Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nazi of the Week

I was shocked to learn that Nazism has arrived on the West Coast of the United States along with immigrants from China. It’s hard to believe that the Chinese people who come to this country have become radicalized by the purveyors of neo-fascist ideology.

But it’s true. Check out the photo below of a San Francisco school — an educational institution, mind you! — that is now corrupting the minds of its multicultural students with the hideous doctrines of National Socialism:
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Nazi Chinese

This important photograph was taken by regular Gates of Vienna commenter Jedilson Bonfim, who says:

The attached picture is one I took of a place which can be seen in the Google Maps Street-View feature, at 744 Sacramento St, San Francisco. Although the image resolution on GM is low, the swastikas flanking the entrance to the Chinese school can be seen clearly in the image I’m sending you.

Once you’ve entered “744 Sacramento St, San Francisco” in the Google Maps search box and clicked on Street View, you’ll have to face south to see the school. Though it’s actually located at 755 Sacramento St, the address aforementioned is the one that will display the school.

According to a plaque next to the door, the establishment is the “Nam Kue Chinese School, founded 1919 by the Nam Hoy Fook Yum Benevolent Society — building erected 1925”.



The Roman said...

In case somebody doesn't know it yet - swastika and sauwastika are old Indian symbols, used widely in the Buddhist cultures.
How Nazis came to use it is a strange story, being a cultural hijacking of the worst kind, if we take into account the world of difference between the Buddhist and Nazi message.
Little personal note - Baron and Dymphna - you are the best!
Greetings from the land of Sobieski and Kosciusko!

Jedilson Bonfim said...

If Charles Johnson ever visits San Francisco again, he'd be advised to be careful where he goes, who he hangs out with and who he buys anything from, lest he might be regarded as a hypocrite by violating his own boycotts! You never know if someone could be a supporter of the Nam Hoy Fook Yum Benevolent Society...

Rocha said...

In case you don't know Roman the Swastika is an ancient aryan (indo-european) simbol. It was used by every people tracing it's lineage to the aryan peoples (i'm not using aryan here as in accord with nazi mythology) it includes the Indians, the Celts, the Greeks, the Germans, et cetera. In the expansion of the aryan ureimat and after that when the indian expanded their religions in asia the Chinese, Finns, Koreans, Japanese and Even the Thai come in contact with the symbol.

Asterix could have used a shield with a swastika! =]

Rocha said...

Ah before the war both imperial Russia and the USA used the symbol.

Solkhar said...

Neo-fascism usually includes nationalism, anti-immigration policies or, where relevant, nativism (see definition), anti-communism, and opposition to the parliamentary system and liberal democracy. Allegations that a group is neo-fascist may be hotly contested, especially if the term is used as a politic epithet. Some post-World War II regimes have been described as neo-fascist due to their authoritarian nature, and sometimes due to their fascination with fascist ideology and rituals. Neo-fascist movements are more straight-forwardly right-wing than the pre-WWII movements, and have become intertwined with the radical right.[1][2]


Very well put definition

The Roman said...

I have come in contact with swastika through Buddhism and only couple of years ago I realized what was the reason for the sudden disappearance of Buddhism from India. Somehow nobody really openly spoke about this. Very strange, PC mentality there as well? After all Tibetan leaders live mostly in India nowadays, so it would not surprise me, since nobody really knows how many Muslims live there, certainly over 15% of population and growing quickly, also thanks to the illegal immigration from Bangladesh.

The Roman said...

Rocha, Solkhar
I read wiki as well, in several languages.
Thanks for the hints anyway:-)

Robohobo said...

Solkhar - The wiki definition is very complete and completely wrong. Thanks for the disinformation.

I have an old pawn Navajo bracelet and concho belt set from before WWII. They have the swastika but the arms point the other way.

Unknown said...

I have lived and worked in Vietnam for a couple of years and have had many opportunities to visit Buddhist temples around the country and the swastika can be found in most of them.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...


I do not get the point of this post - the message of a symbol is a reflection or a projection, you have to know the context to read the symbol.

Solkhar said...

Robohobo, my comments were on the definition of what is a neoNazi of today, nothing to do with swastikas.

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...


The definition you gave was for Neo-fascism, not neoNazi.

Hamas could be a contender for the definition of "Neo-Nazi"

Solkhar said...

4symbols, thanks for pointing the error, I apologize if my typo has offended anyone, in particular Zenster whom on another thread I made the error more grave and accused him of being a neoNazi.

I wrote the following immediately after 4symbols noting that.


Sorry, your not a neoNazi and I take that back with apology, it was a non-deliberate typing error. I too lost family whom were occupied under the nazi regime.

To to clarify, you're views are neo-facist."

I always acknowledge errors I make.

Again 4Symbols, thanks.

Baron Bodissey said...

4Symbols --

To understand the meaning of this post, you must acquire some of the context of this blog over the last two and a half years. Go back and read the archives for November and December of 2007 to get an idea.

In a nutshell: photographic representations of people raising their hands in the air or holding books with certain images or symbols on the cover have been deemed -- without any further context or analysis -- sufficient evidence that the people involved are "neo-Nazis".

These posts are a humorous way to demonstrate the ludicrousness of such argumentation techniques.

They're also a lot of fun, because, as it turns out, NAZIS ARE EVERYWHERE!

In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...


Checked the GoV archive, got the point.

Thank you.