Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Mass Immigration, Fraud and Bankrupt Countries

Paul Weston’s latest essay concerns the contribution that rampant welfare fraud is making to the looming bankruptcy of Great Britain.

Mass Immigration, Fraud and Bankrupt Countries
by Paul Weston

Paul WestonOne of the bigger lies promulgated by the liberal/left is that immigration is an absolute necessity if we wish to expand our economy. This is simply not the case: immigration is crippling us as a country. When one bears in mind we are already technically bankrupt, then immigration is just hastening our final day of economic reckoning.

In 1997 the population of Britain was 58.4 million. In 2011 it was 62.6 million. These are official government figures, and thus have little credibility because our politicians routinely lie to us. Indigenous Brits are in demographic decline and an unknown number emigrate every year. The last Labour government admitted they had no real idea how many immigrants were here — nor illegal immigrants — but we can safely assume there are many more foreigners than official figures suggest.

If these foreigners were making a positive contribution to Britain’s economy then perhaps objecting to their presence could be construed as the behaviour of snarling , right-wing, bigoted racists. If, on the other hand, they act as a drain upon the British economy, then the lies of their liberal/left apologists should be exposed as an ideology of anti-British, anti-capitalist, anti-white racism.

This argument is fairly easy to prove. We need only look at the associated cost to the government (our taxpayer money) of welfare services provided in 1997 and 2011. For a bankrupt country, it makes rather sobering reading:

Government Spending 1997 2011
Welfare Costs £111 Billion £227 Billion

There are approximately 30 million tax-payers in Britain who now pay almost £4,000 a year more than they did in 1997 for welfare alone, quite apart from funding the huge increases in health service and education costs for our new arrivals. So where is all this money going?

Well, a fair old chunk is stolen by the likes of Romanian Gypsy Lavinia Olmazu, recently jailed for her role in a £10 million benefits scam. She fraudulently obtained 368 National Insurance (NI) numbers, which she then sold to her fellow immigrants who used them to claim welfare, housing benefit, child allowance etc etc.

This fraudulent use of only 368 NI numbers is just a drop in the ocean however. In 2007, Shadow Home Secretary David Davis stated there were 76 million supposedly valid NI numbers in existence — 29 million more than there are eligible British citizens in the United Kingdom! What are these 29 million NI numbers used for? Simple, they are used to steal money from us, the British tax-payer.

Another Roma Gypsy, Telus Dimitru, used the same NI numbers scam to net just under £1 million of welfare fraud. He doesn’t have to pay it all back though, because Romanian house prices have dropped apparently, poor chap. He cannot compete with Nigerian Abimbola Abiola though, who tried to claim £3.8 million in welfare over a ten year period, which entailed the use of 1,400 different identities and NI numbers. Ten years and nobody noticed… maybe Britain really is finished.

There are similar stories every week in the mainstream media about welfare abuse carried out by legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. Entire villages have been constructed in Romania with huge luxury houses and BMW’s parked on sweeping driveways. If just a few hundred fraudulent NI numbers can siphon off millions of pounds, how much money can be stolen with 29 million fraudulent NI numbers?

And meanwhile large numbers of our native elderly have to make the decision every winter whether to eat or to heat their homes. They do not have the financial choice of doing both. The majority of the tax-payer population cannot afford to make ends meet, let alone live in expensive non-multicultural areas with decent schools and hospitals and low crime rates.

The liberal/left elites live in monocultural luxury with access to the best of everything. They don’t even pay large amounts of tax to fund their socialist/multicultural utopia: most high earners at the BBC, for example, have signed up to tax-avoidance schemes so they can parrot the joys of socialism whilst refusing to contribute to the costs of socialism and multiculturalism.

We are quite literally insane as a country. How else to explain this perverse situation whereby the poorest people of a bankrupt country actually pay foreigners to slowly displace us in the long term, and allow them to both legally and illegally access (steal) government money at the expense of the native Brits in the short term?

Britain borrowed £163 Billion in 2010 because the costs of government (and the construction of luxury homes in Nigeria, Romania etc) could not be met by the tax-payer alone. We are around £1 trillion in debt and we are allowing foreigners with no right to be here to steal money from us whilst the majority of the population struggles to pay the essential bills. This is not just insane, it is wicked and it is immoral. Just what will it take for the abused British to finally wake up?

But wake up we will. The financial tsunami has yet to hit Britain in the way it smashed into Greece. When it does (I reckon somewhere between 2012 and 2015) we will be in serious trouble. Genuine far-right parties such as Golden Dawn have already made huge gains in Greece and we can expect to see a similar rise here.

