worth reading, for they indicate the way the wind is blowing.

. said...

Then ban the practice in Australia. And criminalize the practice of flying elsewhere to have the surgery.

That should keep a lot of immigrants who don't want to assimilate out of Australia. And provide a refuge for those wanting to escape barbarism.

OOPS! I used the word "refuge" - a Gates of Vienna no-no!

Because the Gates of Vienna crowd doesn't really want to discriminate between non-White immigrants wanting to assimilate and non-White immigrants wanting to stay isolated. The Gates of Vienna crowd wants them all gone regardless. Some of them by any means necessary.

Solkhar said...

My wife, an Arab Moroccan and a doctor at the largest international hospital in Rabat comes accross GM often because sub-Saharan diplomats use it as well as the wealthy and officials from those countries flying in for treatment.

The practice is unheard of here in Morocco with only some of the nomaic Saharans practicing it - but that is almost gone.

This horrendous crime that is a barbaric cultural habit unfortunately is not going away - changing a people's culture is sometimes the hardest thing - even religious belief, such as Christianity and Islam has no sway over culutural and tribal habits.

Afonso Henriques said...


It's true that many non white immigrants are examplar citizens. It just is not a good excuse to justify the destruction of Europe by giving the right for all "good non whites" to enter into the whites land.

But, if you are serious, you'll note that how the immigrants are is related to their person first and foremost.
Then, you should know that many, many of the bad behaving immigrants are 2nd generations already born in the European country.
Many of this, if not the majority are born and raised to "exemplar" parents, who are themselves exemplar immigrants.
I know some cases in which the mother was a jewel and the son is a bandit.

In French the majority of those who cause problems are already born in France, some of them to "good immigrants".
That's why, usually in Europe, 2nd generations are worst than the first ones. Maybe that they feel rootless is a cause, I don't know.

. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Afonso Henriques said...


I agree with much of what you say.
That difference across the Atlantic is real, but still the indeigenous peoples of Europe are not treated with the respect that even a lost tribe that achieved nothing diserves.

The European peoples, and with it the culture and virtually everything that comes with it is being ostensibly erased or mongrelised and "no one" cares about it. People consider it "progress". It's disgusting.

And, in my particular opinion, I think that some cultures are superior to others and that therefore, we gain when one "superior" culture expands. May it be Romans or Europeans.
My Nation was colonised and colonised other regions.
It's true that we caused some damages in the populations that we colonised but it is also true that we created there, in my opinion, a much better Civilisation that previously existed. And, in many cases that we could not "Civilise" the Natives successfully, we gave them a culture vastly superior to what they already had.

This goes for the Americas in general. Overall, I think that the European presence in America was not a "destructive" force but a rather positive one. Even in countries like Mexico.
I know some Indians will not agree with me but they still are a majority some countries and can enjoy reservations in North and South America while enjoying a culture they would never be able to create by themselves.

My country suffered two colonisations: The Roman one, which I think was frankly positive and the Moorish one which I think was negative because it was a severe set-back that can still be felt here. Worst, it marked us so much that we can't deny the Arabic influence on us (I'm not saying though that Spaniards and Portuguese descend at large from Arabs or Berbers or that our culture derives from theirs).

So, about America not being a "white Nation". It is. Untill very recently (1950s) the main influence on all American countries but Haiti (and some minor caribean islands perhaps) was the European one.

I can understand your position that America is a propositional Nation. I can accept it.
But you see, I think that "brownifying" America or attracting immigrants all over the world without a racial/cultural discrimination that favours the continuity of Traditional America ("white America") just because those arriving are "good" (and I truly believe many are good people and that half of them will probabily be better persons than the average American) is a big crime because of mainly two reasons:
1)It will cutt off or slowly kill Traditional America as well as its people and its culture.
2)I don't really think that such America will be an improovement, that is, that it will be a better America. I have a hard time to believe, to figure out rationally how could that new America be better wether in terms of Civilisation, Economics, Standard of Living, Culture, etc.

