Monday, July 20, 2009

Cultural Enrichment in Bergen

Cultural Enrichment News

Our Norwegian correspondent Zylark sends a new selection of cultural enrichment, all from Bergen. Zylark notes that Bergen is a small town by international standards, with a population just over 250,000.

First his translation of an Enricher vs. Enricher knifing episode:

Knifed in Nesttun

One man (45) has been operated on and is now recuperating at Haukeland Hospital with serious injuries.

The police were called to the knifing at 0119 on Sunday morning. They were notified by the ambulance at the scene.

The episode happened in a flat at Nesttunveien 33.

“One man was stabbed in the torso and is hospitalized. A man of the same age was arrested in the same area,” states the Chief of Operations at the Hordaland police precinct, Asbjørn Andersen.

The injured man was sent to Haukeland hospital, where he has been operated on. The hospital stated early on Sunday that the condition of the patient is serious but stable.

Both men are of foreign origin. A blood sample has been taken from the suspect. He is now under arrest and will be questioned later on Sunday or on Monday.

The motive for the stabbing is not known thus far.

More Enricher vs. Enricher incidents involving knives:
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Armed police operation in Møllendalsveien

Police were dispatched after calls about fighting and knife-threats.

The Police were notified on Saturday at 1815 that a man was violently abusing a woman at the address.

“One caller claims to have seen through a window that a knife was used to threaten another person,” states Chief of Operations Oddvar Norfonn at Hordaland police precinct.

The police entered the flat at the given address, where a number of people of foreign origin were located.

“None of them had heard anything of any fight or threats; none of them wanted to file any complaint. In the end, the police left the location,” states Nordfonn.

Nordfonn emphasizes that they trust the calls they received.

“We have experienced before that these ethnic groups want to keep the police out of their business, and would rather exert internal justice at a later date.

Of the final article, Zylark says:

Here’s one last little episode. Do note the difference in how it is reported. When the newspapers here write “of foreign origin” they really mean (Muslim) Arab or African. Everyone else is identified either by suspected nationality or region.

Zylark has translated this article, but notes that the incident was also reported here:

Manhunt for brutal robber

The police suspect a man of assault and robbery of two women on the night before Sunday.

“This is a case we take very seriously. We have had several meetings regarding these two assault-robberies today,” states Police-Sergeant Siri Doksæter at the Fire and Theft department at Bergen Police station.

Two women were assaulted and robbed in the center of Bergen in a two hour interval night to Sunday.

“The first woman walked by the intersection of Kaigaten and Christiesgate whilst talking on her phone. She noticed someone nudging her in the back. Before she could turn around, she received a hard blow to the back, and fell to her knees,” states Doksæter.

The 20-year-old woman lost her cell-phone on the ground.

The perpetrator picked up the phone and ran. The victim did not get a good look at the perp, but he seemed between 20 and 30 years old and looked Eastern European.

The assault happened around 0130.

Around 0330 a woman in her early twenties was on her way home from the center of town. She was talking on her phone on the way home to Nordnes [which strictly speaking is in the center of Bergen, a 10-minute walk from most bars and clubs].

“By the College, she noticed a man walking behind her. She felt a finger in her back, and when she turned, she was hit in the temple so hard that she fell. The perpetrator picked up her phone and vanished. He is described as between 25 and 30 years old with short hair,” states Doksæter.

Due to the MO used in the assaults, the police think the same man is behind both of them.

“This is brutal, and it was done using the exact same procedure. I can not remember any similar episodes, so this is a sad tendency. [1]

Doksæter asks for tips from the public.

“Both girls were alone when the assaults happened, but if anyone saw anything, we ask them to contact the police.”


[1] Not entirely true, though it is the first time girls have been assaulted. Just last week a man was so severely beaten that he may spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. In that episode also a cell phone was the object of the assault. A Romanian national has been arrested for that particular assault. It is pretty obvious to anyone who bothers to look that Romanians, especially Gypsy Romanians, are on a crime spree throughout Europe.

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heroyalwhyness said...

Comments at the first linked story are interesting. Using google translate :

Quote translation:

"Hi Erling!
You are certainly right that there are black sheep among the Norwegians, too, would only be missing ..
But I

heard on NRK news for a few days ago that 100% of the rape attack in Oslo were committed by foreigners, . . .