Our half-witted multiculti admirers in Britain are too irredeemably stupid to realise a country can have peace and prosperity only up to a certain point, but after that point is reached, and the native people are genuinely suffering, we are guaranteed to see huge outrage aimed at thieving immigrants and the people who facilitated the thieving at the expense of the native Brits.

The liberal/left are quite mad of course. I can only assume they thought mass-immigration and limitless socialist welfare would bring about socialist governments in perpetuity, but quite the reverse will happen, indeed can only happen. Bankrupt and near-starving multicultural countries will turn to the right, courtesy of the staggering stupidity of the multicultural liberal/left. Hope not Hate will be displaced by Food not Foreigners.

Why is this not obvious?

Paul Weston is Chairman of the British Freedom Party.

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Beach Bum said...

The real reason why the western nations have an immigration problem at all is the tax-financed "welfare" system and other "services", used by politicians to pay off voters with their own money. The main fraud here is the ever higher taxes, and the political rule based on it. The immigration is just a symptom of the corrupted system, corrupted by the lust for power and control over the population. I sympathize with your cause, but will still maintain that you attack the symptom, rather than the real cause. Thereby supporting the mechanics that got us into this mess in the first place.

Why is this not obvious?

dondiego said...

It is the same in my young country, New Zealand. A recent article in my local newspaper spoke of the unemployment issue. The accompanying photo was a line of Indians and Polynesians waiting for a handout.

Vince said...

I'm of the opinion that the system is of fault not those that abuse it. I've heard the horror stories of afghan families living in £2million houses, the Beverley hills street in Romania funded by fraud and benefits scam, and by what you would call the "indigenous" dregs that suck the teat of the welfare state.

Im I believer in the nhs and a safety net, but not that it is more rewarding to be on welfare than to work. One of my friends neighbours is a refugee, he has a wife and two children, he lives in a £300,000 free because he's a refugee. What that says to me is that while my friend has had to work his whole life to be able to get that house, someone else can come here with their hands out and get it all given to them.

I know of another guy that had a career, was stressed overworked paid his rent and bills. He went to jail on a domestic charge. Came out and couldn't find work or get a council house. Got his girlfriend pregnant and they gave them one just like that. I heard she's pregnant again so the council will move them to a bigger house.

Meanwhile a married professional couple, or homes with one income can only afford one child or so. The dregs of society pop out 3-5 children that end up running riot and end up on welfare themselves. This all teaches people don't work hard in life as you can get to the same point being a lazy person.

These two examples are people that are not taking benefits illegally but within the law, they are "entitled" to them. We always talk about the benefit scams, but in my eyes alot of the genuine benefits people get are a scam in themselves.

But end of the day if the state is soft then why the hell not take advantage of it? As much as I disagree with it, I can't blame them. It's not like the politicians bankers etc arent all corrupt anyway. What example is set for the rest? Or the fact you can get your private parts out on a reality show and you become rich and famous.

Could go on forever, but the real question is how to fix the problem?

Anonymous said...

Good article. You ask when will the native Brits wake up, you might as well try to cure an alcoholic. It is a difficult thing to do. Only a real 1929 type collapse of the money system will spur our people to action.By then the country will be so
super-saturated with immigrants that we will have a job to sort it all out. I can't see a situation where violence isn't present. Leftards are not retards and they don't operate on the basis of common good, they are simply unbelievably self-serving failures. Don't ever believe that they have ever had the 'common good' in their warped minds, you give them far too much credit.

Anonymous said...

A country cannot have open borders and a welfare state. At least not for very long.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr Weston on the majority of points. Immigration is a deliberate policy which has nothing to do with economics (if it did we would hand out work visas like China and Dubai, not full citizenship). He is also right that such a policy is anti-White because the only losers, both demographically and economically are White, indigenous Brits.

I am sure Mr Weston has realized the very same thing happens in all White countries, but never anywhere else (in Africa or Asia for example). Anyone who thinks economics justifies the reduction of Europeans to a racial minority is almost certainly anti-White.

Mr Weston hints at the demographic decline of indigenous Brits (but Europeans), yet he never uses this fact to make a vital point.

Let me take that step for you Mr Weston: Continuous mass immigration, diversity policy and the widespread promotion of racial mixing always come together. They are a one-way street to the disempowerment of White European peoples and their evential elimination as a race.
Anti-Whites want no more white countries, no more white culture and no more white people. It's a harsh word, but this is genocide.