And then we have deeper questions because America is a very important Country. If America transforms itself in that way, how will it continue to be a part of European Civilisation? How will it continue to be part of "the West"?

I believe America is the country with more Europeans in the world and the most powerfull country in the World and the most influent all across the entire European Civilisation.
Can you imagine the harm that can be caused by such transformations in America? Both to the European peoples and it's Civilisation and culture as to the whole world?

I am looking forward to reading your repply.

ɱØяñιηg$ʇðя ©™ said...

Nice to hear a muslim rejecting this savage practice for once. Usually they are protective with both teeth and claw when it comes to anything in their religion and culture.

laine said...

Nodrog shows the eternal bad manners to come to this site, partake of its bandwidth to regularly denounce his host and on this occasion another guest as a "troglodyte".

Then he spews his lame diversionary factoid:

"the little-known (to anti-Mexican bigots, at least) fact that 75% of third-generation Mexican-Americans don't have any proficiency in Spanish (and none are not proficient in English)"

while omitting to mention that the third generation Mexican Americans he promotes are the only major racial/cultural group in America who do not improve their educational status with each succeeding generation. It is no advantage to the United States as Nogrod keeps falsely proposing to have a large group of self-selected ILLEGAL immigrants from a culture that does not prize education and therefore represents a continued drain on education, health, criminal justice and welfare dollars.

He links apples and oranges by mentioning the documented superior academic performance of Chinese students in the same breath as multi-generational low achieving Mexican Americans. I have never noticed anyone, including the two "troglodytes" mentioned by name on this thread objecting to cultures like the Chinese who have arrived legally, excelled and led lawful productive lives contributing to instead of draining American resources for the benefit of their lawless mess of a home country.

Nogrod's mindless genuflecting to any non-white immigrant group regardless of their record in the mistaken belief that this proves he's a superior moral being instead of an anti-white bigot or self-hater is what landed a complete incompetent in the White House.

If you're white Nogrod, cross the Mexican border illegally in the other direction and explain to the authorities who are jailing and deporting you that by the third generation you'll have forgotten how to speak English and will have learned Spanish and see just what value they place on that "talent" to forget one language and learn another insufficiently to participate in higher learning. Then you'll get to call them troglodytes in Spanish as they bundle you back where you came from.

Dymphna said...


I've asked you nicely and now I'm telling you point blank:

I let you first questionable statement stand, but based on your subsequent incendiary remarks it would appear that this approach increases your incivility.

So from now, be warned: one ugly word and you're gone from whatever thread it is you choose to debase.

I may not see your attacks immediately, I may even miss some entirely. But when I'm well enough to look at the comments and you (or anyone else, but it seems to be mainly you) are here being ugly, I'll delete ya.

If you persist despite knowing the rules, then I'll delete you as entirely as possible.

I'm sick of your game and your defamation of our work.

Rocha said...

TPFKA Gordon have you read your own constitution? Well here is the preamble "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." now were in ourselver and our posterity the slaves and immigrants are? I understand they were not a part of it neither most of your goverment in believed they were. In federalist papers the people who helped create your goverment mentioned as a quality that the colonies spoke one common language and had one religion (christianity) and for more than 170 years your laws keep it that way. Learn more about your own land history before writing b&llsh*t.

Rocha said...


Just to let you know, i read your posts in our last exchange and saw the videos but had problems with Vista and in the process of getting back to XP got without internet for a few days. Thanks for your info and in due time we can discuss it.

Afonso Henriques said...

Okay Rocha, don't worry about that.

I hope you did not find those videos offensive.

Rocha said...