It remains genocide whether you impose this system deliberately (as Labour did) or whether you are indifferent to the racial eradiction of your own people (as most Conservatives and liberas are). It's genocide, Mr Weston.

Anonymous said...

November 15 1994.

Sir James Goldsmith The diagnosis.

Open border free market globalisation and socialist internationalism the two faces of the mass immigration coin. Both destroy national economies and the economic welfare of indigenous peoples. Ideological dualism that will relegate the British working class to a dispossessed subcaste.

Open border free market Conservatives will grandstand and showboat concerning mass immigration but they will not end mass immigration as to do so would break the political spine of their global free market economics.

Indeed British Turquoise Conservatives have no concerns regarding the economic displacement and subversion of the British people, they have disingenuously shifted the perception of the mass immigration debate from quantity to quality - the same mass immigration but a better class of Jihadists.

James Goldsmith's argument is simplistic but effective, only time will tell or with maturity is telling.

Jolie Rouge

perchancetodream said...


I came upon your site and trust that you will publish my comments.

I am old enough to have lived through the Second World War and to have been aware of Neville Chamberlain's meeting with Hitler from which he came back with a piece of paper guaranteeing "Peace in Our Time". He was a decent honest gentleman but history proved him deluded and wrong. On the other hand, Winston Churchill, who could see the gathering storm, and who was labelled a warmonger was proved right by history.

I have no axe to grind and have no doubt that your movement is altruistic but totally naive. Our country is being overwhelmed by an alien doctrine which treats decency as weakness and is working to overwhelm The World and turn it back to The Dark Ages.

On the other hand you are trying to label decent British subjects as Nazis and Fascists when all they are doing is endeavouring to protect our country from the gathering gloom.

I feel that the views I have expressed above are counter to "Hope" but it will be interesting to see if your democratic views extend to your moderator and will be published!

Anonymous said...

Hope and pray that the welfare systems of Europe and the U.S. collapse.

Hope and pray that Merkel gets thrown out from office and the EU collapses. She is probably the most evil person in Europe. She is keeping the EU alive even which in turn is responsible for the policies of ethnic destruction of Whites in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Interested to read Sir James Goldsmith's comments from 1994.
I wonder how he would feel now if he was alive today seeing that his fellow Jews throughout Europe were now subjected to the greatest wave of anti-semitism at the hands of the muslims that they have suffered since World War 2.

Both the Conservatives' open borders free market globalisation and Labour's ( and the Lib Dems' ) international socialism have not only destroyed Britain but nearly all white countries, bar those in Eastern Europe. And yet Mr Cameron says he is going to make it all good, never mentioning that he and his globalizing city chums caused it in the first place, any more than Millie the Marxist acknowledged that he and his international socialist Labour colleagues destroyed the country that he has now pledged to rebuild.

The world is in a dire state and I sometimes almost think that the topsy turvy climate is mirroring the evil that is stalking the earth.

However, I now think that we have reached a turning point. Gradually, whites all over the world are realising that their countries are reaching the point of no return. I heard today that a white Texan woman had gone to court to challenge affirmative action but there was an inference that this was symptomatic of a gathering white backlash in the USA. This is of course inevitable as whites get closer to being a minority there.

Interesting to hear the American talk of a black subculture there. Here in Britain we now have the same thing and yet had Enoch Powell's words been heeded in 1968 we would never have had one and all, both black and white, could have remained living peaceably with their own.

As regards Angela Merkel, well I am afraid it is a case of once a commie always a commie and the Marxist determination to impose their insane piece of socialist social engineering on the once peaceful homogeneous countries of

ManoftheWest said...

Thank you, Mr Weston, for another spot-on analysis of the insanity we are living in.
A recent Centre for Policy Studies report shows that 53.4% of UK households now receive more in state benefits than they pay in taxes. Further, the greatest increase in this figure has occurred in the last 10 years:
"in 2000/01, this figure was 43.8 per cent
in 2010/11, this figure was 53.4 per cent"
I haven't read the original report, but the precis I looked at on "The Commentator" website didn't mention mass immigration (legal and/or illegal) as a possible contributary cause. It was the first thing to spring to my mind!

Anonymous said...

Merkel is not evil, but she like
most European leaders, is trapped in a system she can't escape. 'The
Money Power' as described By JFK,
sits silently above and at arms
length from most of our governments
and can't easily be dislodged. The
prime mover in this crooked deal is the Rothschild dynasty.Unfortunately
for Merkel and all of us what comes with these international banksters is
international globalisation which
is a slow death sentence for
European nation-states.