I did find the comedy a bit offensive but c'est la vie. We do have our share of that here too and it's not without bright spots. I did not searched for the brazilian hate videos yet but i know the thinking behind it (presuming they follow the pattern in Brazil). Rich and middle class people get it on universities and the negritos get it on from the marxist teachings from the rich. As for the lenghty post it helped me to figure out what's happening in Portugal. I DID thought most brazilians in Portugal were sons and grandsons of portuguese know i see that most are negritos and mestiços WHAT A SURPRIZE! We are exporting our nordestino menace! As for the PCP like the PCC it can fall with strong actions like we did in São Paulo they tried to do here what CV (comando vermelho) did in Rio now they are in jail. I was thinking that getting in Portugal was more difficult since my experience getting dual citizenship failed (because my grandfather is dead) i hoped i could use it as a escape route if this country got the venezuelan way. Why Portugal let those people in still wonders me. If you want you could find me at immerkrieg#hotmail&com.

. said...

Well Dymphna, I can see that "open discussion" at Gates of Vienna is no longer to be tolerated when it comes to the Nodrog. Calling out your husband and Laine for their repellent political views is apparently no longer acceptable.

So be it. Adieu.

This site is really starting to make me ill anyway.

Baron Bodissey said...

Sudden silence. The smoke and smell of cordite fade from the scene.

A lone Tommy pokes his head up over the parapet.

"Is he really gone?"

Afonso Henriques said...


I think you have understand it.

You want dual citizenship? I don't know exactly how it is done (it's harder than Brazil but then Brazil gains a lot with the dual Nationality of the corrupts of Portugal) but you just have to come here to live and ask for it after four years or so. I'd recomend you to search for information on your own.

And, according to Olavo de Carvalho, Brazil has already gone the Venezuelan way :)
You can come here. Just do not expect the poorest country of Western Europe to be an El Dorado.
And you seem to be right wing and not to hate the Poruguese and Portugal so expect to be mistreated by "society". ...But not much.

Rocha said...


No problem. As i wrote the easy road is closed to me. It's sad to me that is so easy to say the truth. Just 4 years!
Well Olavo sometimes is too radical but i do fear that if Dilma wins the next election we could be really in that way. As i wrote i would use it as a escape route as i do not want to live in Portugal or any other country more than needed, if needed.
It's my duty to finish my ancestors work and turn this land as european as USA was in the 50's or die tryng.
As for the portuguese people i do not know many young portuguese but the ones i know (mostly 40y or +) are some of the most kind people i know of.
Be sure Afonso there are few people more right wing than me. At least in this land forgotten by god...

Rocha said...

On the other way around you could get naturalised citizenship as a portuguese speaker with one year in Brazil. If you could spare the time it's a good investment just in case Europe goes sharia way.

laine said...

"The Nodrog" as he likes to fashion himself leaves in character. He could have followed Dymphna's instructions and actually addressed the holes I pointed out in his dog's breakfast of an argument above instead of more name calling. But what am I saying, he has no rebuttal.

So he pronounces himself too good for this site and withdraws his unlamented presence.

Seldom has so inadequate a debater thought so much of his own lame performance. He's like one of those tone deaf people who instead of recognizing his limitations insists on "singing" in public. Then he gets in a huff when the audience doesn't appreciate his sour notes and takes them elsewhere...

Guess that shows us.

Charlemagne said...

Does not a single Western country have any restrictions on immigration? Good Lord why are we killing ourselves this way?

Rocha said...

About the FGM, in my first semester at PUC-SP (Local Catholic University) i was talking to two classmates about what's was happening in france and that africans were already exporting their custom of cutting women vaginas in situ. To my astonishment one of them a black leftist girl began deffending their right to do so her white friend following suit. I had choosed the matter exactly because of that, thinking that she would not dare to defend such atrocity agaisnt women. After that day i surely don't doubt the stupidity of the liberals and the marxist over any issue.

. said...

Actually, dear Laine, I had destroyed your arguments. My objection is that my destruction of them was apparently so total that Dymphna had a fit and decided to delete the whole comment. It's hard to argue even with someone like you, Laine, when your argument is deleted by the blog administrator.

Baron Bodissey said...

Why, Nodrog! I thought you had shaken the dust from your feet, departed, and sworn never to darken our towels again!

Are we so irresistible that you just couldn't stay away?

Rocha said...

Para que ele vai chorar!
Be careful Baron he will finish crying...